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File 140555509998.png - (120.48KB , 420x700 , chestday2014.png )
83638 No. 83638 ID: 557bac

Happy Chest Day!
Guys, girls, and anything with a chest is welcome.

Previous chest days:

Let the celebration of all things chest begin.
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No. 84173 ID: fa28fa
File 140642362952.png - (311.92KB , 1000x700 , astranianschestdaylower.png )

Oken and Zane have successfully completed their mission to capture Perl, a dangerous fugitive from astranian justice. Unfortunately, she was hiding in an area of jungle inhabited by giant alien moths, and their hungry, hungry caterpillars.

Not good thinking, Perl.
No. 84177 ID: f996af
File 140643097567.jpg - (1.85MB , 1650x1500 , CD2014-Cedric+Librarian+Pendle+Wordblood.jpg )

Wordblood finds himself in the nefarious grasp of those most heinous of fetishists. Bibliophiles.
No. 84180 ID: f3f39e

Any way you'd be willing to give a full transcript of Wordblood's dialogue here?
No. 84181 ID: bac58f
File 140643873534.png - (36.14KB , 1000x708 , chestday2.png )

"Hey great show kid. Ever think about drumming professionally?"
No. 84184 ID: 7e38be
File 140643999471.png - (38.58KB , 1000x1000 , oken.png )

oops I broke it
No. 84194 ID: 1f8505


Holy low cut shirts, Batman.
No. 84198 ID: 53548a

Gina is so sexless if the most she can show on Chest Day is a little cleavage. And she totally blew BHat off here:
No. 84208 ID: ef7fd2

Because you keep using the subject field for your name. Stop doing that, dude.
You've been told by the admins several times not to do that.
No. 84210 ID: 5e00ee

But I stop doing that ages ago. And its only posts in this thread
No. 84211 ID: 557bac

Don't post reaction images
This is not a request thread
Don't use the subject field unless its actually a special post or the title of a new thread, especially when you've been warned not to.
Stop trying to avoid bans.

If your posts are getting deleted, you should probably consider what you're posting and where instead of shitting up questdis.
No. 84212 ID: eb959a

Thank you. All I wanted was an explination.
No. 84221 ID: 189a54
File 140651000539.png - (653.95KB , 1024x768 , yum.png )

Ladies, gentlemen, the party's arrived~
No. 84225 ID: 557bac
File 140651870718.png - (273.24KB , 700x700 , frilsgals.png )

Just two hot dudes trying to beat the heat, and maybe blow up the sun while they're at it.
No. 84227 ID: 08e08f

Awww shiet, the nerd brigade is here.

Nice work!
No. 84232 ID: 265534
File 140652473257.png - (256.29KB , 641x754 , Sika.png )

Sika takes the prize for smallest chest, cup size and total volume.
No. 84234 ID: d470e9
File 140652682359.png - (28.90KB , 1000x1100 , BonziCedricChestDay.png )

There was probably a reason why this wasn't happening basically all the time. I don't remember that reason.
No. 84235 ID: 0bd34b

Rad as heck!
No. 84244 ID: ea5f60

The reason is that Enchilada isn't as much fun as he thinks he is.
No. 84249 ID: 55c4cf


Thank you very much, very sorry for the delays in regards to canon colors and all that. I often don't plan for it due to the quest's palette.

Read book!!!
No. 84252 ID: f996af

sure http://pastebin.com/gCWBqidF
No. 84259 ID: 768870

Are you referring to the goings-on in the picture, or you drawing chests?
No. 84260 ID: d470e9

... the going-ons of the picture.
No. 84261 ID: a2f9bc

Wasn't the armor magically cursed to be unremovable or something?
No. 84263 ID: d8a627

Cursed to fuse to her bones, actually. Clearly, somebody cast some form of Remove Curse on her to make it unfuse and fall off. I mean, less of a spell and more of whatever they have in place of magic, which I'm sure they do, since cursed armor exists.
No. 84269 ID: 06eccb

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude this is AWESOME
No. 84273 ID: 7e38be
File 140661298081.png - (39.69KB , 1000x1000 , Rose.png )

rose from pink skin quest.
No. 84278 ID: 256d52
File 140663819607.png - (26.25KB , 500x800 , being_alice_is_suffering.png )

Alice is pretty sure these are vestigal now and OH SWEET MESSENGER IT'S OPENING UP AGAIN!!
No. 84281 ID: 08e08f

Quite the accident!

