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File 140372799825.png - (5.53KB , 499x139 , kbtest.png )
82907 No. 82907 ID: 7e5f23

Come and gather around, for it is time for a tale of kingdoms won and lost in an instant.

Welcome one and all to the discussion thread regarding the 26th quadrennial King's Blade Tournament.
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No. 82909 ID: 7e5f23

>What is King's Blade?
The gay ecchi quest no one wanted nor asked for.

>Where did King's Blade come from?

On April 17th, 2009, several weeks into the airing of the first season of Queen's Blade, some faggot on /a/ made a joke thread about an all-male parody version of Queen's Blade and called the hypothetical show "King's Blade". The joke quietly persisted through both seasons of Queen's Blade and then went quiet for several years until November 2012 when some random anons brought it back up and then some faggot who went by the name MonsieurBarazoku decided to actually sit down and work on the idea.

The first test run of King's Blade started in /a/'s 2012 homothreads, where it ran for two short adventures before transitioning to /tg/ and falling apart after one more run due to the quest runner being new to the quest format of storytelling and horribly disorganized. Now as a wiser, older man who has since read and participated more quests, that faggot decided to give it another shot and give the quest a second chance at life and a new home on tgchan.

>What is different from the first run and where can I read that run?

The original King's Blade runs can be found on the foolz archive. It was a text adventure that was basically me pulling shit out of my ass and hoping it worked out due to /a/'s fast board speed and short thread lifespan. Tgchan affords me the luxury of the quest not dying in a few hours, which means that I can make the quest an art quest and I think that's pretty cool. Yes, you can laugh at my art.

For non-tgchan regulars:
>Why are there so many furries here? I must shitpost on all of them.
I don't know, go read some quests and avoid /draw/. There are a number of people here who write and draw way better and more interesting quests than mine and I would recommend that you take a look at them. We are guests, so please act accordingly. I recommend reading the site's FAQs and rules if you have any questions about board functionality or conduct.

>Can I funpost?
No, you cancerous shitbag. Go back to the polluted dregs of whatever tumbljoshi thread you crawled out of and reattach yourself to the ass end of your Human Centipede.

REACTION IMAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON /QUEST/. This is not something I have control over, it is a board rule.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have and don't forget to have fun.
No. 82947 ID: 2f4b71
File 140380774220.jpg - (15.05KB , 252x239 , ogl.jpg )

>an all-male parody version of Queen's Blade
No. 83437 ID: 7e5f23

I swear to god I won't have Kubo backgrounds next time. Today was something of a time crunch.
No. 83439 ID: d09c91

Exceptions to the reaction image rule can be made for specific quests if you let the mods know that you want your quest thread to be shitty and very annoying to read archives of.
No. 83476 ID: a36601

>Why are there so many furries here?
>I don't know

Found this funny.
No. 86093 ID: 0e276b

Time for good news, bad news.

Good news: Managed to squeeze time into my school schedule to draw the next batch of King's Blade updates.

Bad news: My terrible terrible printer is a piece of hot garbage that will no longer scan anything as I just found out while trying to scan in the update. (Lexmark printers: not even once. Especially if you got them for free.)

"But Bara," you say with barely suppressed boner frustration. "This is the perfect opportunity to switch to digital art medium. Maybe you should not be a lazy fuck and learn how to draw on a computer." To which I respond, "That is an unnecessarily difficult task for me to undertake at this moment, also tablets are expensive and I already shelled out the cash for the traditional medium shit, there's no way in hell I'm even considering touching digital until I get semi-competent with that and/or I suddenly crack under the strain of university and decide to become a NEET."

To abbreviate the situation: King's Blade coming soon, I have the spare money for a printer and will try to pick one up over the weekend.
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