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File 140888778343.png - (26.54KB , 900x700 , Team.png )
84882 No. 84882 ID: e06dcb

Discussion, critiques, comments, questions and fuzzy stuff...
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No. 84883 ID: 1e0571

i understand thats not rly any of the above, but. ZAIFA.
btw, how do you pronounce her name?
No. 84886 ID: d8a627

When I asked about the rightmost ally of Figarr's in a spoiler, I meant it to you directly, but since it got answered in character as "I don't know," I'll ask here.

Was that a half Draconian kobold?
No. 84926 ID: e06dcb

The same way you write it.


Nope its a default breed of kobold, horns in no way related to his race.
No. 84936 ID: d8a627

>default breed
Oh, so no Lagotropic many same-named species.
No. 85147 ID: 05cad4

Ok so new plant: teach fuzzy how to make gun, offer to hunt down escapees (maybe offer knowledge of guns to guard forces) in exchange for freedom, begin vendetta quest.
No. 85149 ID: c2c017

What about teaching him to build a drill? Say it's for enhancing mining production, while in reality you'll use it to dig.
No. 85151 ID: bb78f2

I still say building a big enough force to storm the front gates should be possible now that the two most obvious big players are gone. New big guys should be storming up, but the flame from the most recent escape should actually be enough to get the population excited for it, so instead of the strongest, toughest dudes aiming to dominate the place, we'll get them probably aiming for escape.
And the best way to do that is complete organization and I hope the new big guys realize that.
We create some bombs to level the place so they can't send us back.

Zeeke was using the internet from the gem to essentially become an engineer (and masturbate). Surely now he can become a master tactician to make escape by might possible. There's probably LOADS of battle tactics online, from Chess to historically famous tactics to even current ones.
If the guy can search youtube, he might even be able to self-teach himself martial arts from the right channels.
No. 85182 ID: e06dcb

>Zeeke was using the internet from the gem to essentially become an engineer (and masturbate).
>What about teaching him to build a drill?
>teach fuzzy how to make gun

A bit of correction on that part... Zeeke was not browsing the internet that time (I just couldn't resist making a joke) but rather taping into memories stored inside the gem (you guys are just echoes of memory fragments in it, meaning you can talk to Zeeke, suggest ideas and such, but you cannot teach him anything (like schematics of weapons or how to make gun powder or other complex stuff). You still can make basic advices (somethings in realm of common knowlege).

As such schemtaics for hot air balloon and slingshot cannon Zeeke retrieved by himself.

And some retcon to make things a bit easier for me...
No more jumping from person to person. You can only talk to one subject who is currently in possesion of the gem.
No more mind reading through concious/unconcious contact.
If two or more people holding the gem it will only work for the last person who touched it.
No. 85192 ID: fe4bfc


So is Zeeke still the original owner of the gem and the control that goes with it?

Or are we now free agents for whoever is currently holding us?

I ask because before we sort of owed our loyalty to Zeeke and we could reassure him that if someone stole us that we would do our best to mess them up. So if anyone who picks us up can us us freely it changes the character dynamic a bit.
No. 85198 ID: e06dcb

Its more like you don't have to be loyal to anybody who holds the gem. Nor Zeeke nor anybody else. Now Zeeke is just another holder of the gem... and there was many before him.

And there is no messing with somebody's head through a slew of voices and such. (I don't want you trying to weaponize the gem.) So stuff like ... battle starts, throw a gem at them or touch them with gem is out the window.
No. 85200 ID: d90668


Thanks for the clarification.
No. 85201 ID: 879a42

Soo.... if we don't have to be loyal to zeeke, what if by some chain of events we like another character better and have it arranged for them to be our new holder, will this cease to be Zeeke quest?

(I am quite liking zeeke and don't plan to ditch him but still, would be nice to know.)
No. 85216 ID: 66d026

Sure. If you happen to dislike Zeeke in favor of another character feel free to screw him over and follow this other character. (It would even make possible route where Zeeke may even become a major antagonist of the quest).
And yeah if there would happen a switch in position of protagonist i will come up with some sort of secondary title for the quest.
No. 85260 ID: 879a42

Paz quest, it needs to happen. I'm making this the fan cannon direction of the story.
No. 85261 ID: 879a42

Also I wanted to propose a theory, I bet figure knew because he was once linked to the gem. Its the only thing that fits. No one told him of the plan and there is no spies, nor could he get close enough to eavesdrop.
No. 85262 ID: d8a627

I think Figgar just happened to choose that day to attack... He was amassing forces to attack Zaifa shortly after Zeeke vamoosed, because he figured Zeeke could only be hiding with Zaifa.
No. 85508 ID: e06dcb
File 141129178933.png - (8.60KB , 900x700 , zekke Quest.png )

Im gonna ask you guys: what Zeeke's ultimate goal should be? (his motivation to do stuff).

