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File 141109570169.png - (29.01KB , 800x800 , disc.png )
85456 No. 85456 ID: a9b849

Hi, this is the discussion thread for Minion Quest. Minion quest is a collaboration between myself and my friend, Skrakar. Skrakar is in charge of the story, and general idea of the quest, really. I just do the art.

Generally, updates won't be four posts long. Consider that for special occasions. Anyway, hope you guys like it, and continue to read it.
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No. 85457 ID: 2fd516

It's hilarious already.
No. 85460 ID: 48edce

I feel an an odd connection to this "overlord".
I also like the the fact that fantasy internet is run by wizards.
No. 85465 ID: 4747a1

All right, you got me gigglin. I'm down to return a nerd Overlord to his former glory.
No. 85482 ID: 879a42

I feel like this is every guy who gets hyped up to write a book or something, then says 'fuck it' and settles for porn.

It also immediately reminds me of drew the lich.

This overlord shall know glory.
No. 85494 ID: fd633b
File 141124569928.gif - (1.63MB , 304x217 , tumblr_inline_nc5a72YnVt1qedzlb.gif )

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the next update might be delayed. I know who I am going to blame for that.

Do you?
No. 85562 ID: 2fd516

So uh, I think I noticed something, which might be a spoiler for everyone else:
The Overlord is a metaphor for 4chan's /tg/ board right? The elf concubine refers to "elf slave wat do" threads, the Overlord is kindof pathetically obsessed with furry porn... The orcs are the userbase I assume.
No. 85563 ID: cb69eb

Actually, no. Symbolism was never one of my strong suits. But meaning is in the mind of the reader, so what do I know?

To clarify. A number of things in Minion Quest so far are based on bits and bobs from OVERLORD's various artworks involving his (what I like to call) armoursona, both serious and comical.

Also, I'm doing this so I can subtly discredit my "friend" in front of the entire tgchan and then, when I'm the most popular girl in school, I'll become THE PROM QUEEN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
No. 85565 ID: 879a42

Devious! Using Tg for personal gain its....its...

By god you are the overlord. Why do you like furry porn so much then?
No. 85568 ID: cb69eb

Sorry, I have no clever quips with which to refute these wild accusations in style. I wish I had, but our Lord in Heavens preferred the best possible to a perfect world.

So I'll make use of the following.
No. 85573 ID: a9b849
File 141144756389.png - (56.05KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )


Indeed, The Overlord of Minion Quest is based on (or rather, is explicitly), the character I used in /tg/ drawthreads for self-representative purposes as far back as 2011 (pic related). But I didn't really post him on this site as much as other places, so it's understandable that the connection was not made.
No. 85647 ID: 732a2f

Sorry for the delay, we've been having some technical difficulties. Still do. Kinda.
No. 85660 ID: 3009b4

Seriously, are the orks Beebop & Rocksteady? Or at least one of them Beebop? They are totally 80's orks and that's pretty awesome.
No. 85662 ID: a9b849


The Orc chieftains are based on music genres, actually. Though Cro'Mags is specifically designed to look like Bebop, yes, haha.

Cro'Mags, and Clan Broken Bones, are based on the punk genre. Hence his remarks to anarchistic and rebellious lifestyles.

Hagarroth, who you might be confusing for Rocksteady, is just based on a sorta generic biker design, though he is intended to be drawn from 'hard rock.' We didn't really know how an embodiment of hard rock would look, so we went with a biker look.

Giuffira is based on the music genre of Glam Rock, and she probably does a lot of Cocaine. Hence the tiger and leopard fur and whatnot.

Gaahlskagg is based on the black metal genre, hence his lack of humour and elitist personality.

Also, I'm just the artist but I appreciate everyone's interest and general suggestions. ♥
No. 85665 ID: 3009b4

Oh, I actually knew Gaahlskagg was black metal, I was just being an ass. I think Black Metal and KISS have a lot in common in terms of face paint, that's all.

>Though Cro'Mags is specifically designed to look like Bebop, yes, haha.

I knew it.

>Hagarroth, who you might be confusing for Rocksteady, is just based on a sorta generic biker design, though he is intended to be drawn from 'hard rock.' We didn't really know how an embodiment of hard rock would look, so we went with a biker look.

In your defence, that's probably what they did for the 80's Rocksteady too.

>Giuffira is based on the music genre of Glam Rock, and she probably does a lot of Cocaine. Hence the tiger and leopard fur and whatnot.

I knew that too, but she's also the requisite monster hottie.
No. 85666 ID: 642845

>I knew it.
Darn, we couldn't deceive you. Back to the drawing board.

>In your defence, that's probably what they did for the 80's Rocksteady too.

Nah, Rocksteady was more military in his appearance than biker.
No. 85683 ID: 3009b4

>Nah, Rocksteady was more military in his appearance than biker.

