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File 139341601993.png - (13.37KB , 182x203 , whiteboard.png )
79906 No. 79906 ID: 34cbef

heh, i originally was gonna name it keeper quest but in the end I decide not to. But I'll still occasionally refer to it as keeper quest.

But anyway, just a thread to talk about keep safe.
No. 79961 ID: 2baea8

At least it wasn't a Rust Monster.
No. 80077 ID: 0c1a69

Hey, wait a minute... I just noticed, after my recent post about the o8, it looks like that human is outside the compound where the Leader is at the door of. This leads me to wonder if my assumptions are wrong and it was just a coincidental meanwhile scene.
No. 80131 ID: 34cbef

i've been very busy lately so updates are incredibly slow
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