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File 140361082801.png - (264.07KB , 700x500 , permafrost panel 3.png )
82825 No. 82825 ID: d5d724

shit lets make some quests

quest found here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/580656.html

well idk what to tell you friends but its my first ever quest and its about upper paleolithic stuff. Also it has hyenas. Cool.
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No. 82826 ID: d5d724
File 140361090101.png - (476.27KB , 1900x1005 , paleo oc 7.png )

[poops my pants]

look at this proof of the hyenas i promised
No. 82827 ID: 9f04f1

Man your art is good. Got a da/tumblr/website?
Also how late in the paleolithic are we?
No. 82828 ID: a7868d

wow that's some crazy awesome art.
No. 82829 ID: d5d724

thanks! I do have a tumblr, at http://ofools.tumblr.com/

mmm, fairly late, upper paleolithic era Siberia, somewhere from 40,000-30,000, just before the Last Glacial Maximum
No. 82830 ID: d5d724

also its fucking late as dicks for me rn and i stayed up being all excited about this--so sorry for leaving on a cliff hanger. I'll try to aim to update this every few days? Yeah. It'll be faster once I'm done with university tho! (My last exam's on friday, so not long at all!)
No. 82835 ID: bb78f2

Dude I can't help but feel that maybe, just maybe you have a webcomic?
Style is just so familiar I can just TASTE it.
No. 82840 ID: d5d724

I used to! I'm not exactly quiet on the internet, i used to have two webcomics (no longer exist) and i have another in the process of being made, so yeah its entirely possible you've seen my stuff someone esp. in webcomic form lol
No. 82841 ID: d5d724

(also, I'm going to try and draw a response/update this morning before starting study again for exams. Also for people asking, the bear is a cave bear, and are comparable in size to the largest modern day bears with males weighing 400-500 kilograms or 800, or 1,100 lbs)
No. 82851 ID: d5d724
File 140365455234.png - (176.46KB , 700x500 , permafrost panel 16 joke.png )

brown bear, brown bear, what do u see?
No. 82861 ID: 45c6ca

Damn, this art looks nice, and one of my favorite time periods too...
No. 82874 ID: 1f8505

I want to marry your art.
No. 82878 ID: d5d724

>"I'm totally going to study today and just leave the quest for a while"

i didn't study today and i updated like three times
No. 82882 ID: d5d724
File 140367926270.png - (66.87KB , 500x497 , bruh.png )

[CSI voice] rotate that last image and enhance. That's it. That's the face of the killer.
No. 82883 ID: 4a20fa

That is a nicely drawn bear.
No. 82885 ID: 1f8505


I know how that is.
No. 82887 ID: d5d724
Audio single_whoop.mp3 - (8.49KB , single whoop.mp3 )

i might have spent two hours looking for Hyena calls because i was like "i can't fucking MAKE the sound effect for this i'll just find some people have made" and what do you know

a lot of people have put up spotted hyena calls along with a number of other animal calls, the internet is amazing.
No. 82890 ID: d5d724

No. 82892 ID: 186341

fools i love you and your quest
No. 82910 ID: d5d724

ah thanks so much!

ok so i knOW i said no updates until friday but i really


want to update lol
No. 82924 ID: d5d724
File 140374828804.gif - (0.98MB , 440x300 , tumblr_inline_n7aitajgDX1redd76.gif )

whoops fuck me i updated and still haven't studied for my exam tomorrow. Everyone just has really good ideas and suggestions and i really want to draw them all t b h

pic somewhat related

also i apologise sooo much for how shitty and crummy the writing is, I tend to do all the images, and then quickly write down responses into a word document and then copy and paste with very little checking so i apparently ended up posting a bunch of mistakes without realising.

Also tense changing, i'm sorry i know i know i know, i just had no idea what was going to fit but i think i have settled on present tense now.

Really i apologise for that! I'll try and plan more/edit/write better in the future
No. 82927 ID: d8a627

Apex: The highest of something. Matriarch: female head of a family, tribe, or clan.

I don't think it's standard to call a Matriarch an Apex, but Katja said "she" was much larger than any female hyena she's ever seen, so I put in Apex to describe her being above the Matriarchs of other clans. Does it make sense? Makes me sound crazy? Roundabout way of thinking that has its own merits?
No. 82928 ID: 0b90a3

I had actually been assuming that the eccentricities in language were just a product of Katja's dialect. It helps to keep quests understandable if you keep a consistent tense and grammar, but don't feel too pressured to be perfect. As long as you feel like it communicates well and its fun to work on, write however you feel like writing.