No fish titties for you, comrade

What this guy said. Must be a wizard in town. A wizard who likes fish...
No. 84282 ID: 08e08f
File 140666554708.png - (155.21KB , 400x898 , nathan.png )

No. 84284 ID: 2fd516

No. 84285 ID: 53548a

>No fish titties for you, comrade
This isn't the way Marx would have wanted it.
No. 84286 ID: 557bac

Woah, that looks awesome dude! Thanks!
No. 84288 ID: 557bac
File 140668194231.png - (110.96KB , 487x800 , cedric.png )

Cedric, that's not a very imaginative costume.

Nathan and Cedric: separated at birth????
I smell a Conspiracy of NERDS.
No. 84304 ID: 256d52
File 140673304717.png - (41.49KB , 900x700 , dungeoneer_ladies_chest_day_2014.png )

Did they forget to feed him or something?
No. 84305 ID: 2fd516

Huh, Hin is pretty flat. Wasn't expecting that.

...you can comb a slime?
No. 84306 ID: 53548a

Yeah, gotta say, I wasn't expecting the hammerai to be busty and the giant blacksmith girl to be flat.
No. 84307 ID: f839a9

...maybe we flubbed the gender-check on our quasi-dragon and 'he' just wants to be included?

>Flaming nips.
No. 84309 ID: 53ba34

i knew she was hot but this is ridiculous.
No. 84313 ID: a2f9bc

Of course not. You brush slime.
No. 84348 ID: 5006fb
File 140683952979.png - (334.74KB , 1200x1380 , Chesties.png )

No. 84365 ID: 256d52
File 140689008585.png - (20.76KB , 800x600 , reisarf_stargazer_chest_day_2014.png )

A boy and his tentacle.
No. 84367 ID: 6199a3
File 140689215035.jpg - (173.65KB , 600x700 , blub33.jpg )

Ashedel from Divequest
No. 84373 ID: 405ad8
File 140691285029.jpg - (93.72KB , 300x600 , blub36.jpg )

Marilyn from Slaughterquest
No. 84381 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140695655591.png - (653.47KB , 826x840 , SaulannaAkatrinaChest.png )

Saulanna and Akatrina from Lunar quest.
No. 84382 ID: 0eaf76
File 140695745018.png - (16.20KB , 714x900 , chest.png )

here's my contribution to this strange thread.

Abel from Shackles.
No. 84383 ID: 53548a

Akatrina looks way more pleased with this development than Saulanna.
No. 84385 ID: 0eaf76
File 140695937066.png - (22.77KB , 714x900 , cehsest cneor.png )

censored chest day post from Becca the bat girl.

You can still technically see her chest but not her "chest" if ya know what I mean
No. 84386 ID: fc0208
File 140695943751.jpg - (192.00KB , 700x800 , blub38.jpg )

These babies can't be contained by a law of physics like gravity.
No. 84387 ID: 59295a

how long this last?

Also, I'm diggin' the pics Radial and Orion.
No. 84389 ID: 0bd34b

Day threads last until the next one starts. They are for quest characters only.
No. 84390 ID: 265534
File 140699711058.png - (389.53KB , 768x1024 , samtits.png )

Samira Olghao from Fortune's Call: Ill-fated Sidestory.

Big ol' titties that no one will like because they're not furry enough.
No. 84391 ID: 53548a

They're not big enough.
No. 84403 ID: 59295a

they're not furry enough
No. 84404 ID: 00b2db

I like 'em. Blue for the blue god?
No. 84408 ID: 265534
File 140707625719.png - (258.70KB , 895x800 , Winningchestday.png )

Dr. Cooper from Conspiracy of Wasps... 's orchid mantis stand.

