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File 140842603150.png - (54.30KB , 600x657 , disthread.png )
84769 No. 84769 ID: bac58f

A place for discussion relating to the text quest Bastion of Innocence.
No. 84772 ID: 436cdc

when I first saw BoI my mind immediately leapt to binding of isaac and now I am imagining gartrut as guppie the cat
No. 84774 ID: e11a96

their faces in this kill me. amazing.
when was the last time a witch was burned?
No. 84783 ID: dc4b80

They look so happy and cute in that picture.
No. 84790 ID: 436cdc

Oh right, now that gartrut has official color scheme things goin, I should redraw that one sprite I did with her blinking and making faces from when she was still just a wee babby ideachild
I'll get on that once I install aseprite tomorrow
No. 85006 ID: d6f8c9

Okay, so on the topic of powers that will act out our emotions whether we want them to or not, and only seem to have terrible applications, or applications with prohibitive costs.

It seems to me that our immediate priority isn't necessarily finding a way to be good, it's to find something to shoot for. Something Gatrut can believe in and work towards, or else this is going to get dark very fast. She needs an objective, a reason to have hope. Despair or hopelessness is going to lead to either death or disaster.

One loophole that I think I noticed- the terrible costs only seem to come with doing something good and/or deliberately. Witch-powers lashing out due to emotion (swearing, anger, fear, etc) just happens- without soul reaping or baby rape factories. If we're willing to sacrifice control or intent, we get power cheaper.

It might be that we can find a way to use that. With some small measure of control in when and how our more dangerous emotions manifest, we might be able to turn them to useful purposes. Use a weapon as a tool. For instance, we brought down a tree. What if we wanted to fell a tree? There are all kinds of practical purposes a lot of black magic could to turned to.

The big if there is if we can exert even a measure of control over it.
No. 85007 ID: 01745f

I like it. The obvious solution to try was witch-vigilante, but applications like witch-lumberjack are definitely worth investigating.
No. 85036 ID: 2fd516

Wizards and Sorceresses use the power of innocent souls to bend reality. From what we've seen, even without using a soul directly, some horrible torture must be applied to perform magic.

I think Witches have a soul that leaks power. When their (negative?) emotions go out of control, that leak intensifies, and curses manifest. The lost power weakens the soul, driving the Witch mad.
No. 85051 ID: 01745f

The problem with the "soul leaking power" theory is that you can't get power from evil souls, so that would prevent evil witches from having power of their own which definitely does not seem to be the case. (Unless evil souls still have power but it is just harder for others to extract.)
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