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File 141291073997.png - (493.94KB , 1200x1200 , PreferencesOP.png )
85919 No. 85919 ID: 0bd34b

Sometimes cool dudes want to draw fanart for other cool dudes but aren't sure what's okay or not! If you're a quest author then post in this thread with your fanart preferences, and I'll throw them into this spreadsheet:

OP image by Lagotrope.
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No. 85920 ID: 18da89

I am cool with basically everything. Hell, it's encouraged. I-I miss feeling relevant ;~;
No. 85921 ID: db2d60

I would probably even update quests if I got fanart I want it forever
No. 85922 ID: 9dd1ee

is going against the spreadsheet a bannable offense?
No. 85924 ID: 4e5c86

anything goes \m/ \m/
No. 85925 ID: bb78f2

Vanilla porn confuses me
I'm guessing it includes Anal, Doggy Style, etc.and maybe some forms of BDSM
Basically a catagory on pornhub?
If Vanilla Porn is the limit, should an artist detail the extent of what vanilla porn is? Some artists might really dislike anal (for some reason, hey, free country to think anal isn't vanilla I guess, it's not like shitdick is likely with fictional characters) or light bdsm. Or go up to HEAVY BDSM but stop at nonconsent? Wait, what about roleplay nonconsent?

Porn is fucking inception, man. Roleplaying fucking adds LAYERS to vanilla. You could roleplay anal with a vagina for crist's sake. It's been done.
No. 85929 ID: 602cd8

What do you mean 'going against the spreadsheet'? Asking to not be on the spreadsheet? Wanting to spreadsheet to be deleted?

Yes, the categories are somewhat fuzzy (and trying to make them specific would be futile). If there's a specific caveat or two then that's what the exception/general note column is for, and if the artist is iffy about a category, that's what the 'ask first' color code is for.
No. 85932 ID: 9dd1ee

I meant if the spreadsheet says they don't want something draw and a person draws it anyway is that person liable to get banned?

I've also heard differing opinions on what constitutes "tasteful nudity" and what constitutes "clean"
No. 85933 ID: 9b9ee7

I think he means drawing things that people don't want.
No. 85934 ID: 602cd8

Oh, no, at least, it hasn't been discussed, but I don't think it will be. It's just a courtesy document for those possible fan-artists that don't know what an artist is accepting of.

>I've also heard differing opinions on what constitutes "tasteful nudity" and what constitutes "clean"
Yes, basically every category is going to have grey area; again a job for the 'ask first' color.
No. 85935 ID: 9dd1ee

Well I really like to recieve fanart that including stuff that involves nakedness

I will tolerate most anything more hard core than nakedness but ask first if it's something weird,gross or really fetishy
No. 85936 ID: 30489f

I wish i got fanarts too though that mens i would have to auctally keep running a quest. Im okay with porny fanart though that ahould be pretty obvious to anyone that have seen my drawthread. Im not really sure why this thread poped up out of nowhere though
No. 85937 ID: 265534

Limitations are for nerds. Row, row fight the powah.
No. 85938 ID: e7d2a4

clearly what's needed here is an author who wants dirty art, and not clean stuff. :v
No. 85939 ID: ab29f6

I made the thread because I want to do more fanart for different authors but don't want to offend them, and I assume some other people will feel the same way.

Please be clear in posts about what you want for each box.
No. 85941 ID: 09615f

I won't tolerate anything short of BiteQuest.
No. 85942 ID: 672b3b

Eh, I'll tolerate anything except Guro, Vore, Scat and all dem heavyweights.
But it does make me wonder what will be drawn tho.
No. 85943 ID: a0fca2

Id be fine with everything up too vanilla porn i think, as long as its all in charecter.
No. 85946 ID: ab29f6

>Please be clear in posts about what you want for each box.
No. 85950 ID: 87e5ed

D-damn...t-that's pretty much unreachable by normal humans! I'll have to give up doing fanart for you...
No. 85951 ID: 219868

in general i don't want any noncon art; paris, loretta, katherine, and any of my underage characters are off limits for nsfw art; beyond that pretty much anything goes.
No. 85953 ID: 65a774

I’m fine with everything as long it’s made with “love”… … … is what I would say if people actually made fan art of my quests, which they don’t... what am I even doing in this thread?
No. 85959 ID: 2fd516

Oh c'mon, Lawyerdog totally made fanart of Jericho.
No. 85968 ID: 65a774

>Oh c'mon, Lawyerdog totally made fanart of Jericho.
Well, true... but I’ve been doing quests for over two years now and only gotten three pieces of fan art which feels a bit… of course, I shouldn’t really complain. While I would love getting more fan art I guess I should be grateful people actually read my quests at all instead. Either way, doing pixel quests apparently doesn’t attract people with artistic talent, I guess? …and now I’m derailing this thread completely! Yes, any art made of any off my quest are fine no matter what, there, done...
No. 85970 ID: 919a92

Fuck it I ain't care. Grey all the way.
No. 85971 ID: 1f8505

Clean please.

