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File 140995803224.png - (11.83KB , 750x750 , troutsquests.png )
85111 No. 85111 ID: 18da89

I'm Trout and I run quests. I run a lot of quests, but I don't update a lot of quests.


My quests:

:darrenicon: Clockwork Bird (Hiatus)

This was my first quest, done with a laptop touchpad, way before I got a tablet. I did lot of things people found cool, such as having a direct player character advising the "main" character (thereby giving /quest/ an actual presence in the world) but I eventually moved on to other quests due to my perceived failures before anything came to a head. I plan to revisit this quest sometime soon, using the many ideas I've cultivated for it over the years it's been dead.

:seroicon: Soviet Hero

Soviet Hero is my favorite quest to run, and is undoubtedly my most successful. I've made a few errors here and there, but the reason I'm still running it, I think, is because I don't try to be serious with it. It's a pastiche of WW2 media tropes and stories, so it HAS to be ridiculous to work. It helps that it's a lot of fun to write.

:dragonsicon: Dragons (Dead)

This quest didn't start out so great. It also didn't get better. For some reason, people liked it, but I think my writing was atrocious and I made a lot of really dumb errors in the story. It was controversial. I wouldn't recommend reading it.

:caravanicon: The TGChan Caravan (dead)

IdiomAlpha and I once tried to do a pretty meta collab quest with other authors! It crashed and burned due to other people failing this time, but was a ton of fun to read and write. I hope to get it started back up someday, but it's not very likely. ;~;

:thejobicon: The Job

My current quest. Take a bank heist, throw in a team of silly user-made characters, and turn it all up to 11, and you get this. Theoretically! We'll see how it goes, but I'm pretty excited for it!

:miscicon: Miscellaneous Quests

I've done a few silly little oneshots, usually in response to something or if I get a flash of an idea and feel motivated enough to do them! They have about a 10% completion rate.
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No. 85113 ID: 2b4635

what the fuck is a "completion"

Clockwork Bird reboot when???
No. 85114 ID: 18da89

It's like, this thing where you finish a thing. It's a crazy concept to you, I know.

6-12 months
No. 85115 ID: d90668

Finish Dragons you hack!

Also The Job is looking good. Keep up the good work.
No. 85120 ID: d8a627

That, or give it a reboot. I honestly just want more dragons, be they Drgons Dragons or elsewise.
No. 85240 ID: 18da89

You couldn't pay me to continue dragons, sorry. I still draw dragons all the time, but the quest won't be continuing. Depending on what Drgons does, there might be more stuff with Lynd and Boaga or something, but I don't know what's going on with that.
No. 85251 ID: 445ff6

What about a quest with dragons in it that isn't Dragons? You draw dragons pretty nice, after all.
No. 85252 ID: e6e219


Is sad but we understand. Would be nice to get a one page epilog saying they all lived happily ever after. Or died in a fire as the case may be.

Either way keep up the good work.
No. 90375 ID: 31eba9
File 142932755243.png - (140.67KB , 900x900 , boafedora.png )

I'll be honest, I don't care if you go back to Dragons, it's your decision, not mine. I just love me sum Bo.
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