The quest looks amazing so far: the art is incredible for panels made so quickly and the story has me hooked. Starting a quest is really exciting: its addicting to post updates and get instant feedback and its awesome to hear that you're having fun doing it. Don't burn yourself out or neglect real life too much though.

There's also an IRC channel where members of the community talk about all sorts of stuff if you haven't checked it out yet. Though, that involves taking precious time away from updating (and studying).
No. 82937 ID: 969c38


I actually thought that was really smart, I hadn't really thought about it too much because i was pretty set on the hyena being male so then its like "wow how big are the females then" kinda thing (also because the male hyena personality was more suited to this story) So yeah it made a lot of sense!


Thank you! I'm really glad you like it! Yeah dw, i'll eventually slow down, probably in a few days and try to wind back to at least daily or every few days updates (although the update times are always weird because of time zones, so it might appear i've posted twice in one day when i've actually posted on two different days)
No. 82950 ID: 4a20fa

Seriously this is pretty much professional illustrated storybook level.

Don't burn yourself out or get bogged down sweating details.

>I'll try and plan more...in the future
What did I just say?
No. 82955 ID: 969c38

ok! I've got my exam today so i might be able to update tonight after its over (tonight for me is probably like, idk, really early morning for most people in american timezones?)

Anyway, i'm super excited to see everyone's thoughts and ideas about what's happening, i've gotten some in the actual thread and a little here, which is cool! Keep going it's really interesting to see what other people are thinking! (And of course, it could probably lead to something)
No. 82961 ID: 969c38
File 140382313054.jpg - (458.03KB , 686x921 , cave hyena study close up.jpg )

oh and here is a crop of an old painting i did featuring u guessed it, a cave hyena! This was back when i was first planning and having ideas for this story/quest
No. 82962 ID: 6b7ea4

jesus CHRIST fools i scrolled down and almost didn't stop 2 look at that bc i thought it was a photo
No. 82963 ID: 969c38

dfhaahj thank you that means a lot to me because i really love your quests and your art as well ! (Also you're on of my favourite tumblr people)
No. 82964 ID: e1609c

devil-shitting christ, how do you even DO that? are you some sort of crazy sci-fi art robot?
No. 82965 ID: e1609c

As an addendum, when the quest first started people in the irc were theorizing you were a disney animator or something. You are NUTS man
No. 82966 ID: 969c38


what the fuck omg?

ha haaa no, i'm not an animator, i'm just a uni student studying history (although i'm making my way into scientific illustration)

And thank you i appreciate it!
No. 82970 ID: 1f8505


I am floored by your art skill. Like, for reals.
No. 82975 ID: cedb0a

>ask the hyena various questions
>good ideas for actions

And then

>rub it's belly fucking do it fucking pat the hyena PAT HIM
No. 82976 ID: bb78f2

That's not the worst or even the silliest suggestions you're going to get.
It's only just begun.
No. 82978 ID: d86200

Oh yeah, i know, people like to have fun and say fun shit, i do as well! Lmao the worst bit is I want to respond to all the silly ones and make shitty jokes but I'm trying to keep things largely serious. I'll probably do joke responses in here at some point.
No. 82979 ID: fb1b4b

The hyena looks really cuddly though. The belly calls to us for scratchies.
No. 82980 ID: bb78f2

Funny and serious go hand in hand.
Honestly the quest is already sort of funny what with the expressive hyena and all.
No. 82987 ID: 4a20fa

That is a good way to separate it; a few other quests have.

IIRC Starit did at least one alternate-ending for Last Flifht in its /dis/ (a suggestion which would have killed the protagonist).
No. 83000 ID: f64f41

i fucked up the text stuff but u know what? fuck YOU that's what
No. 83002 ID: 1f8505


No. 83005 ID: f64f41
File 140392992744.png - (536.09KB , 700x500 , permafrostact2 wip.png )

No. 83006 ID: 6e7636


No. 83007 ID: d8a627

Clearly, it's a Whooly Elkmoth.
No. 83008 ID: d8a627

You, uh, could contact Lago in the IRC and let him know what it was s upposed to be.
No. 83009 ID: f64f41

actually it is a picture of me i cannot believe this
No. 83010 ID: f64f41
File 140393268081.png - (316.81KB , 700x500 , fucking catch them all asshole.png )

no comment
No. 83012 ID: d470e9

I saw Fools come into the IRC and then I saw this post. I would've said something if not for the order.