How can I out do this?
No. 84409 ID: 9b3b2c
File 140708191247.jpg - (145.20KB , 500x500 , blub39.jpg )

Gartrut upon a successful teleport
No. 84414 ID: db9156
File 140709834480.png - (815.09KB , 800x1000 , LinaWoods.png )

sup guys, got lost in the woods D:
No. 84415 ID: f839a9

Hey, you're not dead! We'd almost... abandoned hope.
No. 84422 ID: d470e9
File 140712824245.png - (189.62KB , 3100x1787 , KatzatiHiveChestDay.png )

Katzati's hive.

This was done during various health issues/excuses, and I'm sure there is a laundry list of issues contained within.

For one thing, I meant to scale it down some before getting halfway through inking with a binary pen.
No. 84423 ID: 2fd516

I love how the neumono are sortof spread out in the right side of the image but they're all clustered up near Katzati.
No. 84425 ID: f839a9

Cuddlehive, indeed.

She really wasn't kidding when she said her hive uses her a pillow.
No. 84427 ID: dc4b80


The first thing I think of when seeing this is how much they resemble a pile of naked mole rats. Which have queens, like to sleep in giant piles and have all sorts of amazing survival adaptations.

That being said you really would not want to look at a pile of naked mole rats on chest day. Or any day really. Would be horrible.
No. 84430 ID: d8a627

Jeeessssuuuuuussss I feel like Tom must have when he first met Minci.
I guess when you spend every night like that it's basically casual. Except when you get kicked in the tit, the girl in the bottom right looks rather upset.
No. 84433 ID: e06dcb
File 140715530091.png - (62.65KB , 500x700 , Alpha.png )

Unknown... from Another Quest
No. 84434 ID: e06dcb
File 140715620665.png - (54.56KB , 500x500 , Lykke.png )

Lykke form Lykke Quest.
No. 84437 ID: 3fa688
File 140716607313.jpg - (86.73KB , 400x400 , blub40.jpg )

Failed attempt at drawing Shadran
No. 84453 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140720920630.png - (187.71KB , 826x840 , CarthageChest.png )

Carthage from Twinkle
No. 84475 ID: d470e9
File 140730165090.png - (34.79KB , 800x800 , AlisonRecluseChestDay.png )

Just a quick one.
No. 84591 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140764867834.png - (247.62KB , 826x840 , ReggieChest.png )

Reggie from Lupa quest
No. 84600 ID: 265534
File 140769503579.png - (205.07KB , 593x664 , Yrrachest.png )

More chests! MOOOORE!
Her neck isn't as prominent as I thought I had made it in the sketch layer. I am shamed.
No. 84603 ID: 265534
File 140772573544.png - (238.63KB , 654x748 , Mugshot.png )

Nako is being indignant about her capture. How rebellious.
No. 84609 ID: df1291
File 140778114792.jpg - (521.38KB , 1100x1600 , blub51.jpg )

Air magic is very finicky.
No. 84664 ID: 0eaf76


!!! You drew Becca! She looks amazing! Thank you~ And nice chest :U
No. 84692 ID: d8a627

Dirtbag was talking about who all had so many images and so many breasts in this thread, so I decided to compile a list.

Chests/Breasts/Pictures (Decimals are covered/clothed)
Lagotrope:80/48/21 (Salikai counts as chest)
Anon 53548a:1/0/1
Anon bac58f:1.2/0.2/2
Arhra:7.1/4.1/4 (Censor is not cover, stargazer does not count)
Anon 0bd34b:1/0/1
Dreamer:2/1.?/2 (I have no idea if that second image counts as breasts or not)
Ficus:7/4/3 (Wordblood counts as chest)
Anon 6e85c8:3/2/2
Anon c46b44:1/1/1
Anon 61da19:1/0/1
Anon 186341:1/0/1
Anon e5e5e0:1/1/1
Tavern: 1/0/1

