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File 141196749154.jpg - (183.67KB , 800x600 , Pan Discussion.jpg )
85710 No. 85710 ID: 3009b4

Since there's been a fair bit of chatter about the background of Pan's world, I thought a discussion thread might be in order. Pan is more Internet savvy than Nem so I may occasionally decide to let her answer things.
No. 85712 ID: 2fd516

So is this canonically in the future of Nem's world or is it a different world altogether?
No. 85714 ID: 3009b4

It's the future of Nem's world.
No. 85717 ID: d8a627

The set-in-stone future of Nemain's world, or a potential future? I assume the latter, but better safe to be sure than stick to an assumption.
No. 85719 ID: 3009b4

>The set-in-stone future of Nemain's world, or a potential future?

I can't answer that because knowing could potentially give too much information considering you've access to two timelines simultaneously.
No. 85722 ID: 0ee153

Am I the only one tempted to cause an apocalypse in Nem's quest to get an answer to this?
No. 85723 ID: d8a627

Yes, you probably are.
No. 85726 ID: ccd544

actually, he's not alone in that desire.

the problem is, logistically, Nemain has no ability to cause an apocalypse.

This is not one of those "dwarfenly stubborn the hole out of existence with two natural 20s" games, otherwise we could throw all of our IP into a single "wish" and make it come true.

Like trying to cast Sephiroth's Meteor from FFVII, except the special FX are for real.
No. 85727 ID: 3009b4

Tsk, don't be so impatient you'll found out soon enough.
No. 85732 ID: ccd544

Less "impatience"
More "impertinence"
No. 85738 ID: d8a627

Given our Chrono-recall, even if we cast an apocalypse, it would just reset to before we caused it, nulling any attempts to ruin the world for Pan's quest, guys. Therefore, it's pointless. That's why I have no desire to cause it... Well, that, and I don't want to hurt Nemain. Heartless asses.

Hit reply on the wrong thread... Why did you make two different threads?
No. 85739 ID: 2fd516

...you started making a post in the wrong thread, and then went ahead and posted it after outright saying you knew it was wrong?
No. 85740 ID: 0ee153

>save after apocalypse starts
No. 85742 ID: 3009b4

>Hit reply on the wrong thread... Why did you make two different threads?

Pan and Nem inhabit the same base world but their timelines are very different, as are their cultural attitudes, technological level and understanding of how the world works.

What applies to Pan doesn't necessarily apply to Nem and vice versa. Hence, this is for discussion for Pan's particulars. Don't assume anything that worked or applied to Nem applies to Pan.
No. 85743 ID: d8a627

Actually, I finished posting in the wrong thread before realizing it was the wrong thread, deleted the post, and pasted it to this thread instead.
No. 85744 ID: 2fd516

Oh, this is the RIGHT thread. Gotcha.
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