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File 139363880654.png - (204.26KB , 640x640 , questdis.png )
79960 No. 79960 ID: c9b064

Discussion thread might become necessary now.
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No. 79962 ID: 4a75fa

>Yes "power" and this are playing in the same universe. Was pondering wether i should just ressurect that quest, but was unsure whether anybody would still remember it, so I just made a new start. Might still continue the original story, if this here works.
I certainly wouldn't be opposed to seeing Power come back! Things were just getting interesting when it went under.

Granted, this installment has a rather different narrative style, and I'm not exactly sure how you'd want to mesh things. Or when. Or to what extent you'd want the stories to be separate or end up interacting.
No. 79964 ID: ebb477

The two quests wouldn't nescessarily interact at all. I just have some ideas from power I think might be cool and would like to try, but won't be able to put into this quest and vice versa.
If I'd find an interesting approach for some interaction, I'd of course go for it. That's not a main goal though.

Also I can't run two quests at the same time - am too slow at drawing and writing to keep up with the work - so if I end up deciding to pick up power again, it'll have to wait until A New Start has progressed to a point, where I could pause it.
No. 79967 ID: 4a75fa

Fair enough! That's probably the best way to go about it.
No. 79970 ID: 0efdb3

No. 79979 ID: a87e3a

I wonder if linking that is against the board rules?
No. 79981 ID: 379075

Already deleted in case a link to tubgirl is considered something that should have been part of the 'no shock images' rule (if so please change the rules to add "or links to" on the right lines, thanks).
I was making a joke because I have no clue what the heck that 'anustart' post could mean. Is it spam? Is it some joke I don't get?
No. 79982 ID: 379075

On topic question:
I'm finding it interesting, yet also a touch frustrating, how terrible Craig Stone is at recognizing and using suggestions from the voices. Do you have any particular plans to adjust that in future? Is it too much of a spoiler to ask how you determine how he understands and reacts to suggestions?
No. 79983 ID: 8e8934


It's just some play om words on the title i think.

A Nu Start


Since the character started out with enormous physical strength, I wanted to balance that out somehow.
As he is now, Craig has terrible charisma and social skills, so any suggestion that is about direct interaction with other people only works within strict boundaries for the moment.

Whether that changes depends on the goal of the players. If you choose "making friends" as a priority, Craig will learn to recognize and correctly use more suggestions, if you prefer to prioritize combat and punching people through walls, he won't. (That is of course unless you choose a power that'll automatically make him succeed.)

Of course there's also the chance, that I just screwed up and overlooked and misinterpreted some suggestions without noticing. I hope it's the first option though.
No. 79985 ID: 8e8934
File 139377108621.gif - (30.35KB , 200x200 , retractable_spikes.gif )

About the power - It will activate once you go sleeping or take a nap.

You'll get to choose from the suggestions made in the quest or the discussion thread up to that point.

Up till now that would be:

1.Retractable Spikes
3.Control over nightmares
4.Suppress other powers
6.Control over light
7.Mind control
8.Superhuman physical ailities [or no limit to phsical abilities - seems to be the favourite at the current point]- this would include superhuman strength, speed, endurance, metabolism etc. but not mental abilities, like willpower or intelligence - it'll take significantly longer to learn the single talents, than if you just chose superhuman strength instead for example, but gives you more options in the long run.
9.Supernatural inconspicuousness
No. 80002 ID: 379075

>It's just some play om words on the title i think. /n A Nu Start

That seems like a reasonable and plausible guess until you realize that it spells anus. As we are all teenagers and children here there is no way someone could get as far as spelling out anus without noticing that this is the word for shithole. Therefore I think my original guess of a request for someone to link tubgirl or some other 'anus-tart' is more likely (if misogynist) because the alternative is too absurd to contemplate.

As far as misinterpreting suggestions yourself goes, you've certainly got the socially-deficient thug with low educational achievement to hide that kinda problem with. It's approximately impossible to tell what could be your personal failure (if any) instead of your artful-rendering of Craig Stone's difficulties with advanced social, intellectual, and other concepts which would be otherwise rarefied to him.
No. 80009 ID: 1117ae

hehehe. anus.
No. 80011 ID: 6abcd2

I'd like a power that doesn't visually suit Craig. Like teleportation, mind control or power suppression (the Stone Zone?).
No. 80012 ID: 9ddf68

I think most of it is that almost all characters in all the quest we've been in have pretty much have never been a straight up tank character. The reason I'm pulling for the no physical cap is simply because it's not something we've seen very much. That's my two cents on it anyways.
No. 80014 ID: ec9d8b

I'd be interested in seeing an atypical power for someone Craig's size #9 particularly. You're walking along minding your own bussiness and suddenly there is a giant man behind you you hadn't noticed at first grinning like a shark.