Tasteful needs to be asked first. Everything else is a no-no.
No. 85973 ID: 0bd34b

If you say something vague like you're "fine" with fanart you are going to be put down as Tolerate. If this is not what you wanted please post again and be less vague.
No. 85975 ID: 65a774

>If you say something vague like you're "fine" with fanart you are going to be put down as Tolerate.
Mark everything as blue. There, that’s pretty straight forward.
No. 85976 ID: 6ecdc4

i meant for everything to be blue, just with the restrictions noted at the side.
No. 85977 ID: c24388

You can put me at all blues, but add note that if it involves any extremely hard violence, or any point from the middle to the end of the digestive system, then don't put it where I'll see it, please.
No. 85978 ID: e7d2a4

I'd like everything blue, with the note of I really don't wanna see like, scat or rape stuff.
No. 85979 ID: 0bd34b

Less detail on the characters means fanart is harder and the person doing the fanart has more interpretation to do. There's also a somewhat common trend on TGChan for people to get mad when fanart of characters is not totally accurate to the character. Fanart also just happens less now than it did in the past, and there's no guaranteed secret way to get more fanart. From what I've seen the most effective thing to do would be to draw more fanart yourself, because sometimes people will be "oh dang this person drew fanart for me I should draw fanart for their cool quest too."
No. 85989 ID: 65a774

>Less detail on the characters means fanart is harder and the person doing the fanart has more interpretation to do.
The curse of making pixel quest, I guess… of course, the alternative is stop being a lazy bum and learn how to draw, but that’s not happening.
>There's also a somewhat common trend on TGChan for people to get mad when fanart of characters is not totally accurate to the character.
Well, I for one don’t give a crap if any fan art is completely non canon or if the anatomy is incorrect. Besides, shouldn’t my lack of visual details counter this, as there aren’t a lot of details to get wrong? Hmm…
>From what I've seen the most effective thing to do would be to draw more fanart yourself, because sometimes people will be "oh dang this person drew fanart for me I should draw fanart for their cool quest too."
...so, I just need to either learn how to draw and make a bunch of art, or learn how actually make actual pixel art. Both sound rather unlikely…

Also, feels like I kind of dug my own grave when I accidently started whining about a lack of fan art. Now any fan art I’ll receive will feel like I only got it because of pity.

…Also also, I keep derailing this thread.
No. 85990 ID: 153e6c

Yeah, same here; Mark errything as blue, leave the comment part the same.
Also not that strict on on-model-ness. As long as they're recognizable as characters from my quests, it's fine.
No. 85992 ID: 4f004c

I highly doubt I'll ever get deep enough into making quests that people can make artwork, but I'm accepting (Do want Clean/Vanilla, Tolerant of Porn/Anything) of pretty much anything other than the same heavyweights Indonesian Gentleman is against.
Oh, but as far as lightweights go, I'm opposed to incest. Second cousins and further are fine, but anything closer than that and it just weirds me out. The exception is if the species is listed as immune/resistant to incest.
No. 86000 ID: 256d52

Let's go with 'Ask first' for anything goes, because of the terror of the unknown.
No. 86027 ID: 445ff6

To the extent it even matters, uh, blue all the way across except no gore or scat stuff I guess.
No. 86100 ID: 256d52

Oh, uh, could you make the other boxes blue? Blue is clearly the best colour.
No. 86109 ID: 24b23b

I can't believe some people are so picky/protective when it comes to fanart

I mean if this is more like a wishlist than anything, that's cool, but "don't draw porn of my characters" is another thing entirely I mean cmon

then again what do I know my mind lives in the gutter it has a mansion there
No. 86110 ID: 919a92

Oh no when I do things they can upset people??? How could actions have consequences I don't understand
No. 86111 ID: b3a5a3

I think it's really goofy that people are so selective about fanart but I would still rather avoid offending goofuses if I can.
No. 86112 ID: 0fb5be


I don't think anyone reasonably expects anyone to not draw whatever they feel like drawing, I read this list thing as more of a 'if you do draw it don't show/tell me you did because that stuff squicks me personally' thing.
No. 86136 ID: 61da19

That's sort of my take on it, at least.
No. 86142 ID: 4f004c

Yeah. Seriously, if you're going to draw it, you're going to draw it, but if it's on my black list, keep it the hell away from me.