Cuz right now he simply wanders aimlessly...
No. 85509 ID: abb867

Well first of all, he wants to survive.
But deep down, he always wanted to make. To invent something. That escape attempt did stir something up within him... but it's gonna be hard to do any inventing when you're still not cleared of your crimes.
No. 85510 ID: 879a42

Well then when we head to the capital why don't we find a way to get a clean slate? We don't need to have our innocence proven in court, instead let's just get some official to clear his record and make him a free man.
No. 85511 ID: 40935b

While not exactly an ultimate goal, getting back at Figarr and Zaifa should certainly be on the to do list.
No. 85517 ID: bb78f2

Getting a life back together
Decent Home
Maybe a girlfriend
A little revenge against those who have wronged him, Figarr, the goblin second (I don't blame the goblin leader, but I'm really having a hard time remembering which one is which since their names are so similar), and the noble that put him in the mountain to die in the first place.
So to actually get revenge on that noble, we have to become a noble.
Then we start a war and get that noble killed in it because that has the LEAST chance of getting caught, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Basically, Zeeke should become the Count of Monte Cristo. You can just buy a Countship, you know. All he has to do is get rich. Which will be easy with us.
No. 85518 ID: bb78f2

I was trying to emb thug notes but I don't know if it was successful or not the vid's not loading
No. 85523 ID: d90668

If Zeeke is not sure what he wants out of life we need to drag him around until he figures it out.

Revenge sounds interesting but its not like his life was ruined in the first failed escape. To have a burning desire for revenge you usually need to have been hurt pretty bad. Would be nice to find out if the girls are ok and not enslaved by Figarr or something.

Maybe he has developed a lust for knowledge after having access to the gems memories. He might not be a crafter now but has the knowledge to go far as long as we are around.

So for now I would say set up shop in the capital and look for leads on whoever threw us in jail in the first place. And keep a look out for Figarr and girls. Once Zeeke has some resources we can set him up in grand style.
No. 85526 ID: bb78f2

Hmm since Zeeke can actually look inside the gem (which is how he obtained the schematics I assume, since we couldn't actually teach him anything beyond common knowledge stuff), could Zeeke find cool memories like treasure locations or see awesome historical events from the perspective of the gem?
I take it he can actually use the gem as an educational tool still, as long as he uses the memories stored within the gem and it's feasible for someone in the past who have maybe handled the gem and they learned or built something while possessing the gem. So he can actually probably learn how to be a successful business man or craftsman if the gem was held by one. Which is completely up to Sombermann to decide what information from the past Zeeke can access and learn from, but well, yeah, Zeeke can learn advanced, non-common knowledge things from the gem as long as it isn't from US, the voices.

He should try at least, to dig whatever might be useful to gain lots of money as possible from us. Treasure, business tactics, whatever. So, Sombermann, it sounds like even with the debuff's you've recently given us, the gem itself is obviously still a powerful learning tool and you could use it in anyway to set up a nice, flexible quest like a treasure hunt or dungeon dive.

One of those might be useful, at least to get to point A to point B, if you desire. Just one chapter or 2 for the dive/hunt, then the rest on revenge, maybe? If that sounds like fun to you. Or you could just reboot that one tower quest with the lady gnoll and fire genie and use whatever possible planned assets you have from those, if you don't want to continue that quest again. If Zeeke could gain ownership of that Tower, the Zeeke of Monte Cristo could totally be a thing.
No. 85539 ID: 9ddf68

Ultimate goal... well maybe learning more about the gem. I mean he was just some guy stuck in the mines until he found the gem, with that he was able to start a gang war, make a useful invention to escape the prison, created a power vacuum in the prison, and when that was stolen from him some guy who seemed to know the prison better then anyone, even the guards, comes looking for him and gives him a free pass to freedom just because he had the gem on him and wanted to see what would happen once Zeeke got out with said gem. I don't know about you but if I found some glowing stone that give me knowledge that I didn't know of before, give helpful if sometimes strange advice, and lead me towards a merchant that got me out of the prison I was stuck in for over a year for free I'd be a bit curious. I know Jugo give us a (maybe?) brief history lesson on the gem but he did say that he himself had no idea what the hell it was other then a very old and pretty powerful magical artifact.

Then again with all the treasure hunting and becoming an inventor using the knowledge of the gem ideas, that "finding the origins of the gem" thing could just be something to tie them all together or we can just drop the idea entirely if you don't want to deal with it. I mean it would be kinda cool finding ancient treasures and building some kind of store that we could pawn those things off to the city/people for cash while also selling whatever inventions Zeeke can dig up all while trying to figure what the hell the gem is.

As for the revenge thing with Zaifa and Figarr, Not seeing much of a point really. I mean yeah they kinda fucked us over but at the same time it lead to us finding a better way to escape, one that doesn't let the guards know we got out so they wont be after us like the would have been if we chose to ditch Zaifa earlier. Plus all three of those backstabbers are all better fighters then Zeeke and friends so going after them would be kinda dumb. Hell even Zaifa said we couldn't trust her or her crew right when we signed up to join her crew. The only reason I'd ever see to go after them would be if they somehow hear we got out and try to blackmail us into helping them on threats of them outing us a an escaped prisoner.
No. 85566 ID: 879a42

Sounds like Zeeke wasn't very appreciative, I mean without us he would still be in that shithole. I don't mind being yelled at by zeeke but it surprises me that he would yell at his only source of salvation, although it could be just tiredness.

In any case, any ideas on plans for the future? If we follow the plan of clearing his name with the law, how do we go about this? The only way we could follow that plan is to reveal to some official that we are an escaped convict. I guess other options could include changing our name or go somewhere no one knows who we are. I suppose as a final option we could take the 'ditch zeeke route' but I say that's only reserved for if zeeke becomes mad with power or turns into a giant dick because of us or something.

(Would be kinda fun to someone else with the gem, I'm not for or against it really)
No. 87306 ID: bfe12b
File 141744868180.jpg - (326.63KB , 1920x767 , Grand Accuser.jpg )

It will happen.
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