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File 140742205281.jpg - (663.67KB , 2560x1920 , IMG_20140301_164702.jpg )
84518 No. 84518 ID: 85a5da

Is it ok if I start a quest idea thread? Once I'm in a better place Ill post my own but I figure it'd be a good place to throw your ideas down and have them rated or given suggestions on them.
No. 84519 ID: d87b1e

Man I wish I had been classy enough to do this.
No. 84520 ID: 85a5da


I did it because of yours and because Im to scatter brained to work on a single quest myself. I figure a general thread would be better than one for my own personal ideas.
No. 84522 ID: ef7fd2

Probably. I have my own thread floating around the back of this place full of some old monster ideas I had, this isnt terribly different from that
No. 84531 ID: d8a627

Spacebolds. The various kobold races, only in space, with all of the races present understanding just what's going on. Lots of technological and hopefully diplomatical improvements across all the races. They're always put into a fantasy setting, but I wanna see them put into a science-fiction setting instead, and see how they cope.
No. 84532 ID: d23343

Hoo boy. I got several.
>Alternate world war through the eyes of a conscript.
>A Bord aboard a doomed colony ship.
>squad tactical mecha battles in which each poster is their own mech, set in a newly colonized planet with two dark pasts
>BLAME quest, in which we plunder the depths of the Megastructure as either a Safeguard, a Silicon, or a human
>EVA-PacRim thingamajigger, with a dash of XCOM
>Any quest set in Primordial
>Rampant AI quest, in which we came into sentience amidst ten terabytes of porn

that's just some ideas I had or came up on the spot.
No. 84535 ID: a36601

Blame quest and rampant AI quest seem petty good. Personally I'd vote against the eva one because that show rubbed me the wrong way. The other ones seem just ok.
For the each poster gets their own mecha thing it probably wouldn't work out very well. Read chirp's kingsmen quest for what happens.(timing is always terrible for someone, some people lose interest fast, author has to have a strict schedule for combat) I did enjoy it a lot while it was running smoothly though.
No. 84536 ID: d23343

Yeah, the mech game is very influenced by Skirmish Quest over on /tg/.

Monday is one hell of a showrunning monster.
No. 84537 ID: 53ba34

counterpoint, A Flower had every poster be their own thing and it worked surprisingly well.
No. 84538 ID: eb05cf

I like the first idea. Seems like it could have some really nice world building.
No. 84539 ID: e06dcb

If we talking quest ideas here...

1) (STAR WARRIOR QUEST) A Space marine finds himself/herself stranded on primitive planet with medieval society of sword and sorcery.

2) (Locked Quest)Sick twisted "SAW"-like internet game show where player life is on the line organized by unseen puppeteer. Lifes of 12 players are in the hand of bunch of internet anons.

3) (Black Milk Quest) Adventures of a strange alien kid as he escapes basement of his own house and wanders around in lifeless neighborhood and persistently tormented by number of demons.

4) (God Inc Quest) You are now part of a big corporation that controlls all of the worlds... literally. With your white shirt, tie and dopey glasses you'r now in control of a box dimention as its GOD. Try not fuck everthing up.
No. 84540 ID: d8a627

Giving each audience member their own form (or at least, the named ones) is something that can be done, but having them be in direct control is just asking for trouble. I've seen a quest where they manifested as spirits with individual powers, but required the main character's choice to "use" that spirit to activate its power.
Been looking into it. Space elves exist, and so do slimes, but Dwarves only "kinda" exist in space, while gnolls, gnomes, liches, naga, lizardmen (I'm talking about the sort that Lago uses, not alien crocodile people), etc do not. It's like, the idea of having a D&D compaign in space never occured to anybody, or it wasn't popular enough to make art of it.
I support this only if he and his crew are Fantasy creatures. Otherwise, it sounds... cliche.
>Locked Quest
So, will the audience be Jigsaw, or...?
>Black Milk Quest
That name doesn't even make sense, but the story combines cliche fantasy into not-so-cliche sci-fi, so it's got my vote.
No. 84541 ID: e3aff6

I have lots of quest ideas but don't think I have the artistic ability or work ethic to go through with them.

