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File 141126341311.png - (740.05KB , 1000x1500 , BloodlineProtector2.png )
85498 No. 85498 ID: 265951

Sup folks. I'll be linking this in my Twitter. So, hey long time readers! Everyone else, welcome to the discussion of Bloodline Protector.

So, I fucked up.

I really fucked up.

Bloodline protector was a quest, for those not in the know, that I ran on 4chan's /tg/ You can read it here: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Bloodline%20Protector ) . It was based on a loose reboot of Hat Quest, which you can find easily within the wiki, which was probably... I think the fourth quest I ever ran. BPQ was born from my own displeasure on how the concept of Princess Guard was going and the fact that I wanted to return to Avalon. Also, I hadn't run a strong quest since the old days of Holy Grail War Seattle, and I wanted to return to that as well.

So I did. And for about 20ish threads, i did okay. Not great, not amazing, but okay. I had fun. I like to think my readers had fun. But I made a lot of mistakes, starting with the Seducers. After that was the far too poorly-done plot that elbowed in. Then the character change. The errors and mistakes all piled on each other, until they all came to a solid head at the ending.

Quest endings are hard to pull off properly. But it's no excuse for what happened there, and I deeply regret it. And I want another shot. I was too focused on weekly runs. I was too focused on bombastic reactions. Too tightly centralized on things people didn't actually like. My excitement, my impatience, my shortsightedness killed the quest, just as it always has.

So this is first an apology. Second, it's a promise. I want to give my setting the treatment it deserves. This isn't about clearing my good name (I never had one), or making myself seem cool. It's about good writing and strong decisions, which I think are the core of a solid quest.

Thusly, lay into me. Tell me what I can fix. Tell me what i missed. Tell me what, if anything, you liked about the quest, the concept, the ideas. I want to hear the voices of those who read it, those who hated it, those who cared about it. I won't attack you, I won't insult you. If we're going to make this reboot fun, it has to start with me stepping off with the right foot.

Artwork by Deculture.

And for those not in the know, it's parodic. You'll get it if you read the quest.
No. 85499 ID: c31047

You should run it on 8chan's /qu/est board.
No. 85500 ID: 5129b3

nice to see you're back
No. 85501 ID: 5129b3

I found the intrigue elements of BPQ to be particularly fascinating, so while we're going through character development with the case, I was hoping to do a lot more mystery solving as well. Of course, being a bodyguard might make that job slightly difficult.
No. 85502 ID: 5129b3

So, will most of the characters be the same, background and personality wise? Or are there going to be radical differences in the reboot?
No. 85503 ID: 5129b3

also, will the setting have any changes compared to the previous quest?
No. 85504 ID: cdce32

What I think I liked most (kind of hard to self analyse) was the character interactions when Annelin was on and off duty. I was looking forward to Purrsia but that kind of meandered into nothing meaningful and was pushed to the side quickly, I think it could have worked much better if we were sent there alongside Mike, with him to help try and stabilize things as might be his duty as Prince, it might have given a more solid foundation and meaning to it, leading to more. The abrupt character swap to Mike to suddenly go on a fetch-it quest for things that were only vaguely hinted at months ago was a massive shift in the overall gameplay and feeling of the quest and had us wandering around like headless chickens. We didn't know what we were looking for or how to play as Michael, Annelin was the MC, the one we started with and grew with, the one we were attached to both as the MC and as the perspective for which we glimpsed into the quests world, how we learned about it and interacted with it.

I think having a lot less constant heavy consequence situations one after the other that tie into unwelcome plot would be welcome, not saying get rid of such things, but make sure they are appropriate and most importantly, fun to play through and deal with and paced well, every climax needs an appropriate amount of downtime.

Also, being a magebreaker and having mages that we couldn't break being the predominant enemies we faced was weird.

TLDR: I think you should focus on what made the first 15-20 threads really fun, the more personal aspects of the quest, dealing more with character interaction and slight SoL, as far as such a thing could be considered SoL for being the Bloodline Protector, as we go about our duties as the BP, guarding Mike and interacting with him and all those who are connected.
No. 85512 ID: 3788e0

so are we still going to have a birdshota we can fuck?
No. 85513 ID: 38ac95

So is Annelin not going to morph into a bitch retarded child this time?