This has been cool so far I'm pretty excited to see where this goes!
No. 80019 ID: 2f4b71

#9 is my favourite too. A 7-fot tall slab of chiselled spam that nobody notices? That's fantastic.
No. 80020 ID: d2995c

I call it "The Elephant in the Room" :V
No. 80203 ID: e1609c

A black-hole mouth power.
Basically, stone can unhinge his jaw to cartoonish proportions, and just SWALLOW shit. It gets distributed to him as health.
Obviously there'd be a limit to how big of something he can eat, but he'd be able to dispose of dangerous objects that way.
Just thinking of all the applications of literally just EATING SHIT OUT OF EXISTENCE boggles my mind
No. 80205 ID: a87e3a

So, Matter Eater Lad?
No. 80206 ID: 53ba34

yeah, matter eater lad once ate a doomsday machine that even superman could not damage.
No. 80327 ID: 2c6ff1

With every update that Craig fails his social roll I feel more and more convinced that nightmare/fear control is the most thematically appropriate power he could have.
No. 80333 ID: b3a92e

you know, if fear control can be used to make people not be afraid of Craig all the time, I'm changing my vote to that.
No. 80335 ID: f75ea5


I'd interpret "Control of fear" as the ability to instill, to modify (like creating a specific phobia) or to suppress fear. So that power could be used the way you described.
No. 80338 ID: 2c6ff1

What about creating a manifestation of someone's fears or nightmares? What sort of powerset would include both suppression of fear and summoning terrifying apparitions to assist in combat?
No. 80340 ID: f75ea5


Can't think of something that'd fit this specific set. If you take the manifestation of fears into the whole mix, there'd also be the danger, that you'll choose a power too strong to be properly developed. If you were able to not only manifest nightmares, but also to control them, I'd interpret that as a nearly godlike power.

If control over a fear give you control over its content, that'd let you turn the fear into anything you could imagine, before manifesting it. You could for example make somebody fear a huge pile of money an evil clone of themselves who is absolutely loyal to you, or make them fear some kind of superweapon that's capable of destroying the entire galaxy and so on. Then, after materializing this fear, you'd have money a loyal minion and a superweapon and so on.

Maybe there is some kind of power, that'd fit the requirements without being too strong, but at least I can't think of any. So until somebody has a good idea for that, I'd say you have two options:

1. Control over fear - creates, manipulates and dispels the psychological state of fear within a target - you can't turn that psychological state of fear into anything else though, you can't turn the fear into some other state, like happiness for example, or into a real object.

2. Materialization of fear (as a loyal minion) - with this power you could create a material copy of somebodys fear and, if you add the attachment in the brackets, order that manifestation to do anything it is capable of doing - a vicious dog materialized this way would understand and follow any order a normal dog would be capable of doing - if you materialize the fear of the ocean, than that manifestation would not be capable of doing anything, since a large mass of water is neither capable of thought nor of self propelled action (but you'd also have summoned an ocean into the middle of the room and would therefore have a much more immediate problems).
This option would not allow you to alter any fears. Just to create material copies of them.
No. 80353 ID: 2c6ff1

Well... would a manifestation of nightmares powerset allow us to summon nightmares that we have summoned before, even if the person related to them is not present?
No. 80355 ID: ceca86

That could be an ability you'd be able to learn at a later point in time. You'd be stuck with actually present nightmares at the beginning though.
No. 80368 ID: b2db3e

wait, can we control both sides of the coin? like some sort of courage manipulation that can either make people brave enough to stupidly jump into a pool filled with sharks or make them faint because there are sharks nearby and we just made them selachophobic?
No. 80371 ID: 2c6ff1

Nice. So long as we can unsummon nightmares to get rid of immediately problematic ones like the ocean, that'd be great. Optimally Craig would be able to tell what he could summon from someone's nightmares and pick what to make flesh, of course.
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