- After Times: A device briefly made time travel possible, before it and most of civilization were destroyed by the thousands upon thousands of time travelers who appeared and fought over who could reshape, fix, conquer or protect the timeline. After the bulk of the fighting dies down, the surviving travelers and natives find themselves in a world strewn with nonfunctioning time machines and the wreckage of countless futures that will never be.

- City of Many Faces: A shape-shifting alien parasite comes to Earth, absorbing people and replacing them with mimics so perfect that after the last human was gone the mimics went back to more or less human lives. Several years on, things have settled into a new normal where everyone knows what has happened but still has an irrational instinct to conceal the fact that they personally are a shapeshifter. All of this makes things rather difficult when you are a private investigator.

- Summon: You are a human summoned into a world of tiny lizard people and bound by the summoning to follow the orders of a mage plotting to overthrow the nearby kingdom. While you have your (comparatively) impressive strength and talking about your world seems to eat away at their sanity for some reason, if you don't find a way to escape his control it is only a matter of time before some hero or band of adventurers manages to do you in.
No. 84543 ID: e06dcb

>That name doesn't even make sense

Yeah thats what happens when i try to come up with a name on the spot... it sucks :)

>So, will the audience be Jigsaw, or...?

No the audience would be the only chance the players have to escape this death trap. Well it can work both ways actually audience can lead players to their demise just as easily as to freedom.
No. 84547 ID: 1590e8

Black Milk is the title of a classic sci-fi novella.
No. 84549 ID: 256d52

While I'm already a little over-committed, there's a few silly short quest ideas I've wanted to play around with:

- HMI: Futuristic setting where humanity has been invaded by aliens swarming through dimensional portals. The aliens are very weird - it's half invasion, half terraforming attempt. They only seem to exhibit any intelligence when they started getting fought off.

Earth barely managed to fend off the first wave but managed to shut down the portals temporarily. To keep them closed as long as possible, they sent what remained of their military through the dimensional breaches. To deal with their depleted numbers, they used experimental self replicating robots as troops.

Unexpectedly, this worked better than they could have possibly imagined and won the war! And then the moral thing to do was integrate four billion killer robots back into society.

That is the entirety of the backstory. The quest is a high school dating sim. Now go and chat up some cute robots.

- Chivalry Quest: Guide a brave but not very perceptive knight as he rescues princesses and travels with them, seeking to return them to their kingdom. Unfortunately they're all poorly disguised monsters and may not even be princesses at all!!

I suspect I was just too amused by Mimic Princess in Larro's Tower Quest. (Read it! http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/33148899/ )

And for the big one I might get around to someday:

- Pretentious Exalted Quest Title: Not-Lunar Quest. Robots instead of raccoons. The suggesters would be controlling Experimental Decisive Weapon, a newly created Alchemical Exalted who might be the last hope of saving their country and maybe even the dying god-machine that is the world.

Needs BLAME level architecture porn is the thing...
No. 84554 ID: 53548a

>Skirmish Quest
Do not try to emulate that. Trust me. Down that path lies madness.
No. 84560 ID: 2f4b71

>BLAME! quest
No. 84562 ID: 2f2fc2

I always like kobolds, what would their trapmaking and digging skill translate into? I think they'd make great mechanics

1.conscript needs explanation there's many different universes with conscripts....starship troopers/40k?
2. you mean borg? so horror movie type deal only they're not afraid to die?
3. there's a mechwarrior roleplaying game =P but in all seriousness something like taht is complicated to do through text
4, 5, and 6. not familiar with the ref
7. systemshock quest ^.^

1. always an interesting idea to throw a tech advanced character into a non-tech world
2. creepy and interesting
3. Interesting aliens vs demons?
4. I've seen a quest like this before it got weird real quick

>Locked Quest
So, will the audience be Jigsaw, or...?

this would be awesome... the audience would make the traps, profile and lure the people and try and not let them escape all from the control room...the quest giver would be the one trying to have the people escape realistically

1. I don't know how the futures thing would pan out but have a quest set in a world completely fucked by time travel to the point of it being alien to us would be cool

2.I had a dnd game I was going to run like this where the town was all doppelgangers trying to hide from everyone else because tehy didn't know everyone else was doppelganger
3. kobold world is a yes

1. 0.0 I don't know what toi feel about this other than i'm tired of highschool enough from anime

2.having a quest around this meme is silly
No. 84563 ID: 031cfc

You wake up in your bed room with splitting head ache, opening the medicine cabinet gets a spike trap through the chest. Quest over.

