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File 140648949167.png - (112.48KB , 1000x700 , Disfuckinthread.png )
84202 No. 84202 ID: e5e5e0

I've chosen to make a discussion thread for all of my quests. Any questions, critique, arguments, art, and conversation can go here. I'll probably mostly be using it to store some stats as not to clog up the quests themselves too often.

Quests I run/ran: Llakcuf Arena, Dragon's Trial, Huge Badass Quest, And more to come.

Please Get Excite.
No. 84203 ID: bf3f12

i am sufficiently excite.
No. 84204 ID: ef7fd2

but what about huge smartass quest?
No. 84226 ID: 2fd516

So... does the character's intelligence actually help us when taking a quiz or doing other stuff that should be based on intelligence?
No. 84228 ID: e5e5e0


So far most of the questions have been answered correctly, but on the occasion they aren't, there is a large chance Moncli will correct the answer to the correct one. I do this randomly, with a small chance to end up answering wrong.
No. 84229 ID: 53548a

Well she deserves that wrong answer then.
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