Will everyone not turn out to be demons?
No. 85514 ID: 3aa7c6

The potential to be a gay sub to birdshota's massive cock was the only good thing to come from this setting
No. 85515 ID: 38ac95

The chance to powerbottom bird shotas and dom dragonboys would be a better legacy than the quest itself actually managed.
No. 85516 ID: 3788e0

EGO, rather than redoing Annelin's amazingly average quest, how about we go back to gay wizard college adventures?
No. 85519 ID: 265951

Let me be absolutely clear: Trolls will be ignored. You know who you are, and so do I. Let's leave it at that.

Several points have come up, so I'm gonna address them.

>Annelin and other women
Not even gonna try this time, except possibly in jest. Annelin's straight as an arrow, and I'm gonna keep it that way this time both characteristically and narratively. More dudes more often, less chicks less often. Raeve's propensity for lesbian antics is now apocryphal and mostly the result of dirty old recordkeepers being perverted.

Something I've wanted to bring up. SoL is my single greatest weakness - Alongside a host of others, of course. So one of my common mistakes is to slam into PLOT to keep myself interested. This time, the only plot I have in mind will blossom from your own decisions regarding Micheal, his brother. foreign dignitaries, and so on. I've decided to crank back the setting time period to before any Critter rebellion so you've reasonable individuals to protect the Prince from, and so on.

>4chan Rune Quest
Anything done or mentioned in this quest never happened and that's that. I'll never acknowledge it again.

>Annelin's crazy shit
Much less likely to happen, I'll have her be a bit less emotional this time. Trying to avoid NTR is one of my goals unless the players commit it, of course. It's not like I'll stop you from being a huge bitch.
No. 85520 ID: 3788e0

so no gay birdshota actions, but aggressively subbing to Ja'al is still game? excellent
No. 85521 ID: 38ac95

Will there be dragon dick?
No. 85522 ID: 38ac95

Also, more serious question,
>Trying to avoid NTR is one of my goals
Does that mean the LI's won't be already married/ engaged, and we won't have a love rival childhood friend to be an unceasing bitch to?
No. 85524 ID: e64430

I'm gonna get called a troll for this, but I 100% agree with these three. I was looking forward to domming the dragon.
No. 85529 ID: cdce32

>Raeve's propensity for lesbian antics
This was one thing I kind of liked about Raeve, even though sometimes the forcing of said antics was a bit grating, she was still fun to interact with playing as Annelin trying to jovially fend off the goddess's shenanigans.

Pillow fort best fort.
No. 85530 ID: cdce32

Expanding on this, I do hope Raeve's changes are not too dramatic, she was very fun to hang around with, the fact that Annelin was straight and Raeve not entirely so never really intruded into my thinking when interacting with her and created a neat dynamic between the two characters that I hope will be present in the redux.
No. 85534 ID: 38ac95

I don't think the lesbianism itself was the problem, it was that you told us specifically that Annelin was so straight it would take demon mind control for her to consider a woman attractive, and then proceeded to throw girl after girl at her without making any of the male love interests even vaguely appealing.

So maybe just don't declare her to be 110% hyper-straight and then act in a manner that your players will interpret as trying to force them to break character.

I liked Raeve as she was, and I didn't mind most of the lesbians hitting on Annelin for the most part, but the above did make it feel forced and annoying.
No. 85538 ID: cdce32

>I liked Raeve as she was, and I didn't mind most of the lesbians hitting on Annelin for the most part, but the above did make it feel forced and annoying.

Indeed, personally I think that Raeve shouldn't be changed, her character was fine as it was, but the aspect of constantly dangling "ARE YOU SURE YOUR NOT TOTALLY LESBIANZ" in front of Annelin was the problem, not the characters.

I think instead of changing the characters, just being more aware of how things are presented and endeavour to not thrust such things in our face would be best.
No. 85586 ID: 265951

Yeah, that's about what I thought.

Anyway, I think I'll go forward with this next weekend, assuming my everything doesn't fall through
No. 85594 ID: 265951

It seems to me that my new thread has met with some displeasure.

