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File 139657353479.png - (54.04KB , 405x472 , Energy Quest FAQ.png )
80537 No. 80537 ID: be45a8

Questions? Comments? Future Plot points? Art? Fanart? You can find it all here! Probably.

Oh and I will be actually updating lore info here every so often. Such as the Fall.
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No. 80538 ID: be45a8

Forgot to do that for this image.
No. 80540 ID: 6adc92

Just popping in to thoroughly complement you on this fantastic little world you've started.
I'll admit I only played the long-ago-purchased hemhemhaw-nspiration for this quest shockingly recently, so the mental strain of point and click was still agonizingly fresh in my memory and I quickly put core and core together.
But I adore what you've done with that stepping stone and I really look forward to whatever this'll shape up to be.
And there's a tesla gun. Fuck yes.
No. 80546 ID: be45a8

Oh why thank you. I hope I continue to entertain, and hopefully I don't screw up, or make it uninteresting.
No. 81626 ID: f4e93a

In the beginning. There was nothing, nothing but electricity firing through machines, machines with no purpose. No soul. Nothing but metal without a purpose. The Creator Man was without companionship.

Until one day, Man The Creator decided to bring life to these machines, to give them grand purpose, so man would no longer be alone. It was a wondrous idea! But Man, as powerful as they were, was not perfect. Their first creations were flawed.

Man saw issue in this, and realized, they could not do this alone, but this presented a paradox, their machines were flawed but were made to bring light to a dark and empty world. It was then Man came to a new conclusion. They would build new companions, one by one, and give them the roles as smaller gods to watch over the construction of this new world filled with life. It was a long and tedious process, making each new individual perfect, but eventually it worked.

Each Demi began to create new life, new individuals to bring a voice to the world! Soon those new creations began to build, and the world sang. Not just Bots, but Carbons and Borgs! The Demis had created unique new forms of life! Man began to feel something, something they had never felt before, and it only grew stronger as each and every individual began to speak, bring sound, life, and color to the world.

It was joy, Man was no longer alone.

/End Chapter.

Log off?

No. 82552 ID: 4779d2

For a time. There was peace. It was a golden age of prosperity. Man and his creations, roamed the planet.

Some of the demis under the rule of man saw the world while filled with life, as a bit stagnant, and with Man's approval, began to create something else. Man and his creations had grown bored. Until the demis created something new.

Music. The world was filled with song, and this united it.

But it was not to last forever.

/End Chapter.

Log off?

No. 90085 ID: 4607e1
File 142828165622.png - (80.01KB , 435x415 , Energy Quest Question Logo.png )

Hello and salutations my fellow wanderers of the wastes. I am the Storyteller! I am here to answer all your questions as to what the hell exactly happened! Any and all questions relating to the story at hand are applicable!
No. 90097 ID: 296917

No. 90108 ID: 60700b

What does Volt look like without clothes?
No. 90138 ID: 2a7417

Do AI have a finite lifespan before they go crazy? Is this why Volt has been 'reformatted' by his past selves so often?
No. 90257 ID: 01dded

Because my dear wanderer, it is a time of paranoia and distrust, so few people have faith in their fellow being to not eat their face. It's fixing slowly, but there exist those like Madware and Eddie who do not like people and that does not help their mass paranoia.

Something like the Iron Man suits. Just a lot of fancy interlocking plates to cover the internal systems and still allow flexibility to move. It is common for bots.

Yes actually dear Wanderer! Sure the prospect of a almost immortal body is interesting, only keep it powered and well maintained and you should theoretically last until the planet itself is dead.

But this ignores the fact that once you start to learn so much you go bored, and slowly you isolate yourself and go mad. Some don't reformat themselves at the first sign of madness and simply crash or find a way to keep running, such as Madware.

Volt has lived out multiple lives, each a different individual, some reformatted out of the growing presence of insanity and rather spend their lives miserably shouting at stuff that isn't there chose to move forward. At least a few formatted out of grief.

Any further questions my Dear Wanderers? There is a lot to this story and I will provide what I can.
No. 90258 ID: a19cd5

Do robo-dork have a robo-dick?
No. 90816 ID: 8709b1

Uhm... why would you ask this? Volt is a servitor maintenance model. He is not a sex bot.

