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File 140400519559.png - (269.29KB , 960x540 , questdis.png )
83073 No. 83073 ID: 186341

discuss the 3d german robots quest here.

working in 3d can be fun, but there are sometimes bugs.
No. 83091 ID: 189a54

I relaly lovve this quiest, thei style and jthe coonnnnnnncept are both thet best.
No. 83163 ID: d8a627

Man, you really delved into Prim Torture for that title card, didn't you? Prim Torture is when you tweak certain settings on 3D objects that warp them to all get out--It's mostly for when you have an object of a certain shape, edit its properties, and then change the shape to one that doesn't include those properties, but I think using Blender you have access to all the properties anyways.

TL;DR: Be careful what you tweak!
No. 83172 ID: 9aa042

What program are you using for these?
No. 83178 ID: 87206f

Blender! It took forever to learn
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