Please note that the mods here are very active, and that from this point on, I will report posts to clean up my thread.

I appreciate you wanting to avoid certain narratives that occurred the first time, but please keep in mind that that is the entire reason I started this, and I want to avoid them as well. Some characters have been trimmed, for example.

For my players, just post with suggestions directly related to Redux and the information that has been presented to this point.

Some posts have already been removed.

Understand that I do not want to censor you! I would just prefer discussion to be brought here, not the thread, and for you not to meta with the previous quest because many parts of it no longer apply.
No. 85595 ID: 3788e0

so you don't support fucking off on a glorious adventure filled with lesbianism and wonder then?
No. 85596 ID: 33ce89

I just wanted to masturbate man.
And sorry, I didn't know how tgchan worked
No. 85597 ID: 2fd516

So... you're sorry you got caught?
No. 85598 ID: 33ce89

That doesn't seem very on topic, but I'll answer it anyway, I'm just new to tgchan, that's all.
No. 85599 ID: cdce32

So is there a tgchan equivalent of 4chan X or extensions to enable auto-updating?
No. 85600 ID: 265951

You can follow threads, then hit a 'update' button on the thread watcher [WT] to get a little notifier. But otherwise no. I might ask Dylan about it later.

Not when it's based entirely on the old threads and my actions there, which this is explicitly made to avoid!
No. 85601 ID: 3788e0

I just don't see the appeal to being a bodyguard in a palace. Kind of boring, even if the shit does hit the fan. Much more fun to be on the road, doing our own thing
No. 85602 ID: cdce32

That's what other quests are for...
No. 85603 ID: cdce32

How do you follow them? I found the WT window but not how to add threads to it
No. 85604 ID: 265951

There's a series of icons near the OP's info.

One looks like an eye. Click it.

Try Dive Quest, some of Larro's quests (How To Be An Overlord), and the like. It's not like there aren't other quests!
No. 85605 ID: cb8aee

Is there no way to view watched threads from multiple forums?
No. 85606 ID: cdce32

unrelated, but any idea when you'll return to Pokefantasia?
No. 85609 ID: 38ac95

Hey, since Raeve has a priestess now, does that mean Rikard is one of the excised characters?
No. 85614 ID: 8b533b

Well, there's this thing. >>/meep/24283
No. 85615 ID: 265951

I'm not sure if I will ever.

Chalk it up to declining interest in Pokemon as a whole.


That's an awful good question.

Let me put it this way: Micheal and the gods to be constant, and even then only in name. Otherwise, all assumptions should be thrown out the window. Some things may come back. Some things might not. Some other things may /appear/ the same.
No. 85616 ID: 38ac95

So you may just dump the good characters, even though they are the only bits that people haven't complained about?

Can Michael please not be a LI, we see him for the job so even if he's shit again he'll still be front runner from sheer exposure.
No. 85619 ID: dbb02f

How do you feel about being trolled on sight while taleanon gets to run freely?
No. 85620 ID: cdce32

>Chalk it up to declining interest in Pokemon as a whole.

Your own interest or peoples the communities interest? Because there are more pokemon quests than ever and your Akun on got a large audience when you updated it.
No. 85629 ID: 265951

My own interest.

Tale is...

God, how do I even say this.

Tale is both the worst quester and the BEST quester, at the same time. They're amazing at the one thing only quests do - that is, in the moment interactive storytelling. Where Tale usually quests, archival is iffy at best, so literally no one cares if they 'lose'. They're there for the ride, because that's all there is - the story is secondary to the moment. At the same time, they're the worst when you actually sit down and read that shit archivally.

I respect Tale in the sense of taking advantage of the medium, but that's all.

As for the trolling? I may whine and whimper here, twitter, and IRC, but in an hour I'm too busy taking calls at work to care, or something else has taken my attention. If it truly affected me, I wouldn't run anymore, period.
No. 85634 ID: 265951

A quick note: Seducers as they used to exist... Don't.

That is to say, there are still demons, and they are still mostly the same - but Seducers, who sought love, no longer have illusion in their portfolio. No demons do.
No. 88213 ID: a1848e

So is this quest still alive or what?
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