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File 140498793192.png - (28.43KB , 300x300 , far2.png )
83489 No. 83489 ID: f974bd

hello tgchan! this is the discussion thread for my first ever quest, far

it's a quest about a very scared girly

how i'm running the quest? i draw the background in each scene (or at least try to). any items or objects that look potentially interactive, you can suggest interacting with. (example: the laptop on that shelf in back of her or the picture frame on that shelf in front of her)

you can find it here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/583593.html

also ask me stuff! (if you want to)
No. 83492 ID: 0dff17

A very cute girly! C:
And a very simple, effective style. Whats her name?
No. 83493 ID: f974bd

she doesn't have one yet actually

and thank you! that was what i was aiming for
No. 83503 ID: 874468

And I missed chapter 1 by not checking updates fast enough I guess. Welcome and glad to have you.
No. 83504 ID: ccd544

hallo and well met.

Your art is good!

I anticipate your story, and hope to see your characters participate in ITQ, once the characters are established.
No. 83526 ID: 0dff17

O: Is a fine specimen a different quest than far or a new chapter? or something else?
No. 83536 ID: a36601

Both of the quests seem pretty cool so far. Waiting to see where they go.
No. 83542 ID: f974bd

afs is set in the ~FuTuRe~ of far's universe. i'm trying to run it the same way as far though.

it's something to do while i write the base plot of far ch2
No. 83593 ID: f974bd

farquest ch2 is coming soon (today)!! expect it in the same thread as far
No. 83594 ID: f974bd

chapter two is where the story will fork into two different routes, although i'm not telling you what kind 8) also clarification: the protag is not named hymn, that's literally the spirit that possessed her, although she will get her name this chapter (and it's going to be decided by you guys as well!) have fun and don't stray too far from suggestions
No. 83595 ID: ef7fd2

'allo. Having trouble coming up with a favicon for this, so if you have any suggestions RE: that, let me know.
As a reminder, favicons are the little 16x16 pixel icons you see in the top of your browser window on the tabs.
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