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File 140967529185.png - (872.69KB , 790x1060 , GRFQ1.png )
85062 No. 85062 ID: d09cef

Discussion thread for >>592193 because I probably have a habit of leaving too much out and getting to OOC.

No. 85064 ID: 2fd516

So, it's not completely clear, but it seems like this is character generation at the moment, right? Do we just describe a potential pilot? How much detail is acceptable?
No. 85068 ID: fc96dd

Yep, there's a couple choices at the start based around generating/"finding" the lead character. Any amount of detail is fine, however things may get adjusted in small ways to suit the world history itself.
No. 85130 ID: 2f4b71

I'm really loving the art. It's like a delicious mix of Kishiro Yukito and Moebius.
No. 85139 ID: 53ba34

dear ccd544, talk about how you think quests are supposed to be run here or something, but i still disagree with you on principal, no one but the author knows yet how they are running things, saying that they are running things a particular way without proof is crazy.
No. 85186 ID: 323980

I thought the other guy was meta-clueless, and i have seen threads with clueless players kill a quest/adventure before because no one was familiar with how democratic participation works. I used to be clueless, but then someone helpful taught me the meta behind democratic questing!

Sorry if I came off as an ass, I re-read my posts and they seem neutral, so i'd appreciate if you would explain what i said was bad-wrong.

Please be patient with me if i seem stupid, i already deal with my brother who honestly considers me subhuman because i can't change my personal perspective or understand abstract concepts :(

I post from multiple computers in multiple locations, my id will change, but i always know what posts were mine and will respond to anyone who asks.
No. 85188 ID: 53ba34

okay see, if your IP/ID changes a lot that calls for a Trip code.
type in a
in the name field type in:


will let you prove you are the same guy even if your ID changes every day.

this is also why that post seemed like someone talking down to people, it appeared to not be by the author. there is a huge dislike towards a suggester trying to highjack a quest.
No. 85232 ID: 436cdc

might also be smart to try and get spambot in the namefield when posting as a regular thing, otherwise it looks like it's just another anon.
No. 85233 ID: 436cdc

(Drama aside though, pretty hype for seeing where this goes. Rad art, mate.)
No. 85236 ID: 6e7636


Yeah, seriously. Are you an illustrator, Spambot?
No. 85267 ID: 323980

>it appeared to not be by the author. there is a huge dislike towards a suggester trying to highjack a quest.

I'm not the author?
You think I am?
No. 85321 ID: 6e5743

Heyhey, sorry for the delay everybody. I did start this knowing I'd be busy, just because I knew I'd always be busy. Was a little confused about what was going wrong there as well but I think I've figure it out now.
Also all of my posts in these two threads should be named as Spambot, though sometimes I'll get lazy when posting suggestions to others since I always do that from my phone.

Also thanks a lot.
No. 85472 ID: d7bd24

Okay, reworking things for clarity, for one dropping the digital work for the moment in favor of watercolour and sketches just because that's what I'll be working with for a while and it's a little faster. Plus I need watercolour practice.
Also things will be highlighted a little clearer in the descriptions to avoid confusion, I originally wanted to build things to be a little more game-y but I guess it wasn't game-y enough at the start there. Though don't feel like your options are limited to the stuff immediately mentioned. Creativity is cool even if I can't go with everything.
No. 85473 ID: 2fd516

Faster is generally better when it comes to quests! Well, reliability more than speed come to think of it. Do what you need to do.
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