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File 141559097920.png - (14.23KB , 900x800 , panties1.png )
86709 No. 86709 ID: 0eaf76

Discussion thread for the Panty Stealing journey!
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No. 86714 ID: a19cd5

Deergirl a cute
No. 86715 ID: 83b81a
File 141559654195.jpg - (23.67KB , 378x363 , 2060390.jpg )

No. 86716 ID: f99558

Now i wonder what kind of powers would pantie stealing bring.
And what other contenders will our hero cross paths with on his way to ascending into "Undergodhood"
All in all this quest... i like it.
No. 86725 ID: 2f7128

This quest is relevant to my interests.
No. 86730 ID: bb78f2

I just realized Ron lasted 15 minutes.
Holy shit.
Also, was that an American Pie reference?
No. 86731 ID: b00646

He actually lasted longer, those last 15 min were in the middle/end of the act
No. 86761 ID: bb78f2

Did Pantsu God acquire her sunglasses recently? If she's 86 years old... she was probably born in the 1910's or so.
Which, when this quest ends, would be an interesting story to tell.
A lesbian in the early 20th century, discovering the power of panties.
No. 86765 ID: 534cc4

When I saw this I was suspicious.

I now see this past viewpoint as heresy, this is wonderful. So what exactly do we become god of, everything? Or just panties? Would we have potentially unlimited control of the universe and could do whatever, or would we just watch over the world and such.

Godhood needs definition. (Love this quest tho)
No. 86766 ID: 95dc78

Sunglasses are hella old, bruh. Even modern style sunglasses are early 1900s.
No. 86767 ID: 386885


As the Panty god, you practically have all the powers of a god god. Meaning you can wander around the Earth doing whatever you want. You can mess with space and time, but you can teleport, fly around, conjure items, assassinate the President, whatever.
No. 86768 ID: 07a835

I wonder why Pantsu isn't more widely known then.

Also this explains why Ron has been having such ridiculous luck. Pantsu is manipulating time and space so he doesn't get a bad end from doing something foolish. Or get too distracted. Or get boring.
No. 86769 ID: 7c65ee

Oh snap that was a typo. (Damn auto correct) you CANT manipulate space and time.
No. 86770 ID: 07a835

Oh, alright. I guess Ron is just super lucky then.
No. 86771 ID: 534cc4

My hopes and dreams are crushed....


I'll get you for this one day I swear.
No. 86782 ID: 490784
File 141584627217.gif - (513.19KB , 480x348 , Ron has seen some shit.gif )

No. 86783 ID: a3c5c1

Soo right now, does Ron have any powers or not? Or he would get them only in the end?
No. 86784 ID: 0eaf76


I don't think I should've laughed at that one...but I did.


And right now he has no powers, but they will be unlockable!
No. 86795 ID: c336d8

Why are all the girls in this quest so cute? I don't get it, but I need to see more of them.
No. 86796 ID: bb78f2

So what species is Emy?

That tail is so adorable!
No. 86797 ID: 0eaf76


I was thinking along the lines of an otter? It isn't really specific =u=
No. 86798 ID: d5f3c4

I don't usually go in for porn quests but there's something great about this one. Keep it up.

Also, kudos for the whirlwind update schedule.
No. 86801 ID: 5d2f8c

I like the way you do things, man.(in all of your quests, but this one especially)
No. 86802 ID: bb78f2

Orion, you're clearly having a hell of a time with this quest, aren't you?
No. 86803 ID: 0eaf76


It's really fun for me <: I'm just hoping you guys won't get bored of it! I'm so happy it's fun for you too!
No. 86805 ID: 03f8a5

Just keep gradually cranking up the epicness. And do some worldbuilding more places to go more people to meet more panties to steal.
No. 86807 ID: 0eaf76
File 141594405757.png - (34.42KB , 900x1200 , pantsu ref.png )

Reference for Pantsu
No. 86811 ID: 490784
File 141596362965.png - (6.81KB , 301x256 , smug bastard.png )

No. 86813 ID: bb78f2

Trying to determine Pantsu's race.
It's really hard.
Looks somewhat feline, but the ears fight that theory.
No. 86814 ID: 03f8a5

I thought she supposed to be chinchilla.
No. 86815 ID: e0e322


Yeah, I didn't really think about it, but when I saw the question I thought 'chinchilla'.
No. 86816 ID: 9dd1ee

I'd guess she's a gerbil
No. 86817 ID: a81751

She is in fact, a chinchilla!
No. 86831 ID: 5d2f8c

>...I'm pretty sure she has a dick. Any woman that fierce HAS to have one.

