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File 140055448856.jpg - (133.09KB , 1366x685 , GQ Discuss Page.jpg )
81779 No. 81779 ID: 189a54

Any pointers or discussion about my first quest can go here. Many thanks to the 0 to 2 people that will actually want to say something here!
No. 81785 ID: 497ec2

Anything we should know about how these slime-people work?
No. 81787 ID: 189a54

They're not the most flexible slimes, they can expand and contract/flatten themselves some but not to extremes. Between their eyes is their Center, if it's injured or it loses enough slime around it that it can't function, they'll die and collapse in a puddle.
No. 81788 ID: 30e06f

this is a little ghoulish i'm sure, but: can the slimes absorb a dead slime's mass to any advantage? even as a sort of emergency patch-job?

If so, do the slimes find it immoral? Can't go sacrificing morale and sanity in this situation.
No. 81789 ID: 189a54

They're unable to actually absorb dead slimes for benefits, but when absolutely forced to soldiers sometimes apply the stuff to keep wounds shut. They dislike it, but if it's necessary they'll put up with it.
No. 81851 ID: 497ec2

Guns burst when a slime is killed?
That makes me wonder just how many objects in their world works on that principle/how does that work?
No. 81909 ID: 189a54

Hey 1 or 2 people who still view this quest, is the coloring a bit weird to you? I'm thinking about trying something different with the style if people (or more like person, not many guys read this xD) are having trouble with it.
No. 81955 ID: 9ddf68

looks fine to me
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