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File 126138189933.png - (9.43KB , 800x600 , discussion.png )
7952 No. 7952 ID: 9e9b47

I figured since I was on my third thread I'd make one of these. I'll answer any questions I can. I also may use this thread to dump small bits of info about what's going on, who knows.
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No. 7953 ID: 9e9b47

Oh, right, I'd appreciate any sort of feedback from you, the viewers at home as well of course. Tell me what you like about the quest, and what you don't. Anything you'd like me to change?
No. 7954 ID: c0f3bf

How do they get those pokeballs inside the bottles?
No. 7956 ID: 9e9b47


It's the badly done attempt at a slightly artistic wossname.
No. 7967 ID: 2cbe3e

First, I'd like to go over a quick and obvious point. In my quest, all the pokemon from here on out are gonna be discovered by visual clues in the quest pictures. (With perhaps occasional text clues) I realized quickly that if PCs have the option to go forward or INVESTIGATE THE MYSTERIOUS RUSTLING BUSH they're gonna do the latter, of course.

Setting-wise, I try to keep this quest to the canon (lol) of the video games while staunchly ignoring the anime and manga for the most part unless it's cooler that way. It takes place three years after Pokemon gold and silver, meaning it takes place 6 years after red and blue.

Lastly, because I'm an unoriginal fuck, I'm gonna steal slowpoke's questionnaire from Cutebold Slaughter Fest. I'm interested in your thoughts.

Why do you read my quest?
What would you like to see more of?
What would you rather see less of?
What do you hate about my quest?
If you started reading but stopped, why?
No. 7983 ID: 2cbe3e

Here's one last concern I have for people reading my quest. Does the shitty quality of the art make you not want to read the quest? I've always been under the impression that the art quality was a bit of an issue, but not a huge one. Plus, I'm (very) slightly better than I was to start with. Then again, I'm not you, the audience at home.
No. 7985 ID: d24488
File 126143271589.jpg - (208.17KB , 1036x729 , 1261412044654.jpg )

Do whatever is going on in that picture.
Then I might read your Quest.
No. 7988 ID: 9891a9

I enjoy the wacky adventures that are going on so far, as well as the multiple plotlines that we seem to have only gotten a taste of and will certainly come back to haunt us later.
I would like to see more of the pokemon first-person scenarios somewhere down the line, Mewtwo's worked out great.
I didn't particularly hate it per se, but I was a little off-put at that Steve caught Mewtwo so early on in his quest despite Mewtwo being the super-powerful being that he supposedly is, but you managed to make it interesting and such a fun plot twist that I've completely forgiven you for it.
Lastly, while I'm not one to care about art quality, anyone who only cares about the quality probably isn't someone who cares about the quest itself. I personally like the style you have going on, with no outlines and simple views. I'd even go so far as to rationalize it as what Steve sees the world as due to all his alcoholicism affecting his mind, but that's just me.
No. 7989 ID: 7d87d9
File 126143557435.png - (15.15KB , 101x138 , 310Manectric.png )

But Pikachu is a MOUSE.

If that was a Manectric it'd work better.
No. 8010 ID: 96dac0

The art is fine. It's easy to look at and easy to understand. That's the main thing, really, and you've got that down.
No. 8017 ID: 31fa25

Are you using pokemon from all four generations? I assume so, since we've seen some from Ruby and Sapphire.
No. 8018 ID: f4963f

>Why do you read my quest?
Initially, I just thought the concept of taking something as basic as the familiar red / blue setting and changing one major thing (the protagonist, namely) had a lot of potential. I'm happy to see I was right, it's worked out quite well.

>What would you like to see more of?
Spike. :D
Plot-progression in general, I guess.
Oh, and rampant alcoholism. But I can expect that from Steve.

>What would you rather see less of?
Honestly? Gratuitous sex. I'm a bit more interested in Steve's Pokémon journey, Team Rocket and Zealot than who he's shagging.

>What do you hate about my quest?
Hate is a bit of a strong word? Also, there's no corresponding 'like' question, shame on you!
I can't think of anything in specific that I haven't already mentioned.

>What do you like about my quest?
There. I added it for you.
I like your writing style. You've characterized Steve and Mewtwo very well so far.

>Does the shitty quality of the art make you not want to read the quest?
It doesn't bother me at all. The style works well for the tone of the quest, as well. And I notice you're improving.

>If you started reading but stopped, why?
I never stopped reading, but I did get really close to doing so during the appearance of Mewtwo. The reason for that was, essentially, I felt that the plot was about to get horribly derailed. I remember sort of unicode staring at the screen during the confrontation with Metwo and going 'You're not seriously going to have Steve capture Mewtwo, right?' - to me, Mewtwo represented lame easy mode, and a bit of Mary Suedom.

