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File 141282131612.jpg - (352.90KB , 1200x1200 , pinup.jpg )
85896 No. 85896 ID: 53f127

It's still pretty early in the quest but here's a place to discuss stuff about it.
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No. 85902 ID: dbe554

Certainly an interesting quest so far.
No. 85903 ID: 2ec61a

BOOM, headshot!
No. 85905 ID: 464f18

Love your quest, Prima's mad cute and the story/setting is fun. Are you a tumblr artist though? I'm getting some mad tumblr vibes from your art and writing style.
No. 85907 ID: 0cd07e

Just... be careful, alright?
No. 85913 ID: 0ee153

Think so. From what I remember, FRACTAL linked her quests on her tumblr and we've had an influx of tumblr users.
No. 85915 ID: 53f127

I have posted art on Tumblr in the past, but I do not currently have any art on Tumblr.
No. 85931 ID: 436cdc

Radical quest so far, any adventure where we succeed in an encounter by shooting sperm into a bird's eye is fine by me.
Feel free to quote me on that.
No. 86026 ID: 3009b4

I just wanna ask if the double-ear elf thing is a thing I don't know about or just a recent thing that's also in "Helios Sleeps"
No. 86028 ID: 53f127

It's an homage to Helios Sleeps.
No. 86030 ID: 37b639

No. 86031 ID: 3009b4

D'awwww! :)
No. 86171 ID: 53f127
File 141367938890.png - (57.97KB , 520x390 , DCqwrUdJn.png )

A doodle or Die pic I figured I'd share. Maybe an HD version to come later.
No. 86173 ID: 436cdc

she looks so STRANGE not blue
No. 86175 ID: 2ec61a

she went super saiyan.
No. 86178 ID: 53f127

Yeah I might change her hair color. It was supposed to be straight blonde but now that I see it maybe a more silvery color would be better?
No. 86190 ID: 53f127
File 141377205202.png - (400.66KB , 800x1066 , poster.png )

Sorry there was no update this weekend. Please take this pin up as a peace offering.
I haven't named the lion guy yet but the players will probably meet him (or someone like him) down along the line.
No. 86191 ID: 436cdc

I vote naming him Liono
No. 86201 ID: 879a42

Yes do that and then deny all references and have the character wonder why people think its a weird name.
"Its a fitting name for me I say, Fitting! (Why all the awkward looks now?)"
No. 86332 ID: 8a4f63
File 141433145112.png - (174.81KB , 600x805 , GeorginanFF.png )

On a family vacation right now so drawing the next update is going slowly. In the meantime, here's a concept pic of a hypothetical Georginan (Felix's species) Futa Force agent.
No. 86335 ID: 2ec61a

>quad everything
okay, i laughed.
No. 86345 ID: a19cd5

>No quad-peen
No. 86346 ID: 4f004c

They just double up on things, not quadruple... It's just a lot of things, a human would already have two of. Two eyes, two ears, two b reasts, two testes... Should have a doubled penis, not a quadrupled.
No. 86391 ID: 7eab02

I gave her a single penis based on the logic that they still only have 1 of things people have 1 of (mouths, noses, bellybuttons, etc...) but I suppose I can at least sketch out how a double penis would look if there's that much demand...
No. 86392 ID: 2ff269

I say go for it, let's see how it looks.
No. 86395 ID: a75d9e

Do it
No. 86448 ID: 7eab02
File 141457998716.png - (211.90KB , 600x837 , primabutt2.png )

Alt version of my submission to the Ass Day thread.
No. 86466 ID: 62fc63
File 141467136251.png - (122.18KB , 469x600 , gff2.png )

Was it everything you were hoping it would be?
No. 86468 ID: 1413c8

I think one dick four balls looks better.
No. 86471 ID: f713af

That is quite the pair. Exotic. I like it!
Looks like Georginans would naturally gravitate towards a sideways position, although I guess you could fit them both in one hole if you were really stretchy and/or believed in yourself.
No. 86475 ID: 4f004c

Isn't it more that the Futa Force enhances the sizes? I would think they'd be a more proper size naturally.
No. 86476 ID: 2ec61a

was a good experiment and am glad to have it tried. but i feel 1 is better. perhaps due to expectations. so if you want it to feel more alien then you should use 2.
No. 86480 ID: 2fd516