Lagotrope drew eighty chests for this thread, over half of which were breasted. In second place (breasts-wise) is Lonely word at eight, and tied for third are Gnoll and Radial with five.
No. 84693 ID: f996af

I drew 4 pictures. I think you missed the lamia orgy pic.
No. 84704 ID: d8a627

...SHIT I counted that as Lagotrope!
No. 84709 ID: 0bd34b
File 140816829934.png - (98.89KB , 600x900 , ChestDay07Dooryard.png )

Dooryard from Lilac by Chigui. http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lilac
No. 84710 ID: bb027f

Ah tgchan, I love this place.
No. 84749 ID: 66b87b
File 140829632720.png - (270.63KB , 650x800 , the stupidest way to tie ur hair.png )

eric foss from 'swashbucklers!'.
No. 84752 ID: 61da19
File 140833242941.png - (144.13KB , 900x800 , arege.png )

it's tradition

also deserts are hot
No. 85128 ID: e71d0d
File 141001987845.png - (104.90KB , 800x1000 , mostlyhips copy.png )

Knife from Knife Quest with some other character in the background
No. 85189 ID: 105f7e
File 141019181833.png - (309.81KB , 700x1000 , kairosachestday.png )

>Sika takes the prize for smallest chest, cup size and total volume.
No. 85190 ID: d8a627

Black holes are massive, though, so total size is gigantic for her.
Also, with all that mass they're sucking it, they've got to be full of mass, as well. Cup size is whatever the range of their event horizon is.
No. 85199 ID: 2eac65

>Saulanna: Keep your moirail on a tighter leash.
No. 85217 ID: 08e08f

Oh gosh, there's stuff here I missed!

LOOKIT THIS DWEEB. Nice touch with the knife boxers haha.


And this is lovely! She's gonna shank you for taking her clothes
No. 85221 ID: d3b252

Deem knows more about slime physiology than I do, so I'm willing to assume she's doing something sensible with that brush, but... wasn't it established that too much water could be horribly dangerous for Alkaline?
No. 85222 ID: 01745f

Black holes are not huge at all; they have an infinitely small volume. It is just the event horizon that is big.
No. 87086 ID: 55c4cf
File 141684488502.png - (917.94KB , 790x1280 , ChestDay2014_00(Ring){salf}[Wholesome].png )

Quest: Wholesome
Character: Ring
Author: Salf
No. 87097 ID: 0ee153

I realize the day threads go on until no one's interested, but isn't/wasn't there a rule that there's only one at a time, or am I misremembering?
No. 87103 ID: 55c4cf

The only reason this isn't saged as I usually do when I post late fanart is because Salf has no galleries or a means to contact them and I wanted them to maybe see the drawing. I've posted late ones many times, but I usually sage them.
No. 87106 ID: 0ee153

Oh, I see. Thanks for the answer, sorry if I was a bother.
No. 91501 ID: 55c4cf
File 143312178185.png - (723.55KB , 790x1280 , ChestDay2014_01(Frillsby){LawyerDog}[F&G].png )

Quest: Frillsby & Gallsby
Character: Frillsby
Author: LawyerDog

I can finally draw again, so here it is six months after I started.
No. 91516 ID: 05171d
File 143319330007.png - (155.73KB , 402x823 , lewdcrus.png )

No. 91518 ID: 5d4fc9

Crus is a real Q-T
No. 91527 ID: b3dd38

good thing she's not crus-t
No. 91735 ID: d80f2a

"Salf has no galleries or a means to contact them"

People have those?
No. 91747 ID: b3dd38

Many of the artists here have galleries (which usually have a contact method), and not just the ones in /draw/ !
Come to think of it, maybe we should have links to those galleries on the artists' wiki pages...?
No. 91748 ID: a19cd5

yeah mate, just about everyone here has a gallery or drawthread of some descript, and usually drops by the irc now and again.
No. 91750 ID: 84424f

No. 91765 ID: d80f2a

Oh ok, I'll put some links up then.
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