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File 140753754887.png - (10.77KB , 600x400 , Ciover.png )
84561 No. 84561 ID: 0eaf76

Discussion for Suitors Quest.

Any feedback, comments, concerns, questions and anything not in the main thread~
No. 84586 ID: 0acb3a

Out of curiosity, what decade does this take place in? I'm guessing either 20's or 30's, but I'm not sure which. Given that Charles' affection for pulps or serials is now official, It's important to know which, since entertainment changed massively between the two decades (movies, sound in movies, certain radio programs and cinema serials, etc.), and we wouldn't want our supposed expert to make an inaccurate statement on the subject.

It also affects the environment around us; I imagine there might be more strain on rich families like ours if it's the 30's, and we'd probably be less popular with the public.
No. 84587 ID: ec2e47

It is at least in modern times; while the house is stuffed with old fashioned stuff the father had an apple laptop.
No. 84589 ID: 0acb3a

...Huh. He did. You'd think I'd have noticed that. Well, I'm slightly disappointed we're not doing a period piece sort of thing here, but it least it gives us a bit more flexibility with things.
No. 84590 ID: 0eaf76

Apologies. I don't have enough historical knowledge to accurately portray a time period I was not alive in. v_v
No. 84592 ID: 0acb3a

So eras, culture and technology are fluid in this story, then? Like Gotham City in BTAS, where you've got Deco and Gothic architecture alongside VCRs and computers? 'Cause if so, I am perfectly okay with that.
No. 84595 ID: bb78f2

Been watching a little bit more of Persona 4 and realized that Charlie (Tunoku) and Charles look similar and have stoic personalities.
This delights me. Even if it's so obviously unintentional and practically a worthless comparison.
No. 84602 ID: bb78f2

Another thing I appreciate about this quest is that the minute the Great Gatsby came up we were concerned about being Old money or New Money (disregard I was the first to bring it up as a mere joke a point of curiosity), and that has tempered some suggestions and feelings against Belle already.

I can't help but feel amazed.
I was also secretly hoping Charles liked rap music unironically.
And big butts.
He cannot lie.
His non existent brothers can't deny
No. 84672 ID: b8ceae

I asked in-quest but it was apparently overlooked. What kind of personal finances does Charles have? What's his budget for discretionary spending?
Also, the servants are live-in, right?
No. 84680 ID: 1a57d2


Charles has quite a bit of freedom in terms of spending. His Father maintains a checking account for him, connected to a debit card. It has a few thousand dollars on it for him to spend on his leisure. Yes, the servants are live-in.
No. 84682 ID: b8ceae

I was asking more about the rate than how much he has right now. If he spends that money, how long will it take for it to be replaced?
No. 84683 ID: 4b571b

It also matter how soon questions might be asked if we start spending funds liberally. Just because we're given money doesn't mean they don't pay attention to where it goes...
No. 84685 ID: b8ceae

Only to an extent. They'll be able to tell where the money was spent, but not what it was spent on. Of course, some businesses make educated guessing very accurate. By way of example, a $2000 charge from the local community college followed by a $1000 charge at its bookstore would suggest a tuition payment.
Charles could always withdraw the money from his checking account to hide where the money is going, but that would leave the question of what he was doing with so much cash.
A better tactic would be to go someplace that carries variable-balance prepaid debit cards where a big-ticket purchase wouldn't be suspicious; his father wouldn't bat an eye if Charles dropped $3000 at a store known for carrying computers or home entertainment equipment, but most of those retailers carry debit gift cards which can hold up to $500. Doing that would make it so Charles dad would have to have somebody tail him to track expenses.
Of course, he'd also want to route his expenses through the most generic available source to limit how much money he would need to wash like this; the last $1000 from the example could be put through a large-scale online retailer instead.

Which brings up the next part of the cover: Charles is going to have to take up a hobby. Something where he could reasonably spend a lot of money, and a person unfamiliar with the hobby would be completely unable to tell if what he has acquired for the hobby is commensurate with his expenses. Video games and Magic the Gathering come readily to mind.

Actually, this brings up an important question: Just how old is Charles, exactly?
No. 84953 ID: 5efbb2

So is this quest dead, or just on hold?
No. 86560 ID: bcba9b

Its thread is in the graveyard now, and I'm a bit worried because I haven't seen a post signed "Orion" anywhere in the last two months.
No. 86561 ID: 93b0f7

Pokemon Academy has a similar art style, Not sure if it's Orion though.
No. 86566 ID: 0eaf76


I am Orion (flashy entrance) and I do plan on continuing Shackles and Suitors eventually. However, it is my senior year in highschool and the buildup of schoolwork has caused me to malfunction. I just figured that the Dating Sim quest would be fairly easy to update, since it's a consistent image for each post.

Do not lose faith in me! Once my college applications are in, I'm rolling in the honey guys B)
No. 86567 ID: ef33df

Radical! Glad to hear you're doin well!
No. 86591 ID: bfdaf0

Indeed, I'm happy to see you're all right.
No. 86693 ID: dd8e0b

Could I just say I kind of love the direction we took this in. The game throws what was probably intended to be another suitor at us and we immediately go "ooh! Minion!". And then we immediately begin scheming on how to turn the situation to mutual benefit.

I like the idea of playing Charles as an unassuming, unpracticed, and relatively well intentioned manipulator. If we're clever with how we play opportunities we're given, marrying for financial security might not even be an issue, in the long term.
No. 86694 ID: bb78f2

Now all we need is a death note and a shinigami and Charles will be complete.
No. 86707 ID: e31ca1

Presumably if we 'take up' either one of those, we also will have to spend a reasonable amount of cash on actual perephrals so that it looks reasonable... like, buy an actual computer.
No. 86711 ID: 6a2930

I myself haven't ruled her out as a potential suitor, but there's no reason why we can't stir up some scheme at the same time. Especially if whatever our ultimate endgame becomes is something we can throw in Daddy Dearest's face, with maximum smugness.

Let's try to stay overall moral, though. After all, our new best friend (and possible match) is a vagabond raised in poverty, and we wouldn't want all that time spent reading F Scott Fitzgerald to have gone over our heads, would we?
No. 86785 ID: 6a2930

Is this quest slowly turning into My Fair Lady? Because it looks like it is, and I am completely down with that.

(cue musical number)
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