Since I was looking forward to 'The Adventures of Spike and Steve', suddenly putting the most powerful Pokémon in the setting into his pocket struck me as incredibly bad writing, which surprised me since the quest's writing up until that point had been very /good/. So I found myself trying to guess ahead. 'AHA! There wasn't a Master Ball in the box after all. Man, you got me- oh, wait. There /is/. Joy.' And then 'Aha! The ball is missing! His rival took it, and now he's going to go about it all EZMode while Steve kicks ass through BRO POWER with Spike, leading to a dramatic confrontation- oh, no. The portable nuke is just sitting in our PC. Joy.' I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't stop reading around that point was just a decision to trust you to handle the writing well, since you'd proven good at that in the past. But I really was just teetering on the edge, and if I hadn't loved the quest so much before that point, I'd probably have just dropped interest.

But since then, my opinion's improved again. Quest didn't use Mewtwo as a lame SMASH EVERYTHING hammer like I expected it to, Mewtwo's mostly sat on the sidelines and let Steve's normal 'mon take care of the actual fighting, and most importantly, Mewtwo's writing itself is quite nice. He plays off of Steve very well. So I suppose you could say I took a gamble on the quest not turning lame around the Mewtwo bit, and won on that. But I could see someone else closing the quest at that point. Nobody wants to read about Mary Sue's rampage through the game world with her sparkly unicorn legendary pony of perfect +5.

As I mentioned in the thread, now the only thing that really bugs me is that Mewtwo chews up a team slot, when he feels like he should just be an additional character. I'm sort of narratively opposed to using him as a psychic smash hammer because he trivializes the importance of Steve's team, but his presence means that we can't use, say, MAGNETHEARST or SLOWPOKE, or whichever of the two guys we decide to catch now.

All in all? Love the quest, had a low point, but your writing saved it for me. Keep up the good work. <3
No. 8019 ID: 6faa8c

>Why do you read my quest?
It's fun! It's a departure from the either super-serious (KB, DQ, Panzermensch) and clear joke (Sandwich) quests. It's enjoyable!

>What would you like to see more of?
Moar pokemon fightan! More tactical stuff!

>What would you rather see less of?
lolromance and not pokemon fightan.

>What do you hate about my quest?
Nothing really. The art style is fine, to be honest.
No. 8021 ID: cd1ae7

>Mary Sue's rampage through the game world with her sparkly unicorn legendary pony of perfect +5.

Before the year is out, I will make this quest...
No. 8023 ID: f4963f
File 126153555715.jpg - (92.66KB , 452x438 , Dave.jpg )

And actually, I'd love to read it. Admittedly, in a totally ironic way.
No. 8033 ID: 96dac0

>Why do you read my quest?
It amuses me.
That's the short of it, anyway. The fact that characters are portrayed realistically lends to this, and the fact that it's a setting with which I am familiar facilitates this, as does the relaxed update schedule.

>What would you like to see more of?
Grimdark pokemon stuff, more akin to the slightly modified RPG version that that dude is working on, or the grimdark pokemon stuff considered in those threads on sup/tg/. The storyline is suitably dark for my tastes, but some of the more organic problems deserve some light. Not that they deserve to necessarily take away from the story, so you know, use discretion and shit.

>What would you rather see less of?
Sex has seemed overly dominant of late, but considering past trends, I expect it to cease to be a large focus for quite some time in the near future.

>What do you hate about my quest?
It's far more consistent than anything I could ever get around to doing.

>If you started reading but stopped, why?
I may have stopped for short periods when I didn't have any free time for /quest/, but the infrequency of updates has ensured I was always able to pick up again.

>>What do you like about my quest?
>There. I added it for you.
What makes you think he particularly cares for input there? Positive feedback provides warm fuzzy feelings and all that, but it's not really helpful, since it generally only highlights something that a person has paid particular attention to.
No. 8255 ID: 2cbe3e

Hey guys, thanks a ton for the feedback so far. I'm glad that everyone seems to enjoy this quest more than they hate it. I'm just gonna address a couple of points brought up in your responses.

-First, the Mewtwo issue. Yes, Steve did capture Mewtwo rather early in the story. I did this for a few different reasons however. First and Foremost, Mewtwo is a foil to play against Steve. Most Pokemon are blindly loyal to their master, and so when I started this I began to ponder what an intelligent pokemon would do when forced into the possession of someone like Steve. He's sort of everything Mewtwo hates about humanity. Steve is stupid, doesn't consider pokemon's feelings to be as acute as a human's, and just generally gets smashing drunk with no consideration for anything or anyone. The other reason for his being included is so I didn't have to map out each and every pokemon battle Steve has along the way. Pokemon battles, the way I see it, would get very boring very quickly in /quest/ format. Not that I'm gonna stop adding battles, but I'd like to limit them slightly so we don't beat a dead horse. Also, Steve will still have trouble reaching his goal of Pokemon Mastery even if he has Mewtwo. There's things more powerful than Mewtwo out there.

