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File 140209199984.gif - (1.02MB , 500x500 , 140202102108.gif )
82176 No. 82176 ID: 5b596d

I figured we could bring the discussion over here.
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No. 82177 ID: 5b596d


"the good ones"

That's upsettingly vague
No. 82178 ID: 53ba34

it means anything that got enough people in it to HAVE a debate.
No. 82179 ID: 0ee153

Also, if you want to link to cross-board posts, you have to add /quest/ or /meep/ or what have you before the number.
No. 82180 ID: 5b596d


I'll figure everything out sooner or later
No. 82183 ID: 5b596d

So I think I have to go female on this one as we're still at 5 vs 6
No. 82185 ID: 14faaf

The direct URL works and I recommend it as a choice because there's less to screw up if all you're relying on is strict HTML.

No. 82193 ID: a36601

So there are currently 2 votes for every choice as of right now. That's like a 5 way tie.
No. 82194 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, this isn't unusual when you give tgchan lots and lots of options. I suggest the author just picks which option they like best personally.
No. 82198 ID: 5b596d


It's a tossup between moth and shark....probably moth since you won't really get to see the shark smile well enough with the sprites. Def don't want to try stingray as I don't feel like I could make it look good as a sprite, any sort of tentacled thing will clash with the quest, and I already have too many canids planned.
No. 82199 ID: 5b596d
File 140212875548.jpg - (32.94KB , 400x400 , Iamjustaballofadorable.jpg )

I'm also surprised no one wanted a lizard/reptile/amphibian of some sort or something else exotic, though electric stingray came out of the blue, so did shark and cuttlefish....is there some sort of underwater or sea creature fetish I'm missing out on , on this board?
No. 82200 ID: 9ddf68

no idea where the stingray came from but shark was one of the few animals I saw clearly in that gif you left us. and I'm sure the cuddlefish had something to do with the book of worms quest that ended not to long ago.

my two cents anyways.
No. 82201 ID: 5b596d


actually in my psd i labelled them like: cat, dog, jackal, rat, lizard, monkey, fish, normal

and I didn't' expect anyone to use it as a reference(one of the reasons why it's sped up and there wasn't a list) but I guess one of them ended up looking like shark tits so haha my mistake =P
No. 82202 ID: 2f4b71

It was the vertically forked tail that looked shark-ish to me.
No. 82206 ID: 5b596d


well I still have to decide for myself.... I mean everyone is wanting shark tits and I don't want to give everyone what they want all the time =P
No. 82207 ID: 5b596d


actually the more i think about it the more it seems like everyone just wants
i saw shark tits on tg
No. 82210 ID: 2fc3e9

Yeah, from what I've seen roughly half the people who suggest female leads want something to fap to.
No. 82216 ID: 5b596d


Unfortunately or fortunately I'm not as interested.
No. 82218 ID: f0a5e4

I guess I just cuttlefish because cuttlefish get no love.
The poor angry little shits.
No. 82223 ID: 7f9410

If you don't want to go with the popular option I'm not sure why you let us pick at all. I mean that seems to be the entire reason presented thus far- that it's a popular option.

Yes, there is a popular shark character. Did you see people suggesting literal sharktits? Maybe people just want a shark, and not that character.

But hell, I don't know. I voted for moth.
No. 82228 ID: f0a5e4

I think he just meant uninterested in unleaded fap fuel, not in the people's voice. Or at least, not skippin straight to the ritz before the character even has a face.
No. 82230 ID: 96252b

A lot of people on TGChan are just hype about sharks in general, it's not like wanting a shark character means you want to fuck the shark character. A bunch of people from TGChan do a yearly donation marathon to support shark programs.
No. 82231 ID: 5cd30a

You could just not draw shark tits.

Sharks don't need boobs. Neither do cuttlefish/lizards/other non-mammalian anthropomorphic creatures. That's my feeling on the matter. Then again, I'm one of those faggots that likes some semblance of anatomic integrity when it comes to anthro character design.
No. 82234 ID: 5b596d

"Now....you have feelings for a total stranger, and know that a friend you recently had a fight with knows this person. What would you do?"

Is the text just too small?
No. 82237 ID: 186341

Scrolling text in a gif is a bad format for displaying a lot of information when you have a text field to work with. It's cool flavor but I think most of us would sooner just see multiple panels.
No. 82240 ID: 7f9410

The font could be easier to read, but the main problem is it isn't visible for long enough.
No. 82241 ID: 321d85

Bah, I think that's too extreme. I think the reason is more just because girls are cute, not so we get porn. I mean, sure, tgchan blusters a lot like "yeah, jump his bones!", but we almost always back down. Personally, I'm glad of this.

Regarding sharks, I think it was more of a statistical anomaly - I've only once or twice seen another quest with a shark in it. The following is speculation: once the first few votes had been made, nobody wanted to add any new ones, since they'd immediately be in the minority (I felt that way). Similarly, once "shark" started to pull ahead, votes for other things dropped off. Again, speculation.
No. 82249 ID: 5b596d


well you guys got sharks so all good right?
No. 82250 ID: 5b596d


and actually i was going for ideas i'd like best first then majority

i personally would have went with any reptile =P
No. 82323 ID: ccd544
File 140243433176.jpg - (130.07KB , 1224x850 , unleaded fap fuel.jpg )

>unleaded fap fuel

No. 82361 ID: d37a30

what is this?
No. 82365 ID: e1609c

If I had to guess?
a very lame attempt at a joke
No. 82395 ID: 1c677c

I just wanted to say that I lack the literacy to keep up with the first animation round in text AND picture, but it's just my shitty brain this time I think... Something tells me though thtat people would like to stare longer at the stats, although I think it's proper to take it away so they have more time to give quality suggestions.

Also, greatly appreciate how much you have puffed out of pixel graphics combined with intense animations. Don't just stress yourself too much, the quest has completed itself already! It can only get better.
No. 82396 ID: 7d17a4

Thanks for the advice....basically im going to keep improving everything as i go so i look for advice alot!

Im going to have text be 5/6 seconds instead of 3/4 and fade out instead of slide.

Going to have stat screen be 10 seconds

going to improve the profile pics to show more expression

I need to take ideas on what needs to be fixed with my art

i need to flesh the story out alittle more after the intro chapter is done(suggestions will be more important once that happens)

but overall i want to offer an experience no on else has yet....you'll see what i mean soon enough.
No. 82409 ID: 5b596d

Both shakes must be consumed!
No. 82482 ID: 5b596d

I feel like everyone assumed jaya drove to work or something.

also the animation amused me so much with how derpy it looked i stopped and just let it do it's thing
No. 83280 ID: f81d0a

I dont think I can continue the quest....ive done no real character explaining or anything. I think its just so lackluster imma give up on it
No. 83281 ID: e1609c

Bit early for that, dont you think?
We already have a pretty decent grasp on our main character and the gang people from our interactions so far.
And as for lacklustre, you are a putting out a decently-drawn full-animation quest about a shark.
Keep going with it man, it's been a good ride so far and I want to see where this is actually heading
No. 83282 ID: d0a5ee

I agree with Archivemode's comment on all counts. If there are parts of the story that you feel need explaining you can explain them in subsequent updates; people won't mind.
No. 83295 ID: 9ddf68

dude you just really stated on the quest. You still have time to put all that stuff in. I say just keep going. If you stop half way of course it won't look right. Just keep going and see where it takes you. Even if your quest doesn't live up to your expectations you'll at least get an idea on what to and not to do next time you start a quest.
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