And, like I said, my blacklist is "Hardcore Alternative" or "Heavyweight," and incest, wherein the species is vulnerable to it. Which is probably going to be most species. Only species I could think of off the top of my head that has an immunity that I might include is fairies, the agendered type. They're all related because they reproduce asexually, just plopping out an egg every so often. (I think of them in Breath of Fire terms, of course)
No. 86144 ID: bb78f2

How would this person keep it the hell away though?
Not post it in the fanart thread? Should their be a Not Safe for Author thread in that case? Or not post it on the internet in general (which might be a little too much to expect)?
No. 86148 ID: 602cd8

It would be up to the artist to decide on that, really.

Again, this is essentially a courtesy document to just let potential fanart-artists know that maybe the quest auther won't be a fan of raunchy material or what-have you, and that if they're only drawing it for the author's sake, the efforts will go to waste/be detrimental.

But otherwise, whether or not an artist draws a thing is up to said artist; going against the spreadsheet won't be a bannable offense.
No. 86149 ID: 557bac

I don't think this guide was intended to suppress a certain type of fanart or freak out people. If anything, I'd hope this would encourage more fanart. Most of the stuff that people are actually objecting too seems to show up pretty rarely on the board and it all gets hidden behind image spoilers anyway.

If you draw a thing and you're worried that it might upset the author but still want to post it somewhere, put it in an offsite gallery or tumblr or even put in /draw/ if that kind of thing matters to you. If it doesn't: post it wherever, its not like that's stopped anyone before and its not like we're going to ban you for it.

By the same token, people should draw fanart because they like drawing fanart, no matter how tame or unspeakable it is, and not out of some desire to offend someone in particular. Its the internet and people need to have a thick skin, especially when they're creating a thing, but don't make a bunch of snuff/scat/vore and post it here like a smug motherfucker just because you feel like being a dick. The whole point of fanart is to show appreciation for something that someone else is making, not to be an asshole that's trying to provoke an argument.

For instance Bitequest's stuff, no matter how depraved it gets, is awesome because he's not making it to be a dick. When he drew me that awesome spreadeagled pic of Radula, I could tell that he knew that I might not like it, and was aware that not everyone is into gaping squid orifices. But he made it because it was fun and I really appreciate it. Even if I didn't, its a picture, I'm sure I would get over it because that's what people need to learn to do: get over things.

Draw more fanart, because fanart is awesome and awesome people draw fanart. Don't use fanart as an excuse to be a dick, but don't flip out if someone draws a thing that you don't like.
No. 86152 ID: 4f004c

What I mean is don't post in my discussion thread about it, or message me over irc or anything. I'll have to deal with it if it winds up on the fanart thread, but it's... At least I can pretend it doesn't exist if somebody's not pointing it out at me.
>it all gets hidden behind image spoilers anyway.
That works, too. Spoiler the image and header the post "Not for <Author>'s eyes." Even though it'll potentially encourage the Artist to look, they can at least pretend they heeded the warning and forget they looked.
No. 86290 ID: 48bac8

It turns out I have a different interpretation of what tolerate means to maybe 99.9% of the world. Change me to blue all the way I think.
No. 86291 ID: dff0a8

...what is this thread?

(This user has been banned for this post.)
No. 86300 ID: b6981d
File 141420397484.jpg - (9.54KB , 480x360 , microsoft-clippy.jpg )

I see you wrote, "...what is this thread?"

