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File 141234714895.png - (544.81KB , 1278x716 , the shins the rifle\'s spiral.png )
85794 No. 85794 ID: dc5446

Post songs/music videos that you'd think would fit into a quest, or good 'fertilizer' for quest ideas. I'll start with The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral; Top-notch animated music video, lyrics that might fit a main character, and cool music in itself.

You could just think of a quest about magicians and occultism now.
No. 85798 ID: 490ed5

I have a Freaking Ton of these


Aku no Hana | 花 - A Last Flower

This song is what i imagine a mind breaking would sound like.
No. 85799 ID: 490ed5


Saya no uta, Sin.

all you need ot know about this visual novel is that you have sex with a girl who looks about 10, and its the most normal, human and sane thing that you see/do...
No. 85800 ID: 490ed5


Daft punk, Derezzed.

Although i chose this track from thier hour long music video, Tron 2, daft punk are a great little band to listen to while thinking up sci-fi concepts.
No. 85814 ID: 557bac

I actually made a playlist full of spooky things for Book of Worms a while back.
Might as well put it here.
No. 85867 ID: 219868

i got really excited when i saw this because that's actually the first song on my playlist for avery from SGC!

i actually have tons of playlists made for my quests - usually one for each quest itself, then playlists for each of the specific characters, and i listen to them while i update! rather than spamming a bunch of the songs/individual playlists i'll just link to my entire 8tracks: http://8tracks.com/baphomeme
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