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File 139083640078.png - (93.94KB , 1000x750 , Wakey.png )
79275 No. 79275 ID: 24eceb

I have returned to tgchan after a long bit of absence and since I recently reread the stuff that inspired the quest I did like over three years ago before losing all faith in my drawing ability, I kinda feel like trying to revive it.
Do you guys think it's worth the trouble?
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No. 79277 ID: 4a75fa

If you want to do it, and you feel like you can, I say go for it. Worst case is the quest just dies again, which isn't any worse off than it is now.

Although, since I haven't actually read Critical Failure (it died before my time), I can't advise if you'd be better off rebooting, starting a new thread, or pulling the last one back out the graveyard at this point. (You'd probably at least want to do a recap).
No. 79279 ID: 24eceb

At least someone recognised it!

>Worst case is the quest just dies again, which isn't any worse off than it is now.
Well, can't argue with that.

I think it would be best to start a new thread. Dragging stuff up from the graveyard seems more trouble than it's worth. After all, the old threads are accessible from the wiki.

A recap is a good idea. I'll think on that.
No. 79280 ID: 13ef94

Yeah you should do that :D i always looking forward reading ongoing quests :D
No. 79281 ID: 9ddf68

ok after finding out what quest this was and reading it I can say I would be very happy to see this quest come back.
No. 79282 ID: 53ba34

awww yeah, been so long man.
No. 79283 ID: 24eceb

Okay, cool.
I'll plan some stuff, make a recap and start posting soon.
Let's hope it lasts for a bit longer this time.
No. 79284 ID: 24eceb
File 139085700066.png - (54.79KB , 258x580 , OIT-R-U-25-A.png )

Have a sketch for being good sports.
No. 79287 ID: 53ba34

cool. let's start planning now while we wait...

let's start with post 237892 from the last thread.
yes, we were flying longer then they were searching. would say the company OIT was probably around for a much longer time then our flight time. so... let's say 1000 years. things fell apart, we were still in the air. eventually we ran out of gas and sent out the distress call. A and B and the rest of their team were sent out to get us, which they could finally do since we would be on the ground.
No. 79288 ID: 9ddf68

I thought we were only flying around for 200 years before running out of fuel, but it from what B told us it does sound like OIT knew we were crashing before we did, or maybe we put up the destrease signal when we saw we were low on fuel and just don't remember because of the crash
No. 79289 ID: 2f4b71

Didn't catch it the first time round, but it seems pretty cool (kind of BLAME!-ish, which is always a good thing). Heck yeah, continue!

We might not have been jet-turbine powered, but some flavour of nuclear turbine or ramjet. The theoretical loiter-times for those were projected to be easily into the multi-decade range. Heck, we might have been some sort of persistence-deterrent weapon, if OIT were unable to recall us remotely (though in that case, 'cargo' would probably have been referred to as 'payload' instead).
No. 79305 ID: 53ba34

yes we were flying for 200 years, i am saying the company that funded our manufacture is far far older. if we found the elder of Zilee's village the bodyjack may have been fully successful since they would of had a less unusual brain structure.

also... looking at our sip again in the first post of the first thread... i'm not sure t was a standard craft. i think it was an escape craft. it was part of something larger and broke away.
No. 79310 ID: 24eceb

And we're started: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/559869.html
No. 79316 ID: 24eceb

I somewhat overestimated my drawing ability.
Sorry, folks, this stuff takes longer to draw than I thought, so it'll take a liiiittle more time until I can present you with a situation that can actually use your input.
Thank you for your patience.
No. 79321 ID: 7f84c5

Don't worry! your quest is very enjoyable!
I just read the last 3 parts!
Just take the time you need!

I think they would be better within the archive than the graveyard, though...

Any moderator that has some time to move them?
No. 79348 ID: 24eceb

Does anybody know a good way to contact the moderators?
No. 79351 ID: e160b2

well, last time I heard it would be best to look within the chatroom for them...
But as moderators they will probably also reading some posts, I guess...
the FAQ stats:
"Q: Where are the IRC channels?"
"[...] Please refer to #tgchan channel for actual mod contact."
No. 79353 ID: 53ba34

why are people questioning the control thing?
yes we SHOULD have been able to take full control of her body. but it failed because the "birther" machine is not working properly so her brain is not a registered design, it's grown more naturally.
No. 79390 ID: 24eceb

Side note: Thanks for the tip. The old threads have been resurrected from the graveyard and are now in the archive where they belong.
Also: I'm not gonna comment on stuff that might become important later in the story. As such I'll just not confirm or deny anything about the unusual brain structure thing.
No. 79507 ID: 24eceb

Can I just say these philosophical questions you're raising in there?
You guys are awesome!
No. 79658 ID: 24eceb
File 139220791638.png - (334.72KB , 1000x750 , Constructeck.png )

I apologise for the sporadic updates. Here, have some concept sketch crap.
Proper update will follow shortly
No. 79885 ID: 53ba34

i wonder if we will be able to talk to these machines more if we ever get connected to that cryptography database.
No. 80031 ID: 4207a5
File 139406175219.png - (144.42KB , 1024x1500 , Transhumans-Vec.png )

I just noticed something funny. Way in the beginning, I actually used to draw Zilee with a nose.
Another funny thing is that in the first picture I ever drew of A, she has a nose as well. Look here.
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