Did you try, "Reading the OP before asking the question?"
No. 86305 ID: 7e38be

generally I love any and all fanart. in fact I challenge any up and coming psychopaths to try and draw something that I find objectionable.
No. 86306 ID: 45be87

>That works, too. Spoiler the image and header the post "Not for <Author>'s eyes." Even though it'll potentially encourage the Artist to look, they can at least pretend they heeded the warning and forget they looked.
That doesn't really solve anything, I don't want any pornographic material of my characters to exist.
No. 86307 ID: 2fd516

It is rather difficult to fight Rule 34.
No. 86308 ID: bb78f2

Rand, it is already too late for that.
There's probably unfinished work in somebody from this site's computer somewhere
Plus I'm pretty sure at least one's been posted. Somewhere.
No. 86310 ID: 3dd384

The fact that some people will ignore a preference doesn't mean the preference doesn't matter. If somebody wants X, getting X minus 3 is better than getting X minus 100, right?
No. 86315 ID: 91cfcf

No. 86329 ID: 408e5c

Nothing is being hidden, removed, or censored here. That does not apply. Plus, I think the artists around here aren't assholes who would want to draw something that someone else doesn't want, just for the sake of being an asshole. Except maybe Gnoll. [spoiler]I kid.
No. 86790 ID: e30e12

Hi idgaf it's me brom draw whatever you want!!
No. 88491 ID: 3009b4

Honestly as far as fanart goes I'm not naive enough to think I've any control over any idea I've put out on the Internet.
No. 88492 ID: acaf7e

Hi! I'm the author of Forger of Arms. I do want clean and tasteful nude, I tolerate vanilla porn, but please ask first if you want to do fetish art. There are some things I just don't want my characters to be subjected to (hyper, scat, vore, etc.).
No. 88496 ID: b438c1

Author of Paradiso Prime here, I'm totally cool with whatever you might want to draw for me so long as you keep underage characters out of the NSFW stuff.
No. 88501 ID: 189a54

If someone actually digs a quest of mine enough to draw fanart of it, I'm fine with anything xD
No. 88525 ID: b906d2

To clarify a bit I'd say I'm mostly blue across the board with a grey just for the "anything goes" stuff
No. 88533 ID: b906d2

What's the best way to get in touch with authors who want you to ask permission before drawing stuff? Their questdis thread? This thread?
No. 88534 ID: d674bc

I might be completely wrong, but I think a few of the "fines" should be blue instead of gray, but whatever, not an artist or author either way.

Well, if they're not in the spreadsheet, then a thread the author frequently visits, but not a quest thread. So, their drawthread or quetdis thread.
Asking in this thread seems to be pretty pointless, since the author is much less likely to answer.
No. 88537 ID: dff0a8

alright, mark me down for blue on everything except anything goes- that's an ask first thing.

And when you put me in the spreadsheet just mark me as bamump
No. 88539 ID: 32e321

If someone is vague or says they don't care then I am going to put it as gray. If you want fanart say you want fanart.
No. 88542 ID: 189a54

Oh, I want fanart then xD
No. 88543 ID: defceb

Consider me all blue across the board.
No. 88544 ID: c0c685

Ask First for 'Anything Goes' and blue for everything else.
No. 88545 ID: d674bc

Yeah, it really seems like not many people realized this or noticed that post:
No. 91786 ID: bcb3c4

I love seeing fan-art of my stuff.

On the other hand if you draw some kind of detailed gore, or someone getting pooped on I'd really rather that you don't link it to me.

Go a head and draw it though, I don't mind.
No. 91787 ID: 26e769

I'm fine with (and appreciative of) any fanart for any of my quests.

My only exceptions are rape and/or gore. None of that, please.
No. 91795 ID: b9cef6

Should you feel an urge to draw my shitty drawings except better, feel free!
I'm down for pretty much anything you want to draw.
No. 91799 ID: 5b8129

I am ok with any kind of fanart to be honest. Actually, i shamelessly Save anything i receive in folders with the proper name for every author so that I always know who was cool to draw me stuff while I giggle happily at them.
No. 91800 ID: 08e08f

As long as it's not out of character or fucking weird, I don't really care.
No. 91801 ID: 0310db

gib fanart, anything and everything goes
No. 91802 ID: a19cd5

draw whatever. really, go nuts. love getting fanart.
No. 91816 ID: b7eb18

heck I'd love to just get fanart at all
(not that I don't appreciate the couple I've gotten, of course!)
Anyway, I'm definitely an Anything Goes kinda guy, I say go for it, yes even the gross stuff
No. 91866 ID: 02d9ae

I'd be eternally flattered by pretty much anything in the way of fanart. I don't gross out easily so I don't care if someone draws crazy freaknuts transdimensional ciphersexual porn or whatever, I'll still ultimately take it as a compliment. My only request is that people avoid drawing nsfw stuff of underage characters (not that I have any underage characters at the moment, but just speaking in terms of principle here).
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