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File 140415129739.png - (35.79KB , 600x700 , THE GANGS ALL HERE.png )
83148 No. 83148 ID: 000499

so that sure is a quest eh
and it sure is here
idk, discuss? or crit? or ask stuff? or ask the characters stuff and ill reply with drawings?
i dont fucking know what im doing
(go pick who dyra [the white one] will contact, all, dan, or bianca?)
No. 83152 ID: ce6963

I wanna ask about the various races, what's the deal with this carapan/distandian divide/magic.
No. 83154 ID: 000499


well the main-main difference is magic and ways of practicing it!

carapans have a small amount of magic which is with them from birth to death. like bianca can, for example, make a stylish set of jewelry (earrings + necklace + bracelet) or for example, a sword, but that's about it. when she mastered her skill, she could and will always be able to do this. no one can take this from her.

dyra and dan are distandians which means they are magicless until puberty, when they connect to a small physical object near them. traditionally all the distandians are blinged the fuck out when they hit puberty, so the magic would bind them to something that's not a pain to carry around.
their magic is faaaaar greater than any carapan can hope to achieve, BUT, remove the treasure and you have removed their magic. this is why dyra is magicless at the moment and why dan never takes off his necklace. (destroy the treasure and it is like you have destroyed the distandian.) they tend to be lower on energy when separated from their treasure too! when their energy runs out they are Useless.

distandians are the minority in this setting. carapans might not have the magical edge, but historically they had the advantages - and used them to conquer the everything, basically. there were few distandians to begin with , and a distandian+carapan couple has a greater chance of siring a carapan, sooo...yeah.

carapans tend to be more saturated [see bianca and arkes, they're technicolor] while distandians tend to be paler [see dan, who is an apricot] but there are exceptions to this rule!

No. 83155 ID: 000499

I just realized arkes should b greener...ooPS.
No. 83156 ID: 483d7f

If our protagonist loses all his magic powers when out of contact with his doohickey why would he leave it at home ever?
No. 83157 ID: 000499

bc dyras laaaame and doesnt think things through

(no a srs answer would be because our protag did not expect grand theft apartment to happen, and really really slept in one day and it completely slipped all thoughts - it doesnt have to touch your skin to let you have magic and sleeping with a locket on a chain can lead to waking up mid-strangle)

(even more srs answer would be i have no fucking idea Plot demanded it and i didnt realize how stupid it was until after i...posted it...and am now backpedaling furiously)

bc dyras laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
No. 83190 ID: 483d7f

"Everybody is stupid, no exceptions."
It does get annoying when this happens too often with any given character however.
No. 83194 ID: 000499

eh, the ammount of times i personally have forgotten something like, idk, my glasses which i rly rly need, is kind of staggering, really, and while they sadly arent magic, (glasses which make you fly. imagine. just, imagine.) dyra isnt really...crippled without the power to make random shit go nyoom, (the only thing is it does limit the capability to magneto away from a boring situation) so the possibility of someone who isnt paranoid forgetting their magic shit sometimes is...a posibillity.

i will try to have it not happen again though!
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