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File 141462069347.png - (598B , 64x64 , tg_header_dis.png )
86455 No. 86455 ID: 51464a

It would seem it is prudent for me to allow you mortals a place to discuss how to best use your newfound godly powers. Given that every encounter might as well be a puzzle and there is much to discuss concerning our hero, it would be the fashionable thing to let your kind... mingle together.

Your quest can be easily relocated by following this link to your mortal 'net':

May your gods-in-peer help you, and please don't mess this up.
No. 86458 ID: 51464a

In my most recent post on the main thread, I had forgotten to press spoiler for a potentially (?) sexual image of a naked body forming from the void I have created. May I receive assistance in rectifying this?
No. 86461 ID: 2ec61a

would need to be on IRC for that. get an IRC client and click the thing on the left.
No. 86462 ID: 2fd516

It doesn't really matter if it's not spoilered, as this isn't a worksafe board or anything, but if you want to do it yeah you can contact a mod on IRC. Or maybe you could report the post with the reason requesting the image be spoilered?
No. 86465 ID: f6e657

From this point on, all NSFW is unspoilered. I'll ask the mods to change the name of the thread, there will just be too much blood and exposure to stay safe for work.
No. 86565 ID: 51464a

I made quite a few new sprites and did a lot of work over the weekend. Sorry for the lapse in updates.
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