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File 141505216686.png - (197.09KB , 900x1000 , Title.png )
86563 No. 86563 ID: 0eaf76

A discussion area for strategies, feedback, thoughts, questions and the occasional hint for the dating sim quest!

Talk about the current status of the quest, future predictions, which girl is your favorite, etc.
No. 86680 ID: a19cd5

So wait, pokemon in this universe are humanized... but the statues outside the library are still the one lion pokemon?
Where does it separate? is there a secret list of pokemon that are pokemon and those that are animal-people-but-not-furries?
Only the most hard-hitting questions here at tgchan dot org
No. 86686 ID: 0eaf76


I suppose the best way to think about it...is that the feral Pokemon seen in paintings and statues are kind of like how we see us 50 bagillion years ago as monkeys. The Pokemon sort of...changed to be humans...? So there's records of Pokemon, but they don't really exist anymore. Think of this world as Earth, just with Pokemon. So there's still normal birds and normal fish, but there were also Pokemon! They're like dinosaurs!
No. 86697 ID: bb78f2

In all honesty I thought this was more like Hatoful Boyfriend and everyone IS actually pokemon and what we're seeing are... personas associated with them?

That's how Hatoful Boyfriend works right? I've seen human versions of the birds, but haven't actually managed to play the game.
No. 86698 ID: a19cd5

so what, humans started interbreeding with the pokes?
No. 86701 ID: dd8e0b

No, I'm pretty sure you're actually dating birds. It's set in a weird post apocalyptic setting where humans are almost extinct and birds became sentient.
No. 86703 ID: bb78f2

Yes, but aren't there human drawings of the birds? Is that just in the advertisements, or are birds in that world like Japanese Wolves in Wolf Children?
Like so?
No. 86705 ID: bb78f2

Trying to post without breaking the link
No. 86706 ID: dd8e0b

Yes, there are drawings of what the bird love interests would look like if they were human. Pretty sure they're still birds in-game, though.
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