Considering the mission we're about to go on; I REALLY hope that is not foreshadowing.
No. 86832 ID: b437f7
File 141605803834.gif - (1.90MB , 400x222 , tumblr_mzxvlwasEc1r3gb3zo1_400.gif )

If we went combat we could of become Hentai Kamen. Hell, we might fight someone like this eventually.
No. 86861 ID: 0eaf76
File 141611867298.png - (47.51KB , 493x780 , deer ref.png )

Deer chick ref
No. 86881 ID: bb78f2

It must be hard living in the modern world with hoofs for hands.
You can't even play video games or type fast!
No. 86884 ID: b00646

The hand issue seems to be just a stylistic choice, even Ron has paws and can hold onto things.
No. 86885 ID: 265534

Ron has thumbs though and individual fingers
No. 86888 ID: bb78f2

Ron has the completely normal number of finger or finger like appendages. Four, he's not a mutant five fingered person.
Tiny deer has two.
No. 86897 ID: 9dd1ee

All the cute ladies in pantyraid leaves me torn, I'd like to push for seeing these ladies sans clothes, but the only option for that is shacking them with Ron

And Ron has already got far more pussy than he deserves
No. 86910 ID: 54bc05

I'd be content to see them drawn naked in non-canon porn situations, possibly with Ron or each other.
No. 86942 ID: 0eaf76

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Who's YOUR favorite character so far?
No. 86943 ID: 7420d6

>fave character
No. 86944 ID: bb78f2

Tough choice between Pantsu and Emy.
No. 86945 ID: 9dd1ee

No. 86946 ID: 6cb462
File 141636877973.png - (30.38KB , 900x800 , 141618004126.png )

Favorite character? why that would have to be that one guy sitting in the table behind that bird in the cafe on post number 602962
No. 86947 ID: 382208

No. 86949 ID: 9a3996

Reina or Prim and her sis.

The way you draw moths is freakin incredible.
No. 86951 ID: 07a835

I gotta say Pantsu.
No. 86952 ID: 4f004c

MOOOOOTH lady Prim. And moths are creepy as hell, but she's just so damned adorables that I can't hate her.
No. 86953 ID: 508532

Honestly it's a pretty tough call, because this quest has a lot of characters that I really enjoy, but I think I'll have to go with the deer girl.
No. 86954 ID: 490784

Ron and Reina.
No. 86960 ID: 58e6ac

Definitely Pantsu.
No. 86962 ID: 6d1f9d

yup ◥▶◀◤
No. 86988 ID: 2ec61a

wait... silly idea. what if we give pantsu a tub of dust. chinchillas fucking LOVE dust!
No. 86990 ID: a2f9bc

I really gotta wonder how old Clarissa is. She's acting like a 17 year old. An immature one.
No. 86991 ID: bd1075

Sup y'all. Don't mind me asking, but, how many females do you think Ron would be able to woo just from his 'le sexy voice' alone? Also, don't you guys find it strange for a panty thief to have suddenly appeared right after the day Ron accepted his quest?
No. 86993 ID: 4f004c

A few of them have actually "suddenly" appeared. Chances are, this new guy is actually somebody who got a power, thanks to Ron's insistence that the power level give something, and is using that power to knock ladies out.
No. 87000 ID: eda819

Strange? No. Pantsu explicitly stated we had competition. She's not putting all her eggs in one basket. So it makes sense other seekers of panty-godhood started showing up.
No. 87026 ID: bb78f2

Perhaps Ron should consider applying for a job at a Hooters for girls (maybe it's called Booters or something)

Is there a real gender counterpart for Hooters where it's about attractive men serving ladies? Male strippers are a thing, but I'm talking about something more similar to wearing cutoffs and serving chicken wings then twerking male booty to dance music and booty motorboats.
No. 87031 ID: 7b4933

How old is Reina supposed to be anyway?
No. 87032 ID: 6cb462

So there are going to be new employees at the cafe. I bet one of them is going to be the deer chick. That will make things really awkward and hilarious.
No. 87034 ID: 0eaf76


Reina is 30 years old~
No. 87035 ID: 07a835

Oh god I hope so.
No. 87037 ID: 07a835

So is there any explanation for Ron hearing suggestions as voices in his head or is it just like, narrative convenience?
No. 87038 ID: eda819

Obviously we're the voices of every would-be panty god contestant throughout history who failed and was promptly erased. All that's left of us is our whispered knowledge (why else would be so specific) and bubbles in the panty drawer.
No. 87039 ID: 07a835

Well I mean, does Ron consider it normal? If so, why?
No. 87042 ID: bb78f2

Huh, I was hoping 40 or 45
30's actually reasonable for a college kid to try and date!
40+ is CRAZY for a 19 year old
No. 87043 ID: bd1075

This. Also, he probably has some weird innate telepathic power.
No. 87044 ID: 508532

To date a 30-year-old Ron would have to be at least 22. At 19, the best he can do is 24 without it being creepy.
No. 87046 ID: 0eaf76


