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81536 No. 81536 ID: 0b90a3


Discussion, comments, critiques and whatever else can go here.
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No. 101438 ID: 8a13c1

I love all of your quests Tox, but I liked book of worms a bit more. Zombies and Eldritch horror are my jam.
No. 101444 ID: 58a9e0

Well CoW is more of a cosmic horror kind of thing, which still falls in Lovecraftian horror.
But instead of zombies we have a bodysnatcher. Or more precisely, a mind-and-bodycopier.
No. 101528 ID: 13459b

Sorry I don't respond in here very often, I'm really glad to hear people are liking things so far! At this point I feel like I have a better grip of the quest than I did say, 2-3 months ago and I'm hoping I can wrap it up in a way that's at least as satisfactory as Book of Worms. I'm not sure how long that'll take but I feel like its getting to the home stretch in the not too distant future and its given me a lot of drive towards finishing. In other news, I've been toying around with an idea for another quest, but I definitely want to finish CoW first before starting.

I really really need to get into JJBA at some point, but these are all pretty rad! I don't think I ever put together specific songs for each character, but I remember putting together a playlist I based off of the quest a while ago. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhX420ao4gNBwNgMva8mHC0LhKEugaYYq It seems kind of dated now though.
No. 101552 ID: 9f3729

it's all up on crunchyroll. watch everything but brace for part 3 to be kinda bad before part 4 swoops in and saves the show
No. 101653 ID: 79a07e

I thought Part 3 was pretty cool.
No. 101654 ID: a39b7c

God dammit Dio don't kick with your bad leg!

As said by a certain very angry and very drunk JoJo.
No. 101736 ID: 79a07e

Random thing I just realized. If the insects can affect real world objects, then STANDO BATTRUs could totally be a thing! (Already sorta was with Lester/Zeke.)

I mean, there's no reason for it to happen outside of very odd circumstances, but it could.

...i want it to happen shut up
No. 101739 ID: 9266ce

Giant. Insect. Stands?
I just squee'd a little.
No. 101762 ID: 79a07e


I didn't even realize it at first, but then it hit me with the whole Diego and Doug thing that they work VERY much like Stands, inside and outside your mind, only more autonomous. Not only that, from what I can tell, you have to be 'aware' of the insects in order to physically perceive and affect them, and to be 'aware' you have to have taken a mind-walk at some point.

Although this begs the question of how Dr. Cooper managed to mind-walk in Leslie, if that's the case- she knew about the bugs, in a roundabout sense, but didn't mind-walk until that altercation. Maybe if someone's in a trance, anyone who touches them, regardless of if they're aware or not, mind-walks and is made 'aware'.

Doug, of course, is a just a giant 'what' at the moment.

All of this, however, makes me wonder how people become 'aware' independently...

...I still just want to see some Stand battles, though. Dr. Cooper, Detective Hunter, and Zeke specifically. Oh, Diego if he recovers, as well.
No. 101765 ID: 398fe1

There's been no indication Custodians can affect the physical world.
No. 101767 ID: 79a07e

I could've sworn they did something physically...might've misinterpreted it. I hope not.
No. 101797 ID: ef6709

Looked through, there's a vague thing when Nate's wasp ended up in his coffee, but that's still iffy.

...I really hope they can affect the waking world, if only in a loose sense.
No. 101805 ID: 9211c5

Well even if they can't affect the "real" world they can still affect each other right, so at least we can still get some insect Stand fights.
No. 101822 ID: 398fe1

That was some unidentified bug we weren't even sure was someone's Custodian at the time.
No. 101836 ID: 350a50

>Or Diego if he recovers
Or Diego if he doesn't recover.
Weird, Wasp-Possessed Diego.
No. 101896 ID: 79a07e

Hunter stays being the coolest, although I do hope her mental issues aren't too horrible. One guy just posted a theory that makes me worry.
No. 101955 ID: 398fe1

So uh, I'm not sure anyone's pointed this out yet, but...

The drone is part of Nate's Parallel Network. It was the first one to join up, in fact. So since then, the drone has had inside knowledge of everything Nate has been doing. I suspect this is why the wasps abandoned him and have generally been difficult. They believe (rightfully so) that Nate cannot win while the drone is watching his every move.