Yeah I agree.
No. 87049 ID: 5bbb1c

Sorry that updates have been so slow this week. I have had a lot of homework piled on top of day job stuff. This weekend I should be back to a more frequent schedule.
No. 87050 ID: 5bbb1c

And by "this weekend" I mean next weekend.
No. 87286 ID: defceb

So do JFF sell cookies like the girl scouts? Ingrid's uniform reminded me of them.
No. 87287 ID: 53f127

It varies based on local customs but the short answer is yes. There's actually a throwaway line somewhere earlier in the quest where Prima herself recalls selling cookies for the JFFA.
No. 87565 ID: 53f127

>How many groups are there within the futa force? It seems like there's quite a bit of military as well as the junior self.

Well the Futa Force is essentially a military organization with the fundamental difference that the FF makes war on war itself (as well as general suffering and deprivation). The goal of the Futa Force's leaders is to give every living creature the opportunity to experience a life of fulfillment.

As such, it is essentially all the branches of a national military incorporated under a single authority, along with all their associated support mechanisms. There are communities within the Futa Force to handle the duties of the medical corps, motor pool, aviation, supply, etc...

The JFFA is a cross between a scouting organization and a ROTC program, designed to groom the youth of today to be the Futa Force of tomorrow.

The vast majority of Futa Force members are not hermaphrodites and have not had their bodies altered beyond the minimum required for space travel (such as lungs capable of breathing a wider range of atmospheres).
No. 87573 ID: b2c9e1

I'm curious...How do we unlock the other upgrade trees? and can we get a peek?~
No. 87575 ID: aab975

The other upgrade trees are unlocked by saving level up points and spending them on breaking the locks. You can't have a peek tho sorry ;P (I haven't worked them out quite yet.)
No. 87582 ID: b2c9e1

SAVING POINTS!? do we at least automatically unlock the first perk in the tree? because spending points with no return just...Doesn't quite sit right with me...Also, How many points?
No. 87584 ID: b2c9e1

Oh and speaking of, Is there any specific way of earning points or do you just give them out whenever you feel like it?
No. 87585 ID: 53f127

Yeah the first one in the tree is unlocked.

You gain a level every time you complete a plot point. A "plot point" is hard to define but I know one when I see one.
No. 87586 ID: 53f127

>How many points?
2 for the first one. 3 for the second one and so on.

Don't get too hung up on the mechanics of it just have fun ^_^
No. 87602 ID: 53f127
File 141812691806.png - (36.22KB , 520x390 , FFHist1.png )

Introducing the very low-def, broad-strokes history of the Futa Force.
No. 87603 ID: 53f127
File 141812692842.png - (53.18KB , 520x390 , FFhist2.png )

No. 87604 ID: 53f127
File 141812693727.png - (45.72KB , 520x390 , FFhist3.png )

No. 87605 ID: 53f127
File 141812694878.png - (32.37KB , 520x390 , FFhist4.png )

No. 87606 ID: 53f127
File 141812697219.png - (18.32KB , 520x390 , FFhist5.png )

No. 87607 ID: 53f127
File 141812698163.png - (65.46KB , 520x390 , FFhist6.png )

No. 87608 ID: 53f127
File 141812699085.png - (45.97KB , 520x390 , FFhist7.png )

No. 87609 ID: 53f127
File 141812700032.png - (23.27KB , 547x410 , FFHist8.png )

No. 87610 ID: 53f127
File 141812700848.png - (38.61KB , 520x390 , FFhist9.png )

No. 87611 ID: 53f127
File 141812701615.png - (50.33KB , 520x390 , FFhist10.png )

No. 87612 ID: 53f127
File 141812702455.png - (53.31KB , 520x390 , FFhist11.png )

No. 87613 ID: 53f127
File 141812704269.png - (62.87KB , 520x390 , FFhist12.png )

No. 87615 ID: 53f127
File 141812707749.png - (44.10KB , 520x390 , FFhist13.png )

No. 87616 ID: 53f127
File 141812708569.png - (43.91KB , 520x390 , FFhist14.png )

