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File 140595311314.jpg - (9.55KB , 249x217 , 1391965924509s.jpg )
83935 No. 83935 ID: 415e45

I need some help, when I first came to this board I had the intent to continue a quest I was doing on /tg/. I wasn't sure how I was going to recap it so I sat on it.

Somewhere around thbe time I was asking for help I decided to upgrade the visuals because people were having a hard time on /tg/ telling what things were, then while working with this other person I decided to do an animation on a part that may or may not have happened later in the quest but I wanted to see it regardless. Well afer that I just lost interest in the quest because of recap problems and decided to jump into something I might really like and started an animated quest with the intent of mimicking 16bit rpgs. Well I burnt out on that and now Im not sure what to do.

I want to keep drawing and run a quest and interact with people but Im just not sure what to do. I constantly fight with depression and a lack of will to do things so its extremely hard to keep up. I can get started no problem....every other day I can think up neat ideas that sound awesome to me and Id love to get onto paper but the follow through is the hard part.

Im just not sure how or what to do at this point and id love to have a back and forth with you guys maybe just to talk about things.
No. 83936 ID: d2bd0f

man I don't know what I do either - but you have a problem to stick to things? Try introducing a new thing in your ongoing quest to restart your interest in it? What's the 16bit one? And why did you lose interest exactly?
No. 83938 ID: 53548a

The follow through is the hard part for everything. Your best bet is to commit and don't stray. Pick one idea, flesh it out, and stick with it. Don't start anything until you've planned it out thoroughly. Make sure you're in it for the long haul.
No. 83939 ID: 53548a

hard part for everyone*
No. 83940 ID: 3c1b7f

the quest I actually got to work on was new, but also i just got into the battle thing....its not lack of features its a lack of ability to commit and keep up. I get burned out on things too easy i think.

i have problems committing, also hugel insecure about my abilities, and i feel like i cant do things myself constantly

also need to not my influence is ruby quest....It just made me interested and slightly emotionally invested. I WANT that tob hbe my goal. I just want people to invest in what I do but I fear Ill never make anything compelling enough.

anywho things ive worked on:
able quest on /tg/
flesh tenats on tgchan
No. 83941 ID: 53548a

Nah, fuck that noise. If you make things for other people you will always fail. You create for yourself first, and then enjoy the attention that hard work brings. No one will judge you for having art that is anything less than functional. The biggest determiner is persistence. Just block out any concerns beyond putting out the next update.
No. 83942 ID: 3c1b7f

well i feel like i was doing flesh tenats for myself and then felt like ittt was too much for me. I think I ended up clinging to able quest cause it was easy but i ended up kicking myself too because i pumped it out so fast i forgott things. I flip flop on feelings of not being able to do this because of all these factors....memory, insecurity, depression, adhd etc
No. 83943 ID: 53548a

Better to do it so fast stuff gets left behind than to do it too slowly. Speed is good for quests. The board doesn't move very fast, but if you can draw an update in an hour or less you're doing well. You just have to write stuff down and plan so that you don't lose track of things.
No. 83945 ID: d2bd0f

write stuff down! and then either put the file somehwere where you see it or near your computer if its in a notebook because i write stuff down and then...forget about it....SO DONT BE ME
omg you do flesh tennants? SHARKGIRL IS CUTE! :D
do you feel that FT is too much for you bc of the art or something else? if its art, simplify the art?
maybe just jot down vague things so it doesnt suck out the excitement out of it ?
man, the most important thing is to just...pick yourself up again. and try again.
No. 83946 ID: 53548a

Also if you do something like Flesh Tenants again please break everything up into its own gif or still image. You should never be able to miss anything important by not sitting through the whole thing.
No. 83950 ID: 3c1b7f

so many parts and editing each frame....its ballsssss and i didnt even get to the crazy parts. I knew it was gunna give me a hard time but i was not prepared...


I was trying to capture that video game feel...unfortunately Im horrible at taking my ideas and applying so things become even more of a jumbled mess than normal

i feel like if i start one unless things go super well and im balanced i might not be finishing them....i kinda feel like if i do it itll be like an adhd quest every ttime
No. 83951 ID: 53548a

>I was trying to capture that video game feel...unfortunately Im horrible at taking my ideas and applying so things become even more of a jumbled mess than normal
Oh, yes, I got that, there wasn't anything wrong with it, it's just that your GIFs were too long. They should have been broken up, and you should have been able to get everything important out of it (like the text) by staring at it for a second or two, tops. The only bad execution was the scrolling text.
No. 83957 ID: 5b596d


Well to be honest I don't think I'll be able to pull something like that off it was alot of work for very little output... I'd probably be better off with single pics
No. 83988 ID: 2f2fc2

What if I run a thread with a quest till I peter out, then start a new one in the same thread till I peter out and on and on and on and then link them all together eventually no matter how obscure they all are?
No. 83991 ID: 53548a

Then you would be running A Series of Extremely Short Quests.

