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File 140988318447.jpg - (7.14KB , 250x179 , FifTH.jpg )
85094 No. 85094 ID: 89b939

Because why not have a board where you can ask questions? And get more questions
No. 85101 ID: 879a42

Who in the hell is chip and why is he here does he have eldritch powers and what his favorite color. Need answers.

(Yes for all of them.)
No. 85118 ID: 689aae

>>Who in the hell is chip?

Chip's just a fox.
>>Why is he here?
He might be sick, since he met up with a patient or he could work here.
>>does he have eldritch powers?
Who knows, he hasn't shown any yet.
>>and what his favorite color.
He likes red.
No. 85133 ID: 879a42

I believe a found an easter egg. Please tell me that's a nod to ruby quest on the painting. *GASP* Don't tell me this is actually in the same universe as ruby quest and its a second metal glen! I think I would pass out.

(I'm probably wrong about everything, but one can dream. Hoping for answers :P)
No. 85137 ID: 7571f9

Who knows, though it's unlikely this is a second Metal Glen. I mean come on, who would be dumb enough to create another remote hidden research lab that delves into things men were not meant to know after the first was nearly taken over by an eldritch abomination?
No. 85140 ID: 879a42

All I'm gonna say is, people are pretty stupid, triple lovecraftian horrors will never cease to exist, and as long as mankind exists, powerful governments will pay scientists to do shady things with questionable objectives for the (air quotes) ''greater good''- and it will always go wrong.

(And there will ALWAYS be someone around to tell the story.)
No. 85274 ID: 879a42

Okay so cannon or not this is in the same universe as Ruby quest. I guess you probably came up with this from the start, but I'm wondering if this is gonna end up being A direct sequel with most of the original themes intact. I have to honest I will be dissapointed if there aren't triple lovecraftian horrors of the deepest abyss that need to conquered by ingenuity trust and friendship. Using Weaver's universe is going to be a tough thing to do to keep the standards close to the original ruby if that's what you plan to do....unless you are Weaver. Or not. I'm paranoid and I want answers. Which might explain why nan quest is falling behind oh god.
No. 85433 ID: c931c3

Am I giving people too many doors to go through?
No. 85653 ID: 879a42

Oh wait did you mean literal doors or figurative ones? If its literal then I guess yeah there have been plenty. If you are worried about too many doors then spruce up the means of getting place to place by adding hatches, crawlspaces, stairways and such, and add blockades or some type of key card or something to make us go back and Investigte better.

Not that you havent, you already put in an elevator and a hatch, just saying.

(Also I'm concerned for the party right now, with insanity and abominations on the loose. Don't think I didn't see that cage busted open.)
No. 85655 ID: 385581

Well giving Chip, Allen's medicine may have been a double edged sword. One the one hand, the fox is functional. On the other hand, for a given value of functional.
No. 86029 ID: c1cc80

I must continue with this quest but how should I go about drawing more people in to contribute?
No. 86052 ID: 879a42

Drawing more people in as in get more people to participate in the quest? Well aside from hoping people come, I don't know if you could directly advertise without it looking bad, I don't even know if there is a solution aside from asking someone to check out your quest.

I will say if something significant were to happen, it would draw people in and make them give their two sense about what to do or say. I think the quest might feel like a bunch of doors for some people, I will say that both characters (although there hasn't been much time,) have little background and personality right now.

Once you hook people into caring about the characters you will have more consistent suggestions, and having something happen will catch their immediate attension.
(I have no idea if this helps at all, just my perspective for whatever that's worth.)

I also wonder if my ramblings on this thread have made people run far far away because I look like a rabid maniac.

No. 86053 ID: 219868

i don't know if you already do this, but if you don't read a lot of other quests, try checking some out (or if you DO, read some quests by other people you haven't yet)

sometimes people check out my quests after they see me suggesting on theirs, or vice-versa. it's kind of like how on dA and furaffinity and stuff, if you comment on someone's art, they're likely to come look at your gallery. people have a natural tendency to reciprocate when people show active interest in their work!
No. 86302 ID: 7431a0

Will do, and back to the story after being stuck in rl issues for the past week
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