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File 139979915855.png - (14.67KB , 659x550 , 1.png )
81597 No. 81597 ID: 0eaf76

Hello! I am Pan! I'm very new to the tgchan boards and just began to start my new story LIMBO. I have the story planned out, but concerning the whole mechanics of tgchan, I'm very new and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Comments, concerns, critiques, anything!

Story can be found here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/573454.html
No. 81598 ID: c170fd

Looks pretty neat so far. The magic pencil should result in a lot of interesting solutions to problems, so I hope you're ready for us going off the rails.
No. 81600 ID: 53ba34

your girls are super cute. even the horrible centipede one :I
No. 81609 ID: 0eaf76

Thank you very much xD
No. 81612 ID: 7ee590

whoa we've got a new pan! welcome! feel free to join the irc, that's where all the cool guys hang out.
No. 81613 ID: ca0da5

>Normal objects from the real world become relics here in the Ether
Well, I'd highly doubt clothes have any real effect, unless they suddenly become a lot sturdier. Glasses might be able to amplify sight of their own accord, but it's less of an active ability like the pencil was. If only Artist were able to bring his laptop with, I'm sure the signal and computational strength would have been amplified, but what's lost is lost.
No. 81621 ID: 53ba34

people can probably only make one relic. their most valued possesion/representation. this pencil probably isn't a single pencil, but represents his drawing ability. the other objects were probably things he cared about, but not to the same degree.
No. 81623 ID: 57a559

IS he an Art student?
Was that actually stated anywhere?
No. 81625 ID: 0eaf76


George is not an art student. Relics are basically any objects that happen to be around the person at the time of death. So he had a pencil, and was supposedly in his dorm room when he died.
No. 81639 ID: 2f4b71

Were the laptop and office chair relics too?
No. 81640 ID: 6caf1d


In theory, yes. But your little island crumbled into the abyss :c
No. 81641 ID: ca0da5

Oh, so human world objects can be relics regardless of their purpose... Oh well, George probably wouldn't know that yet, so my suggestion still stands.
No. 81649 ID: 007647

Then doesn't that mean his glasses are relics?
No. 81651 ID: 0ee153

Taking the "is object X a relic" question to the logical extreme: Do clothing, glasses, pacemakers, other surgical items in the body such as pins to hold bones together, dead skin layers, and air count as relics?

Essentially, what's the definition of object? Does it have to be a macroscopic object, for instance? Does being inside the body disqualify it? If the answer to the last two is "no", are they just really hard to access?

I realize some of these questions seem intuitive, but I'd like to have defined answers before I go around assuming things.
No. 81653 ID: 0eaf76


Dead skin probably doesn't count as a Relic xD

But anything humanly artificial, like an arm cast, prosthetic arm or leg, braces, pins and needles in the body (they would only just get a bit stronger, nothing too drastic) would count. Gold teeth, etc. And also objects such as clothes, food, hats, bowls, tissues, stuff like that would count too. I don't think I'll take it so far as to say that manmade bacteria or viruses could be Relics as well. If you can physically hold it and see it and it's tangible, then it's a Relic.
No. 81656 ID: ca0da5

But just because they're all relics doesn't mean they'll be powerful ones or even useful; something like glasses might simply work to allow those who cannot normally see (ie clinically blind or fully blind) to see to a better degree, right? (Just an example question, doesn't have to be exactly as stated)
No. 81659 ID: 04c500


Precisely. Relics in the Ether can be powerful and valuable, but most of the time they don't do much and are regarded as normal debris. Pretty standard.
No. 81670 ID: 0eaf76

Just updated the Wiki page for Limbo! Check it out, there'll be information updates there that provide more backstory for the quest.

No. 81672 ID: 723d9f

Enjoying the quest so far. Always nice to see new people around. Good that you have a story to tell, but be careful about planning TOO much

(Is Charlotte too minor to be on the wiki page?)
No. 81673 ID: 0eaf76


I was just too lazy to put her in there yet xD I'll add her in later. And yeah, I'm trying to only plan out key things. Things that can't be changed based on player decision. Things like the hierarchy of the Ether, the districts, etc.
No. 81692 ID: 2bfcdf