So I'll just say it here, Fools, if you want me to fix up posts, I can do so.
No. 83013 ID: f64f41


yeah logged in to just see what it was but couldn't really stay. Its nothing really I just forgot to put a [/small] after a sentence and didn't realise until i had posted everything else and didn't want to delete the other posts just to get to it.

Its not that bad or really a problem honestly!
No. 83015 ID: d470e9

Alright. The offer will still stand if you change your mind, or have future post accidents that really are a problem.
No. 83018 ID: e6a6ae

From the looks of it, Category-1 Kaiju Rampage.
Mobilize the Jaegers!
No. 83019 ID: 3fc6e5
File 140395809374.png - (75.00KB , 490x1170 , long.png )

please read this someone is angry with me about the historical accuracy of a story with a talking hyena and zombie monster hybrid
No. 83020 ID: 53ba34

No. 83021 ID: 2f4b71

Don't worry, this is the internet. You can run into armchair experts on anything.
>Call it an Orion Drive
>Has a continuous exhaust plume
>It's on now bitch
No. 83026 ID: d8a627

Really? I don't see any complaining in this whatsoever. It's all hashtags, no actual comment. Everybody knows hashtags are there to be ignored anyways.
No. 83027 ID: d8a627

>I'm... not talking about the beast because I really don't know what to bullshit about it.
>what to bullshit about it.
He just admitted to balderdashery. If I knew what panels he was referring to, it'd be easier to look through what he's talking about, but as it is I have to look around and make assumptions.
Oh right, you have a tumblr >>82829
Okay, white can be white just for the sake of being white, I'm fairly certain some cave art has featured white on its own. They're also calling the orb the moon, when it might be something else entirely. Who knows, maybe it's just that particular tribe/clan's icon for Gods and Spirits.
>if you read this I'm very sorry I just woke up and I'm an archaeology student
>I know the purpose is not to be realistic
>I like the other two but they are not historically accurate
>don't pay attention to me
Heeeey, this guy sounds like me, only with more archaeology intelligence. Balderdashing your way through what you don't know with the things you do know, and then meekly apologizing saying "if you're reading this don't think of it as an insult please :<"
No. 83033 ID: 2fd516

It sounds like he was just trying to analyze it as if it were a real painting, as an exercise.

Forget about that though, who the fuck posts entirely in hashtags?
No. 83034 ID: 0b90a3

I think its kind of flattering that your work is detailed enough to merit being analyzed as if it were real. It also sounds like the person didn't intend for you to take it as criticism of the story.

It can be nice to get some input on your settings from other people, as long as it doesn't turn into a big dumb derail. At the end of the day, its the author who has final say on everything and needs to be given some license.
No. 83044 ID: 3fc6e5
File 140399090339.png - (502.58KB , 700x500 , permafrostact3 wip.png )

tbh i just find it very amusing and a weird thing to do rather than insulting or anything, because those hashtags were a mile fucking long.

(also the image they were referring to was the title cards that i did for permafrost, including the act one image, the WIP i posted here and a third, see attached, but i might not use them anyway)

i mostly just found it hilariously unnecessary
No. 83062 ID: 3fc6e5

also! No update today because like most residents in the southern hemisphere i am fascinated by the idea of water falling from the sky in solid ice form (""""snow"""") and then maintaining its existence on the ground, and i'm going to drive like 2 hours to go play in it and make a snowman and be happy.

I'll update monday for sure though!
No. 83141 ID: 000499

holy shit art. holy shiiiiiiit.
No. 83266 ID: 2629f1

god christ sorry its been so long, i got hella sick and some major irl shit happened, but its all cleared up now so i can get back to updating!
No. 83267 ID: 2629f1
File 140436448963.png - (425.79KB , 1000x748 , paleo oc 4.png )

and since the Hyena's been introduced and whatever here is some concept art stuff
No. 83268 ID: 2629f1
File 140436454011.png - (366.67KB , 1000x748 , paleo oc 5.png )

i accidentally cut off the bottom somehow i can't remember why
No. 83269 ID: 4a20fa

So the hyena second-guesses and criticizes all our decisions, has an insatiable hunger for personal information and trivia, and has appalling grammar.

We're being stalked by the Internet.
No. 83276 ID: 6e7636


stop dying

also wb
No. 83292 ID: 667e80

he'll start using memes next
No. 85484 ID: 2fd516

So uh, is this still going?
No. 85489 ID: 0ee153

If you have to ask, the answer is almost universally no.
No. 85560 ID: a5bd6c

Seriously a shame considering the fantastic art quality we saw.
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