Sex bots have those, but that's because they were designed for that purpose, some bots look into that as a upgrade.

But why would you ask if Volt has one?
No. 90935 ID: a19cd5

was a joke, m8
No. 96542 ID: 66629a
File 145032243128.png - (1.82KB , 185x130 , Power Quest Hiatus Notice.png )

I am sad to inform you all that I must take a hiatus from Power Quest. I have been having a few tablet issues, plus I will be seeing family and it won't be until January 7th at the very least that I will hopefully be back.

Hope to see you all again in 3 weeks, I have a lot planned and I don't plan on abandoning this quest no matter how long it takes.
No. 96546 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright, have fun.
No. 96570 ID: cf91e4

Enjoy the holidays, man.
No. 96842 ID: 66629a

I had a very nice time with the family thank you, my tablet is working well. And I have returned.
No. 99622 ID: 66629a
File 146240357668.png - (40.26KB , 609x466 , Power Quest 47-8 background.png )

Hello again, brief update to give a behind the scenes look at what's going on with the Mixer's computer(?) equipment.

I may do this more often with other backgrounds when I get the chance.
No. 101100 ID: 66629a
File 146776411799.png - (51.56KB , 270x376 , Power Quest Computer Building Hiatus.png )

Hey everyone. Short update to say that I'll be on Hiatus again, a relatively short one but I'm getting my computer replaced and that will include building.

I don't know when exactly I'll be back, but to keep interest up. I'll do hand drawings and answer more questions about the lore, backstory, and characters while trying to be as spoiler free as possible.

So feel free to ask about my idea process for this, stuff about characters, or even the lore I do have for this world.

Hell even got future plans so feel free to ask about those.
No. 101648 ID: 66629a

New Computer is up and running just fine. I'll hopefully have a new post eventually, but for the time being I still need to figure out how my tablet works with this.
No. 106256 ID: 66629a

It'll be a bit before part 3 comes out.
No. 106257 ID: 9f3729

Oh, i never sawthis! How mad max did humanityget on its death bed?
No. 106263 ID: 66629a

Short Answer. Not a lot.

Long Answer.
Holy fuck that was a shitshow. To put it in perspective, Volt is about average size to a human at that time, around 5'10" for him. Now think about the Giant Robot, the Guardian as Volt puts it. Humanity at this time had the power to build these giants and give them power to last for years on their own, with this in mind a simple nuclear war wouldn't reduce people to leather bondage and scavenged cars.

Rather, in desperation various nations started a series of wars to get the last resources and get off the planet, slowly as time went on and their machinery broke down from all the fighting they got more into the Mad Max look. It didn't last long because they had so radically altered their environment they couldn't live anymore. Now there are still over a million borgs that came from regular humans and somewhere out there in space is at least one human colony so humans aren't technically ALL dead. Just on Earth and as we know it.

Most have forgotten it by this point resulting in Borgs, Carbons, and Bots worshipping humanity as a Gesalt god just known as "Man".

Hope that explains some things, any other questions? I'd love to answer them! :)
No. 110331 ID: 66629a






No. 110338 ID: 70983e

Oh yeah, I've been ready for- HEY! Who you callin' a tool?!
No. 110346 ID: 66629a

Not you obviously. I'm stating that any gadgets that were picked up along the way are finally going to be used in the end.

Nothing will be left behind.
No. 117106 ID: 66629a

Sorry for taking so long to get onto the final part. Classes took up time and I'm on my way to finishing my education, my future is looking brighter but I lost track of things.

I promise that when I have the chance, I will do part 3 and end this story off. Thank you for your patience.
No. 121267 ID: 66629a

It's taking longer than expected, but with how my current classes are going it's gonna take a lot longer, I'm on my way to completing my film course.
No. 121272 ID: 31b497

Good luck with it!
No. 126862 ID: 66629a

I'm putting Power Quest on a Indefinite Hiatus, I don't know when I'll be able to return and it's been too long, if I even return to questing it'll be something different that's for certain.

I'm sorry to everyone who has been waiting but I've lost the motivation to continue this as much as I do want to, I hope to return to questing some day.
No. 126874 ID: 2a7417

That's a shame, if it helps to know you were among the first quests I followed, and when you return I'll be happy to follow the next quest too.
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