Mostly just narrative convenience. We're his conscious. Don't you guys have that tiny voice in your head that tells you what to do? Maybe not to this extent...but still.
No. 87047 ID: 508532

So, now that there's been a non-anthropomorphic spider introduced, how does the furry logic in this setting go? Are there both regular spiders and anthropomorphic ones, as well as regular moths and dogs and chinchillas and whatever - or are some animals just anthropomorphic while others, such as spiders, are like ours?
No. 87048 ID: e2bcf3

Yeah, I was just gonna have it be like...some animals are anthro while others just stayed primitive. Like some birds, fish, and bugs. It'd be like how we see apes and monkeys. They just see spiders and birds.
No. 87073 ID: bb78f2

Special note: Ron has been receiving a handjob for about five minutes.
This is special only because the rabbit basically has the patience and follow through to go for her science for five minutes straight.
We already know Ron has the ability for longevity.
Really, more of a focus on Talia for that note. Just, damn, wacking off a cock for five minutes straight for the sake of science.
No. 87075 ID: 07a835

Um, I don't know if that's true. Both images involving an actual handjob have the same timestamp, I think most of that 5 minutes was spent getting the ruler (because time often passes faster than it should in the quest)
No. 87076 ID: 0d8ff4

Anthros are cool mostly. Except for the whole "animal dicks" thing. Humanoid all the way.
No. 87077 ID: a19cd5

the animal dicks are the only reason to give a shit though,
what are you, some kind of sick Skinny?
No. 87078 ID: 0d8ff4

>> some kind of sick skinny?
I find that funnier than you might have intended.
No. 87080 ID: 98c82f

Am I the only one who's reading Talia in Raven's voice from Teen Titans?
No. 87081 ID: 0d8ff4

Not anymore.
No. 87082 ID: 98c82f

Has it improved your life by any margin now that you do?
No. 87083 ID: 0d8ff4

No. 87084 ID: 787e48

So, Talia. She keeps organs and remains in jars around her room. She claims a disinterest in emotion and social interaction. She locks herself in her room all day for a lack of anything better to do...

Maybe she should take up a hobby as a consulting detective?
No. 87085 ID: 2ec61a

fake organs.
No. 87089 ID: 07a835

She'd be a great coroner/pathologist.
No. 87096 ID: e89427

What's with all the talk about knots and sheaths. I thought the dingles in Panty Raid are human-like.

The context of the latest chapter mentioning sheaths confuses me.

Mind you I have zero basis on what Orion things the wieners look on characters in this universe outside of this picture.

No. 87099 ID: 07a835

The No. link is a link to the post. The post number is the reply link! Get that i out of the link to fix it.
No. 87100 ID: e89427


No. 87102 ID: 07a835

You can also use interboard linking, like so:
>>/draw/25459 (It's porn)
No. 87107 ID: 534cc4

Serious question time.

If Pants is god.

Then who is Satan.
I don't need a name, but is there one and does he have a range of influence similar (but less so) to pantsu and since pantsu uses panties what does he/she/it use as a power source.
No. 87108 ID: bb78f2

Clearly it must be Bacsuman
No support!
No style!
No fitting to figure!
No bulge!

Boxers are the antithesis to underwear everywhere. They're just shorts you wear under your shorts! You're just freeballing!
No. 87109 ID: 534cc4

I'm glad I don't own any boxers then.

I would be a heathen.
No. 87110 ID: 858b23

Hey Onion..er..I mean Orion, why don't we see any dicks? do you have trouble drawing them, do you not want to draw them or have you not decided what the will look like? same for tits.
No. 87111 ID: c9d5f3


It is implied that there are several gods. So possibly!


I don't like drawing dicks too much no hahah but the people in this world have human genitals. So no sheath
No. 87112 ID: b66ec3

Then why did Talia talk about the size of sheath among different species?
No. 87113 ID: 7c65ee


It was fancy speak for penis. Like say a different anthro would have a teeny penis as an average for their species etc. it's weird and I honestly didn't think this far through since I didn't think it would become a debatable topic
No. 87114 ID: b66ec3

Never underestimate humankind's fascination with dicks. It can save your life.
No. 87115 ID: eda819

"Oh my god it's a human we're going to die what do we do?!"

"Quick, distract it with dicks!"
No. 87117 ID: c554f6
File 141693876658.png - (18.22KB , 200x171 , The_thief.png )

Orion, dude, you are updating like beast! Which is great cause I'm liking all your quests.

"Dicks! Where? Let me go look for them and be completely distracted."
No. 87161 ID: 249f3d


On TGchan, always assume people will go into autistic levels of detail finding out info about quests they like. Especially with regards to sexy stuff.
No. 90526 ID: 2f2fc2

RIP in piece
No. 90543 ID: bd82b2

what happan
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