Crap, you're right. Good memory! And they were originally a threat, too.
No. 85734 ID: ccd544

Rocksteady was a threat?
No. 85748 ID: 3009b4

When first introduced, Bebop and Rocksteady where considered threats because of their physical strength. Naturally they were still idiots but originally it was conceivable that the turtles would lose a fight to them one on one.

Then they were basically useless except for kidnapping April.
No. 85749 ID: b2b1ab

I'd like to ask all the people who follow Minion Quest to give suggestions for the latest update. The number of followers will directly affect how complex skill/will/fortitude/{insert RPG term} check shenanigans may get.
No. 85771 ID: 1ca426

A cataclysm happens; an invasion by the forces of another wizard jealous of the master's superior furry porn culminating in wizard battle. .
No. 85772 ID: 1ca426

Tragedy; the master gets sick from attempting to make Mountain Dew and Doritos cereal. All the Orc forces muster to war for the antidote from eleven herbalists.
No. 85773 ID: 1ca426

Philosophy; we kill an ice cream Golem and have an evil ice cream party
No. 85775 ID: a7d350

Harassment by another evil BBEG-type saying that our lord is a fatass neckbeard and can't raid and pillage properly.
Coincidentally, the time for the evilpalooza convention is near, and thus there will be a chance to prove that the Overlord is still competent! Once we can get him to get motivated, that is.
No. 85784 ID: 1d3aa9

These are all good suggestions (some might be taken into account for later updates in the act of shameful stealing), but it seems we had a misunderstanding on the nature of my request. An update has been planned out already; it's just that both OVERLORD and I are the laziest of bums.
No. 86772 ID: bd6eea

I want to apologise for the lack of updates due to real life stuff. Hopefully, there'll be one in a day or two, depending on OVERLORD's IRL situation.
No. 87521 ID: 464f1c

What do you guys think about putting numbers to update posts? Would it help avoid misunderstandings about how many posts there will be in an update?
No. 87522 ID: 825af6

Yeah, it's a good idea; Lagotrope does it all the time for his multi-post updates. And on top of that you could also do what I believe Slinkoboy does if he has a update with a chain of posts and sage all but the last one so the thread doesn't get bumped until it's ready.
No. 87684 ID: 5f4fa9
File 141830830658.png - (67.96KB , 768x1724 , Oa7ub99.png )

Here is a little something from our friendly neighbourhood OVERLORD.
No. 87694 ID: 0d453b
File 141834081123.png - (23.44KB , 415x793 , karaskul1.png )


Haha, beat me to it. That was the original concept art for the Succubus.

I didn't normally do concept art for characters (except Karaskul), unless I felt unconvinced that I could invent an interesting design in the space of a single update.

Pic related is original Karaskul concept. As you can see, through questing his appearance seemed to evolve slightly from the runty, but undeniably ugly orc pictured, to something a little more childlike in appearance.
No. 88280 ID: c12448

As you might have guessed, we're having a bit of a pause due to Christmas (or Generic Economic Stimulus Holiday as some like to say) since OVERLORD lives in a country dominated by Western Christianity and pig-disgusting capitalism, as opposed to mine (you probably never heard of it, it's pretty underground) which is dominated by Eastern Christianity and a system that makes anarchism seem like an improvement.

And so, since I'm idle, if you have any questions whatsoever (except for those related to origin of babies for it is a disgusting matter to ponder) about the world of Minion Quest that made it to the screen before you, feel free to share them in the true holiday spirit.
No. 88289 ID: c0c685


I like the way you use words. What are your writing inspirations?
No. 88301 ID: 59a843

That is actually hard to answer. The way I write is inspired by a lot by my country's cinematography and various parodies. For the content itself, I'm inspired by the tales of people playing pen and paper RPGs and, as it was already mentioned, my interactions with OVERLORD.

If I missed the point of your question, do inform me.
No. 88526 ID: dc95a5

Welp, I have bad news and even worse news.

The bad news is that Minion Quest is going on a hiatus for an indeterminate period of time. The reason? Artists are fickle creatures, unpredictable in their fancies and OVERLORD is an artist - which means that the work required for drawing for the quest began to outweigh the fun and enjoyment he derived from it. Plus, I myself have to put my back into finalising my higher education and similar excuses to spread the blame equally.

The even worse news is that the continuation of the quest depends on the tandem getting back together. I feel uncomfortable to turn this into a text quest (because it would be a move akin to releasing an unfinished game and advertising it as AAA title in my eyes) and using OVERLORD's armoursona without him in the mix is kinda weird to say the least.

So...See you in ten thousand years or so when the Prime Evils awaken once more. In the meantime, remember to burn the women, rape the fields and salt the houses.
No. 88550 ID: 943f16

are you from the balkans?
No. 88575 ID: b578af

No. 88578 ID: 8f3b8c

that makes me sad. a combination of Bromeliad-quality writing and Captain Slowpoke-level art doesn't come along too often.

oh well. thanks for the free entertainment you provided me with so far.
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