This is getting silly. Are you saying the magic pencil, floating rocks, lack of a need for eat/drink, full body transformations, and immortality can all be explained by science? Almost all of those things violate conservation of energy. At best, this is a virtual reality simulation, which effectively has a god because it would be created in much the same way as Heaven/Hell/Limbo would be created. Also, hey, Heaven, Hell, and Limbo are all religious concepts, so for them to actually exist, some form of religion would have to be real. Which, again, means there is a god in this world. I find it hard to believe that you are seriously demanding rigorous scientific proof about the setting of a fantasy quest. It's a religious setting, therefore some deity or deities created it.
No. 81693 ID: 9a281a

>Are you saying the magic pencil, floating rocks, lack of a need for eat/drink, full body transformations, and immortality can all be explained by science? Almost all of those things violate conservation of energy.
I'm saying, if magic exists, then for all intents and purpose it's just another field of science to those who use and understand and experiment with it.

Conservation of energy is only a law due to evidence. If you find evidence that appears to contradict it, you either do not fully understand the situation (for instance, is there a source of energy for these processes we are unaware of?), or you have to accept your law is wrong, and revise your understanding of the universe.

Mostly, I take offense to the attitude that 'blank disproves science'. Science is a method for understanding. You cannot disprove that. You can discredit specific theories, but discovering these mistakes only leads to better understanding.

So long as systems have rules to be uncovered, you're doing science. And as we've seen so far, there are rules here. We ask questions, we experiment, we learn.

This is besides the point, though. Getting back to that.

>Heaven, Hell, and Limbo are all religious concepts, so for them to actually exist, some form of religion would have to be real
No. All that means is that religion got something right, or that the places were named by dead people with a religious mind-view, or that religious used the names of real things in their belief systems. None of which proves anything.

>Which, again, means there is a god in this world.
No, it doesn't. At all. We know these things exist. We don't know that anyone created them, or even runs them. It's possible there's a god in this setting, sure! But there's no proof. The concept of an afterlife can exist without a god.
No. 81694 ID: 53ba34

okay no, you are being a pedant. just take things at face value right now, our characters are not scientists that will spend years experimenting on a floating rock to find out how to make rocks float. saying "nothing proves it isn't true" is a horrible argument.
No. 81696 ID: 9a281a

>just take things at face value right now
Face value is simply that we're in a new place, that appears to have different rules than we're familiar with, and we need to learn enough of them to function. I'm happy to do that.

Assuming that this means there's a god involved goes beyond taking things at face value. That's drawing your own conclusions based on preconceptions, and not evidence. There's nothing that marries the concept an afterlife to the concept of god. You can imagine a god who does not establish an afterlife. You can imagine an afterlife that exists without a creator. They are separate ideas- one does not prove the other.

Hell, the character isn't even completely sure this is an afterlife, anyways.
No. 81697 ID: 740428

What we have heard so far that has matched with christian religion:
- Humans have souls
- There is a limbo, heaven, and hell that souls go to
- Souls go to heaven or hell based on judgement
What he have heard so far that has conflicted with religion:
- Human souls are not immortal
- There is a limbo (for some branches; limbo is mostly a catholic thing)
- The heaven/hell judgement is based on ethical conduct (for some branches; a lot of branches say salvation is only through faith)
- Asward is the closest thing to a creator of limbo that anyone there seems to know about

So far, it seems vaguely close to christianity, but not enough so to safely make assumptions.
Also, my paranoid side wants confirmation that anyone has actually been to heaven or hell and then returned (or at least communicated) to limbo, especially if the pickup by ruthless Snatcher monsters applies to souls bound for heaven as well as hell. There are a number of possibilities involved in a 'paradise' where people are forcibly taken and never heard from again.
No. 81701 ID: 2f4b71

> What we have heard so far that has matched with christian religion:
And a whole grab-bag of others, Abrahamic or otherwise. After-death-place-where-you-are-judged is essentially a fundamental component of religions, dating back to paleolithic ritual burials and grave desecrations.
No. 81702 ID: ca0da5

Ether/Limbo, however, along with a realm for the Unethical and a realm for the Ethically Virtuous, when did that come about, I wonder? I don't believe even Greek religion had that all. They had Tartarus, Reincarnation, and some form of paradise, but Tartarus acted as both Limbo and Hell together, with people being given a chance to redeem themselves to get into reincarnation to get a second chance at reaching paradise, right?
No. 81721 ID: 2f4b71

Plato's 'Myth of Er' introduced a specific split between a judgement-place and a pair of destination places.
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