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File 139094346228.png - (63.35KB , 430x376 , FAQ and Discussion.png )
79313 No. 79313 ID: 008180

Where in I answer as many questions that may plague you about my quests without giving away too much I plan for spoilers and such while I ramble.

The Quests in Question:
Strange New World - http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/545842.html
Afterlife - http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/555404.html
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No. 79318 ID: 379075

Somehow I have a hard time imagining anything you could possibly reveal in Strange New World that isn't a spoiler. So my first question would be: Is there anything you can think of that wouldn't be a spoiler?
No. 79319 ID: 008180
File 139095309148.png - (57.70KB , 424x391 , Echo Bot says.png )

Who knows. Maybe Future Quests will involve robots!
No. 79325 ID: 008180

Anything that wouldn't be a spoiler for Strange New World? Sorry I didn't see that before. Anyway, you get a new mask, that's clearly not a spoiler. And you get a chance to craft a weapon itself. You get some help. And you meet up with the locals. Of both sides.
No. 79345 ID: 379075

>And you meet up with the locals. Of both sides.

How dualistic.

What's the world of Afterlife like?
No. 79346 ID: 008180
File 139103710583.png - (108.61KB , 415x300 , A basic summary.png )

I admit it's rather dualistic in a sense of factions.

The world of Afterlife is relatively a hellhole for Humanity. It's a nuclear and chemical wasteland out there, with sandstorms, anomalies and mutants. During the day the heat is only mitigated by sandstorms and during night it is rather cold.

Humanity is relegated to safe havens of cities where progress and research can be done under the watchful eyes of Cabinets, typically with one person as the head.

The exact time after the war or cataclysm that ended the world as we know it is left undefined, but definitely over a century.
No. 79466 ID: 008180
File 139147377097.png - (752.19KB , 838x1203 , Volt Of the Wastes.png )

This. This is a robot character of mine. He will be in a quest. Perhaps his own. Maybe in Afterlife (in his own is more likely.)

So yeah. New things!
No. 79491 ID: 379075

Cliffhanger-dropping a quest, really?

*adds three chips to the jerk-move counter, and one to the interesting counter*
No. 79493 ID: 008180

Yeah sorry about that. But I was losing interest in Strange New World. But I didn't want to just end it on a happy note, so I decided for the idea of a Gainax ending.

Who knows. Maybe I'll return to it one day. And it'll probably be better!
No. 79510 ID: 379075

You're doing it wrong, here. Let me give you some help:

"It's my quest and I needed a cool crisis to launch the second chapter, if an when I ever get around to it. Your anguish fills me with glee, because it means I did a good job."

Seriously, artistic license covers jerk moves as long as you don't do them all the time.
No. 79515 ID: 008180

Ah thank you! That sums it up nicely.
No. 79598 ID: 41dd9e

just got done playing the source material. damn that was a good game.
No. 79604 ID: 5150f4

Indeed it was! Hence why Power Quest draws elements from it. Differences will be made obvious eventually.
No. 80461 ID: be45a8
File 139623292755.png - (19.28KB , 159x220 , Echo Bot happy.png )

Oh hey Power Quest got it's own icon!

That's a good sign isn't it?
No. 80462 ID: e1609c

It's lookin' promising, yo.
plus, I've always been a huge sucker for robutts.
No. 80469 ID: be45a8

Well I am glad you like it Archivemod
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