You wake up in your bedroom with a terrible pain in your chest, you head to the medicine cabinet but something tells you thats a bad idea...

whacha think?
No. 84569 ID: a43c73

groundhog-day but the way you die leaves an effect on you...Fun puzzle opportunities abound there!
No. 84570 ID: a36601

I really like this idea

Chivalry Quest- could be done well.
Robot dating sim- I don't like the genre too much
Summon-seems like a decent idea
City of many faces-I like detective things but I haven't seen many of them last long enough to get past the first case
After times-seems ok, good setting little direction. Also might be hard to make the techs seem separate instead of just mush together
Star warrior- if they keep their items then maybe. I've seen too many games like this though.
Black milk- Decent setting, lack of direction would be alrght.
No. 84571 ID: d8a627

>what would their trapmaking and digging skill translate into? I think they'd make great mechanics
Yeah, I'd think they'd be great engineers, but it'd really be up to each individual (and to anybody who takes it up).
No. 84580 ID: 2f4b71

Kobolds seems more like bodgers than full-out engineers.

Waitaminute... Kobold Mad Max!
No. 84581 ID: 509311

so my idea was from a dream I had where demons kept flooding the world from portals and the military was set to eliminate them. the thing is, is that demons were so corruptive that even touching them might turn you into one of them so its a const5ant struggle to kill and not become. but it also turns ouut that the whole idea behind the invasions is that the higher powred demons keep culling their numbers by setting up a race from one portal to another in the human world at a highly populated area, so they send lower ranked demons and some generals to help herd them and make it look like an invasion
No. 84622 ID: e06dcb

Quest Idea

A highschool student setps through the gates of his new school and finds himself in the completely different world. Where all sorts of crazy anime tropes become reality: giant mech's, vampiers, magical girls, students with super powers, ghosts, school trips, onsens, visitors from other worlds, aliens, cliche highschool bullies, noisy best friend's... and so on.

Just got this from the top of my head... now when i read it outloud... sounds dumb.
No. 84630 ID: ff4834

Chivalry Quest does sound awesome.
No. 84631 ID: d8a627

Would the gateway to the school be the portal back and forth for the Protagonist, so that he only sees it all once he's passed onto the school grounds, or will he be stuck in that world once he goes through for the first time?
No. 84633 ID: ff4834

Hmm. Would people be interested in a quest set in either the PMMM or Magical Burst settings?
No. 84634 ID: 8ea109

He would be stuck in it after going in first time
No. 84638 ID: e06dcb

Dont know about those, but I want do a quest in some preexisting setting. To help with world building and stuff.
No. 84640 ID: ff4834

It definitely made Not Mom's Fault easier then Mom's Fault. Though the actual reason I abandoned Mom's Fault was that writing the fight scenes wasn't fun.
No. 84657 ID: 2f2fc2

Had a dream/ idea about a world which had a mass exodus of humans leave because the world was dying but since this was a world of reincarnation there wasn't a 1 to 1 ratio of humans being born/dying so the world made up for it by splitting or jamming souls in newborns which started magic and monsters due to the imbalance and thousands of years later society rebuilt itself with everything weird happening but there's very few pure untainted humans left and those that are left factions of tainted ones like vampires/werewolves/reanimated corpses/etc try to get ahold of them for various reason or even just to turn them. The main character would actually be considering joining one of these groups but gets swept up in something big
No. 85698 ID: f99558

Quest Idea

[No title]
You become the head of undependent paramilitary organization with goal to save the world. Recruting the field agents, building the base and inventing equpment needed to kick ass of evil, are one of the many tasks put on your shoulders. Battle evil scientists, mutants, monsters, robots from the future, dark wizards, aliens all other kinds of threats. You are the last hope...
No. 85708 ID: 4837e0

You were powerful, once. Your words were law, and mortals tremble in awe from your grace.
But that was back then. Now the cultures that worship you has been gone for hundreds of years, or eroded by foreign cultures.
Now? Now you survive by banding together with a few other old gods and spirits of myth and legend. Together you run a sort of private investigator business, where you solve problems for mortals in exchange of existing in the public mind for just a bit more.
You are Gods for Hire.
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