No. 87617 ID: 53f127
File 141812709521.png - (67.87KB , 520x390 , FFhist15.png )

No. 87618 ID: 53f127
File 141812710537.png - (56.66KB , 520x390 , FFhist16.png )

No. 87619 ID: 53f127
File 141812711366.png - (53.58KB , 520x390 , FFhist17.png )

No. 87620 ID: 53f127
File 141812713930.png - (60.79KB , 520x390 , FFhist18.png )

No. 87621 ID: 53f127
File 141812715379.png - (95.61KB , 520x390 , FFhist19.png )

No. 87622 ID: 53f127
File 141812716477.png - (70.84KB , 520x390 , FFhist20.png )

No. 87623 ID: 53f127
File 141812717779.png - (88.33KB , 520x390 , FFhist21.png )

No. 87624 ID: 53f127
File 141812719315.png - (48.14KB , 520x390 , FFhist22.png )

No. 87627 ID: 2ff78a

Plz bear in mind these were early, rough sketches done quite some time before the quest. Some details (primarily in design) will be subject to change.
No. 87628 ID: 2ec61a

i'm going to guess it has something to do with the home world having a million space holes in it. universes, even tiny ones, probably don't like having holes all over them
No. 87636 ID: 687279

This is hilarious.
No. 87654 ID: dbe554

That is a surprisingly varied amount of creatures. Though the lore dump was actually pretty nice, if appropriate for this quest.
No. 87721 ID: 541f9c

End of Chapter I. What did everybody think? Super open to feedback and happy to answer any questions about lore or meta stuff.
No. 87724 ID: d8ae42

that was fun
No. 87726 ID: ecb496

The art is adorable, the story is amusing, my only complaint is that we have yet to do the butt stuff with Felix.
No. 87727 ID: 53f127

You have to complete the appropriate side quest to unlock butt stuff with Felix ;)
No. 87744 ID: d9e1ea

I imagine we also need to somehow stop Prima from making a complete ass out of herself at every possible opportunity and driving Felix's friends to suicide.
No. 87758 ID: b2c9e1

Yo apple~ You have somewhere you post art? I like it :3
No. 87777 ID: 53f127

Right now I am posting to FutaForceUniverse.tumblr.com but there is not much up there yet. I will try to treat the chapter break as an opportunity to get my Tumblr caught up.
No. 87790 ID: defceb
File 141855152257.png - (136.44KB , 840x600 , FFMarie.png )

This image has been stuck in my head since the >enhance knockers gif a while back, and it's technically not fan art so I think it belongs here.

A related question popped up while I was doodling it: Are cyborgs allowed into FF? Due to their nature the magic cock bits can be more... detachable or modifiable on the fly, as opposed to the relatively permanent biological means shown so far.
No. 87799 ID: 53f127

Cyborgs are allowed into the FF, as are fully synthetic lifeforms. However, there are no cyborg Full Agents. Not because they aren't allowed, but because the cybernetic components are replaced by flesh upon receiving their powers. The Futa Force's transformative abilities require a multicellular structure to function.
A fully synthetic lifeform would have its consciousness transferred into a multicellular body.
No. 87800 ID: 53f127

Also Marie looks really good as a FF Agent <3
No. 88893 ID: 8625c4

Um... It's January...
No. 88895 ID: 0ee153

Bumping dead threads begging the artist for updates does exactly nothing.
No. 88896 ID: 14ef4c

Aw don't be that way! He's absolutely right Prima was supposed to be back this month, unfortunately the same factors keeping me from drawing Rise of the Cyclops are also putting a damper on Prima's adventures.
I'm gonna make some fanart for people for a while to relax and loosen up and hopefully get Prima going again before too long :)
Also anyone who is a Prima fan please feel free to use this thread anytime to ask me questions or discuss the FF world.
No. 88898 ID: 8625c4

Just letting people know what month it is.