Sex. Now, sex and romance is something of a double-edged sword. On one hand, Steve wants to fuck pretty much everything with a vagina. His libido is matched only by his blood alcohol levels. I do agree, however, that the Misty date was super fucking boring. I'm not gonna discourage you people when you make any sort of suggestion in my quest, (almost NONE of the situations has ended up like I imagined) but in future I'll try to cut down a lot on the dating shit. There's obviously gonna be more sexual tension in some situations than others, but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Um, I may type more later. Thank you guys for providing feedback, again. It really does help out and it's very appreciated.
No. 8260 ID: 96dac0

>There's things more powerful than Mewtwo out there.
You could argue that Arceus is, but nothing else even comes close. At least, not by the game's numbers.

>I do agree, however, that the Misty date was super fucking boring.
Could have been worse. It wasn't a high point, but it went okay.
No. 8263 ID: 2639f3

There's really no argument, Arceus is totally a better pokemon. And while no other pokemon BEATS Mewtwo in stat points, plenty of others equal him. Lugia, Ho-oh, Giratina, Rayquaza, Palkia and Dialgia to be exact. Other pokemon even come close. Groudon is only 10 points less, for example.

Thanks for the vote of confidence about the Misty part by the way. I appreciate that it could have gone worse. ^_^
No. 8354 ID: fa7b85

Of course Darkrai beats Mewtwo like a bitch. Although what would be a nightmare to Steve considering the amount of obvious brain damage he got
No. 8356 ID: af3e6d

No more booze + planet of only men?
No. 8378 ID: 96dac0

Mewtwo rocks the Special Attack. For psychic pokemon, that's a god stat. He does suffer from a relative dearth of truly awesome moves, compared to other legendaries, but I have a strong suspicion that this will cease to be the case with Heart Gold/Soul Silver, when he will once more be available for normal capture.
No. 8396 ID: fb839e

Just want to say that I very much enjoy that rocket chick as a foil now and look forward to seeing how Mew2's dickery has screwed Steve over.
No. 9296 ID: 35f4de
File 12638469524.png - (4.24KB , 240x160 , the resemblance is uncanny.png )

No. 9304 ID: e45568

You know what I'd like to see, in this or any other pokemon quest (with trainers) down the line?

Something as "epic" as the Red encounter from Gold/Silver. Such a long trek just to get there, and when you did there was no background music, just silence. You walk up to this individual, standing in this nightmaric cave, he turns to look at you "..." and then suddenly the best battle of the series.

Of course this is probably ridiculously hard to make as effective in a /quest/, but if you could you'd be a legend.
No. 9369 ID: bde1b8
File 126393163480.jpg - (129.91KB , 447x598 , Trainer Red.jpg )

"What's wrong? You've only lost two Pokémon. . . Come at me! Send out your legendaries! Bring in Shuckle! Use your hyper potions! The night is still young... Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! The fun's yet to come! Hurry! Hurry! Let me show you... how a true pokemon trainer fights!"
No. 9378 ID: ec4966

Just so, isn't Mewtwo supposed to be some kind of crazily high-end monster? Surpassed only by, like, the inhuman space gods that created time? Is it very likely we'll be fighting those?
No. 9386 ID: 62489a

Mewtwo can still get sucker punched to oblivion by any DARK type.

Or hell, Bug Bite'd by a Scyther/Scizor.
No. 9498 ID: 9e9b47


The goal of Steve's quest is to find and battle both Red and Blue. It's gonna happen at some point.


Thanks! I'm glad some people like Tessa. And you'll most certainly be seeing her in the future.


There's probably not gonna be a ton of gods, no. The other poster's right though. Mewtwo isn't level 100 by the game's standards, so while he's powerful he's still got other Pokemon who could put him in a world of hurt. Dark type Pokemon aren't affected by psychic attacks, after all.


This is by far Steve's worst nightmare.
No. 9816 ID: 62489a
File 126474132935.gif - (24.58KB , 763x1080 , gaaay.gif )

No. 9817 ID: 62489a

No. 9818 ID: b6a47e
File 126474188191.jpg - (6.48KB , 263x279 , Mr Bill.jpg )

Y'know Steve, I can't help but think that I've seen you somewhere before...
No. 9822 ID: fa7b85

Steve is a crazy arm waving tube guy?!
No. 9824 ID: 3416ec

Oh nooooooooooooooo!
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