I think there's a hidden advantage to this situation though. Tch'arl said that the drone may be behaving this way because it's been isolated for too long. Is it possible that immersing the drone in a strong Parallel Network will bring it to its senses?
No. 101956 ID: 350a50

So your plan is to defeat the drone with friendship?
No. 101961 ID: 13459b

Weaponized friendship: the tactical nuke of the Parallel.
No. 102010 ID: 79a07e

Interesting theory. I'd say if that's the case, we've choices of one or two parallel networks, at least.
No. 102177 ID: 79a07e

Okay so I'm thinking we make a beeline for that giant monolith if we aren't already.
No. 102183 ID: 350a50

More like a waspline.
No. 102363 ID: 79a07e

uuughhhh this is nerve-wracking and I feel like no one is coming up with clever enough solutions. Myself included.
No. 102366 ID: dfdb1e

I'm just too nervous. In my experience those Tron bikes explode in seconds.
No. 102389 ID: e3dec4

Going to be honest. I have no faith in anybody suggestions and am mentally preparing myself for Hunter to go splat.
No. 102390 ID: e3dec4

Going to be honest. I have no faith in anybody suggestions and am mentally preparing myself for Hunter to go splat.
No. 102396 ID: 79a07e

This is really really really really frustrating because I'm not sure what we could've done.
No. 102408 ID: 79a07e

And now I really really hope the next update is fast because I want to help Hunter so bad because she's probably my favorite character and really, there's just a lot I want to say but most of it's negative.
No. 102409 ID: 9f3729

Hey man, nobody backed the trampoline option
woulda worked for sure
No. 103322 ID: dfdb1e

I got a theory about the core: Maybe the giant Hunter is Hunter unconscious self changed the same way conscious Hunter did.
Inside every mind space we visited there were a version of the person that, unlike the people that entered through Nate, wouldn't remember the experience. I didn't expect to find one in Hunter's mind because she entered with Nate, but I wasn't considering them separate people: her inner self and her resulting self.
If that is the case the engine is the rod thing and it's purpose is to cause pain and anger. Maybe it's some self immolating guilt.
No. 103329 ID: ded3b0

If the interpretation that the whole place is more of a nuclear reactor, removing those rods would lead into a meltdown. Those rods are supposed to be control rods, neutron-dense materials to regulate the amount of chain-reaction happening. Remove that, and the chain reaction goes out of control, and a(n emotional?) meltdown could happen.
No. 103401 ID: 79a07e

So honest question in that case- why do some of us want Hunter to go nuclear?
No. 103402 ID: 79a07e

So honest question in that case- why do some of us want Hunter to go nuclear?
No. 103405 ID: 350a50

Some men just want to watch the world burn.
No. 103417 ID: 398fe1

Maybe they want her to be Punished Snake.
No. 103705 ID: e449bc

...well here's a bad pun that just suddenly popped into my head.

What if Hunter is bipolar?
No. 103758 ID: 79a07e

I wish I had any clue what to do here, but I don't.
No. 103767 ID: 2a7417

So try anything you can think of! We're throwing science at the wall and seeing what sticks.
No. 106265 ID: 79a07e

Hope this isn't abandoned with that new quest Toxo is doing...
No. 106268 ID: b073ca

I still plan on finishing CoW. I think Im just riding that new quest high right now and as the pace slows down I'll be back to updating semi regularly
No. 107495 ID: 2be85e

Because you deserve money for this. Seriously though Toxoglossa, do you have a patreon?
No. 107510 ID: b073ca

Thank you! I don't have plans to make a patreon in the immediate future, but its something I've thought about. I might set one up at some point, but at the moment I just do my thing because its fun. Even if you don't have the means to, the idea that you want to throw money at me is really awesome, and I really appreciate it! Rest assured, if I do open up a patreon or commissions you guys'll be the first to know.

Once again I apologize for the gap in CoW updates, Im kind of in a flow with Sunfish and I hope everyone is enjoying it so far.
No. 107515 ID: 398fe1

Sunfish is pretty goofy and fun so far with a sort of low key foreboding feeling that things could go horribly wrong at any moment.
No. 107632 ID: 8ae082

Bt the way, just to make sure we're not reading this completely wrong, can you confirm that as far as Sam knows, the message about the Sunfish was a real e-mail sent by another Sam and the copy in her head wasn't involved?

Wouldn't want to accidentally lie to Dr. Spencer just because we didn't know what our protagonist does (accidentally lying because she's mistaken is fine).
No. 107636 ID: 398fe1

Email? I thought Sam got told by Old Sam via their shared mind thing.
No. 107643 ID: 3d2d5f

It kind of doesn't help that Sam doesn't seem to draw a clear distinction between Old-Sam-living-in-my-head and Old-Sam-the-original when she's talking about them.

But yeah, I think you're right, the inner Sam was the one nudging flake Sam, not the outer Sam.
No. 107646 ID: 8ae082

I noticed the other thread too late, apologies
In that case, it means Sam doesn't actually know shit about outer-Sam's current status, or whether she's even alive.
No. 107886 ID: 398fe1


I wonder if suggesters in Sunfish are Old Sam in some way. Sam doesn't seem to be flirting very much with anyone but Annie and Bucky, despite the occasional suggestion for it. Perhaps that is one of the ways Sam is different from Old Sam?
No. 108057 ID: bb78f2

This is now what you think Flint sounds like
No. 108830 ID: bec5e8

Dunno if anyone else has mentioned it, but it looks like Tch'arl is learning to use English verb tenses.
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