Any HAWT gossip?
No. 88921 ID: 53f127
File 142214181867.png - (602.61KB , 858x2400 , question 1.png )

Does a question on the Futa Force Tumblr count?(futaforceuniverse.tumblr.com)
No. 88923 ID: 8625c4

Yeas it does.
No. 88928 ID: 53f127
File 142221398734.png - (287.57KB , 823x1301 , question2.png )

Male Futa Force members do get magic vaginas. They’re usually bigger on the inside and experienced agents can have a storage capacity of many hundreds of cubic meters. Other powers include vore-like abilities and super pheromone production.

In reality, every cell in a Futa Force agent’s body is magic, it’s simply a matter of overcoming one’s own psychological prejudices to unlock those abilities. Prima’s mother can grow to gigantic size (up to 50 meters if she pushes herself) and has a magic vagina in addition to her magic penis.

Typically, new FF agents are more adept at manipulating their non-birth genitalia because those are already unfamiliar and thus not limited by their expectations.

Hypothetically, a true master FF agent is an unrestricted shapeshifter capable of taking on any form or size. They are only limited by their imagination and ability to concentrate (think Green Lanters, only instead of manipulating ring energy they manipulate their own bodies).
No. 88929 ID: 53f127
File 142221831240.png - (477.09KB , 836x1200 , question 4.png )

There absolutely are! And they receive corresponding powers when they become Futa Force agents. Naturally agendered/sequentially hermaphroditic/bigendered/genderfluid/etc… species are common and welcome in the FF.

A couple of exceptions: in this setting, there are no naturally-occurring “Shapeshifters that can be anything” and civilizations that have reached that level of ability tend not to be interested in the Futa Force. Giant amoebas tend not to reach sentience and none have yet been encountered by the FF (though they would be welcome to join if encountered). I guess the closest thing would be slime/jelly people and yeah they are represented in the FF.
No. 88933 ID: 53f127
File 142222149216.png - (390.68KB , 833x1200 , question 3.png )

Yeah there’s gonna be a lot of character refs and bonus pictures during the interim. As for muscle/fit Futa Force girls, they are probably not going to feature prominently in the main storyline. However, depending on user input, Prima could become a muscle girl (or any number of other things)
No. 88941 ID: f461c5

Do I see a cameo of the coolest shades prince of the aura-fuckers?
No. 88942 ID: b84f67

i suppose so cause i just read this whole thread cause i was told i have fan arts somewhere??? :O
No. 88944 ID: 8625c4

Can I suggest that Prima gossips with Yana?
No. 88946 ID: 53f127

Sure. About anything in particular?
No. 88947 ID: 8625c4

Ummm... How about her mom?
Yana used to know here, she must have something interesting to revile!
No. 88974 ID: 53f127
File 142240932471.png - (278.62KB , 800x873 , mess around.png )

Playing with line and coloring techniques.
No. 88978 ID: 8625c4

Look out Prima!
She's got an Eyepatch and the only people who wear eyepatches are Pirates and Bad Guys!
No. 88980 ID: 53f127
File 142249789979.png - (532.17KB , 826x1971 , question 5.png )

Well, actually robots can join, they just have their consciousnesses transferred into multicellular bodies if they become Agents. Only about 10-15% of the Futa Force is made up of Agents, the rest are support personnel. The difference between the Futa Force’s Agents vs. their Support Personnel is roughly parallel to the difference between officers and enlisted in Earth military forces.

As for males, yes, they receive magic vaginas in addition to enlarged penises and a feminine body type. Usually.

The process of transforming an aspiring FF member into a full agent is complex and involves a lot of give and take between the member and the Cosmic Beings who run the Futa Force. The form the members ultimately take and the powers they manifest are based partially on their desires/self-image. A lot of the prep leading up to the transformation involves building one’s mental perception of oneself.
No. 88982 ID: 77581b

So can FF-Agents do push-ups with their penis? Dick-ups?
No. 89006 ID: 5bb28d

That would require dick muscles.
No. 89036 ID: 53f127

Bro, FF agents have a whole section of the gym devoted to dick exercises!
No. 89040 ID: 9fab2f

I... i wanna see it
No. 96309 ID: 433720

So is Prima's Story gonna get a second chapter anytime soon?
No. 96310 ID: 3e2cae

Not before Christmas but maybe after. Though, there's a possibility I'd do her story as a webcomic instead.
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