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File 140661864526.png - (17.45KB , 791x579 , discu.png )
84274 No. 84274 ID: 0eaf76

For feedback, questions, concerns, anything related to the quest that is not the quest itself.

Thank you for reading~
No. 84279 ID: 186341

This Quest Is Trill
No. 84477 ID: 2ad040

You keep drawing cute animal people that we have to abandon and it's making me sad.
No. 84481 ID: 59295a

oh yis make me sad i loved it so good.
No. 84483 ID: 0eaf76

that's my evil plot to ruin your lives
No. 84494 ID: 2f4b71

Loving it so far!
Knew we should have nabbed that crystal staff!
No. 84497 ID: cfe8e5

I know it's been said already, but Alrauna is the most adorable thing
No. 84510 ID: 0eaf76

Thank you all for the feedback~

And yes, I realize Alrauna is a cutie pie~
No. 84596 ID: 761017

I'm dissapointed that the twins were left alive.
No. 84598 ID: dc4b80


Honestly crushing there legs with pillars of rock is probably a more slow and horrible death than just killing them outright. If it was just breaking there legs they could heal from it with time. But he squeezed there legs until the bones splintered.

Unless someone finds them soon and heals them with powerful magic they might not ever walk again. Worst case they are already dead from shock or will be shortly from internal bleeding.
No. 84732 ID: b22957

Discussion Question: if you could control any element which one would you control? Also what's your opinion of Alrauna?
No. 84733 ID: 66b87b

probably air. id say fire because im impulsive and it fits but with air i can just. lift this mug of coffee and carry it to me without moving. wanna fly? i can fly.
fire is better but air is easier for the lazy like me.
No. 84737 ID: 2fd516

Earth is really the only viable element for modern society.

As for Alrauna, I think she is adorable but slightly suspicious.
No. 84740 ID: e3aff6

I vote earth, (though water can be a close second if it includes healing or ranged blood manipulation). Outside of combat it is useful or creating or destroying various structures, and can go as far as tools or devices if it includes metal. In combat, compared to stone everything else is just so fragile. On a small scale even small bits of shrapnel can be deadly if traveling fairly fast, and at a larger scale you have solid defenses and hard to counter attacks (or both at once in some cases like the wall of crushing).

Also, I have to say that I think fire is pretty much the worst element to control if not using rpg mechanics. Outside of combat it has much less use than the other elements, with its main potential uses being second-best versions of metalworking or flight. In combat it is countered by all the other elements (quenching, smothering, or blowing out) and is lacking versatility or defense if it doesn't include any tangential elements like lightning, light, magma or direct heat.
No. 84741 ID: 4b571b

I might take take water manipulation, actually. Assuming we're picking something to live with, rather than to superpower with. It's kind of everywhere, and there are kinds of subtle ways you might be able to use it to make life easier, depending on what you could actually manipulate. (Drawing pure water out of other sources, state manipulation, not getting rained on, automation of cleaning or other tasks, electrical generation...).

Although given that you counted metal-mancy under earth, that's pretty game-breaking, especially in a modern context. With precise control, you could customize or make any tool or device you wanted, possibly at exorbitantly lower cost than conventional production. Easiest of the four to monetize easily, probably. You're immediately valuable as a tool-less machinist, not constrained by typical design limitations, at the very least.

Alrauna, I made my position clear in thread. She was pretty obviously working with the baddies and/or lightwashed herself in the past. Which some of the npcs would probably object to, but our response should be 'don't care, can't afford to care'.
No. 84808 ID: fc91e5

Crazy, super-unlikely theory time: Abel's had his mind wiped. Either Abel's been through this escape attempt thing several times Ruby Quest style, or he was also once working with the bad guys before things turned sour for him. In either case, Alrauna was with him, but has retained her memory. This would explain how she knows so much about the facility, how she knows about how to wipe someone's memories (maybe she's done it to Abel herself), and why she seems to be developing feelings for Abel after a rather short time (assuming I'm reading into that last update correctly), she's knows Abel, and has been through this before.

(Waits for this theory to be utterly and totally disproven)
No. 84927 ID: 761017

I pick Earth.
I was the one who wrote the Earth-mantra-poem-thing!
No. 84937 ID: 2fd516

I feel there is some rivalry between Alrauna and Becca.
No. 84948 ID: 418109

The way Alrauna speaks of these brothers, it's possible they raped her while she was under control. If that's the case, she probably thought death was too good for them.

If not, it's likely whatever they did was similarly traumatic.

I'd probably take Earth, it seems very practical.
No. 84951 ID: 2fd516

I don't really believe Alrauna was lightwashed at some point. I mean, if that's true, who released her? I think she was recruited somehow and convinced to be an ally, then she got sexually assaulted and that caused a schism.

Well, that or lightwashing is incompatible with shapeshifting, and it broke after they ordered her to shapeshift for some reason.
No. 84957 ID: bb78f2

We'd the sexual assault theory come from?
No. 84959 ID: 2fd516

>"Who the hell are you?!" cried Levi. But Orvick merely narrowed his eyes and stared at Alrauna for a few moments. "You...You're that fucking halfling! You dare show your stupid face up here again?! Actually...why would you want to come back? I bet they dragged you back here...psh, we don't need you. I don't need you. Or did you come back for some more of me? Can't resist?" A nasty smile spread across his face.
No. 84960 ID: 9a8930

Plus the way she says:
>"I know that right now, you probably have no idea why seeing those two get crushed like that... makes me feel so happy..."
This sounds more like exorcising one's demons than ordinary sadism/schadenfreude.
No. 86687 ID: 0eaf76

Discussion Question: Is Alrauna trustworthy?
No. 86689 ID: dd8e0b

Depends on how you define it.

Is she hiding something? Something the group would almost certainly disprove of? Hell yes. Her demeanor and attitude and the knowledge she's displayed scream that she got too deep with the ugliness going on here.

She also appears motivated more by self interest (and maybe guilt) than any kind of compassion. Abel and the other Elymens have a strong motives to free the others. Alrauna, not as much.

On the other hand, do I expect her to stab us in the back? To deliberately fuck us over, or hand us over to the slavers? No, I don't think so. Not unless we gave her reason to, or she starts to think we don't trust her or would fuck her over at the first opportunity.

She seems to have some trust and respect for Abel (which, admittedly, we damaged with that line of questioning) but if we work on that, I think we're good.
No. 86690 ID: 07a835

I think she willingly joined the group because she wanted power. I'm not sure if she wanted that power to rule over those she sees as beneath her, for some more benevolent purpose like finding other halflings/dragons, or to enact revenge on someone for something that happened to her or her parents. However, the group turned against her and used her for some horrible purpose. We can trust her to help fight the insurgents, because she wants revenge.

Didn't you ask this once before though?
No. 86696 ID: bb78f2

Alruna is trustworthy enough. Not like we can't handle her if she turns.
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