No. 83995 ID: 259916

i guess maybe? but from that descrip anyone could join in?

I just was thinking of going till i was out of juice then starting up later when i could
No. 83996 ID: 256d52

The animations were a nice gimmick but you really don't want to create too much work for yourself. It's supposed to be fun for you, after all.

For running a quest I think the best advice is have a plan. If you have an idea of what you want to do and where you're going, that'll help you get through points where you're feeling stuck.
No. 83997 ID: 259916

thats the thing.....ideas are easy....im alone 90% of my day withy plenty of time to think. I think up great story ideas all the time but writing them down is always the hard part because anything i write and draw i dislike because i dont know =/
No. 84011 ID: 2f2fc2

The more I think about it the more I think it'd be a good idea to do little quest spurts. I need to just go while the coals are hot else I'll never get anything done
No. 84094 ID: cc08c7

It's generally a good idea to at least have the standard Beginning, Middle and End structure when you write it down, and how it progresses can depend on how people suggest things. If you want to simplify it more try writing down how you're starting and where you want it to end, and then if you can think of ideas to fill that gap add them in. Sometimes the "filling" of the Quest comes from the interactions with people suggesting, but it's usually a good idea to have something to hold the Quest up in case the filling isn't enough. Insert more food metaphors here.
No. 84334 ID: a7f11c

been having trouble coming up with anything fresh, i was wondering....ive been working on a "what if" scenario for ff6 that id like to recreate in rpg maker. could i possibly use tgchan to help flesh everything out?
No. 84335 ID: da9b3c

Can't think up of a good idea? Here's my advice, which I have practiced:

-Think up of 3 random things. Use the random article option on wikipedia if you must. After you get your 3 random things, try to connect them all story-wise, and make it part of the core of your idea. For example, I got Network termination 1; Qaleh Now, Nishapur; and Bheemgal via wikipedia. Now, the first refers to an equipment that shuts down the telecommunications in an area, the second is a village in Iran, and the third is a town in India. From that I could make a spy/hacker thriller, or maybe a Indo-Farsi cyberpunk world, or maybe a fantasy world loosely based in Persian and Indian motifs with a quest to find something that disrupts the magic in the kingdom.

-Another way is to think up a mundane, normal, everyday occasion or thing, and fantasizise it. Like, say, stopping for gas in the middle of the night. You can turn it into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where gas is scarce, and new mutated horrors lurk in the dark of night along with the old things that bump in the night. Or maybe throwing trash in the dump, you can spin it into a tale of finding a mystical place that can dispel a cursed item you've wanted to dispose.

Those are some of the techniques I use to generate creativity, hope it works for you!
No. 84336 ID: 019b0b

not sure if i can be that creative but thanks for the help
No. 84337 ID: da9b3c

Another thing to note is that it's allright to ramp it up bit by bit. Take bits and pieces from your favourite stuff or stuff that you see is good is fine, but don't take too much or in big chunks, that's plagiarism really. For example, you did say you want to try an alternate storyline for FF6; take it further with the changes. Maybe change the races up. Maybe you're playing for the other kingdom. Or maybe it's a different game's BBEG. Maybe it's set in a cyberpunk setting. Keep the switcharoo up until you can't say you're making an alternate FF6 storyline.
No. 84338 ID: 019b0b

well my mission is to get my idea made on rpg maker then later on get it flashed onto a snes cartrage...i was just thinking if running it as a quest on tgchan would help fill in the gaps
No. 84340 ID: cdd79d

i mean if its a no-go then im going to eventually think of another idea....but ive been sitting on this ff6 thing for two years
No. 84392 ID: 53548a

So what was it like running a quest on /tg/?
No. 84400 ID: 2f2fc2


The board is alot faster paced.. you only have like 7 or 8 hours before the board gets knocked off. I used to post alot of art just to keep things going but i ended up getting burned out. Also some of the guys there can be pretty retarded and then you have random ass trolls... so it's interesting to say the least
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