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File 139000459129.png - (89.77KB , 341x239 , LinaRef.png )
79113 No. 79113 ID: db9156

in the first place I'd like to thank tgchan for the warm welcome, it's been a fun experience!

moving on, I'd like to establish a thread so more technical or meta discussion can be had without disrupting the flow of the main thread

second, a few disclaimers

-I am not english language native, so if I use the wrong words or incorrect grammar, let me know, it's a learning experience for me!

-as I stated, I am leaning on D&Desque mechanics but try not to take it too serious, I mix and mash mechanics from 3.5, AD&D, 4th ed, and even Next, the platform is there but only for the sake of a narrative without bias,

I have been rolling dice on my table for a lot of things like her juggling or to see if she could stand the nauseas, but the top priority is the reasoning/storytelling of you, the audience, and next my own ideas, the stats/modifiers/dice rolls are just to offer a dash of uncertainty and 'hand of destiny' rather than an arbitrary railroading

-for those who asked, no, I have never played/mastered Call of Cthulu or any other like tomb of horrors, in fact I dislike 'from the book' type of adventures, and truth be told, when I DM, most times my players seem to ask for horror and intrigue over straight-out combat so really I have no influence on narrative other than my local players

now, on Lina

she's a cross between Druid and Cleric, I'll be keeping here a detailed list of her available spells, as for the rest of her features, I'd rather let the players slowly stumble across them (unless you'd rather start knwoing a bit more, I'll gladly disclose it here)

her species is loosely based on the Dorset Horn sheep, her skin colour mainly comes from her mother's side and a bit of spending too much time out in the sun

she is 19 at the time and currently has 3 little siblings
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No. 79114 ID: db9156

every morning, she has to pray for at least one hour in order to replenish her spells, by default, she will pick Purify Food and Water, Cure Minor wounds and Sanctuary, mainly because they have served her quite well in her day-to-day life, but given circumstances she might choose to change the lineup

(she has unlimited use of these per day, go wild)
-Cure Minor wounds
restores 1hp, can automatically stabilize dying subjects
-Know direction
instantly discern North

minor reparation to nonmagical objects, in her case, minerals, she can weld small chainlinks or rings, fix small cracks on glass and similar structures, she can attempt it on fabrics or wood but it doesn't always works

-Purify food and drink
1cubic ft of food or water per level
(1cubic ft water = 8 galons or 60 pounds)

grants 1 temporary hit point plus a +1 bonus to will saves for one encounter

Level 1 spells
she can cast up to three per day, she can choose to cast a spell as a ritual, instead of instantaneous, wich takes a full minute in casting, in wich case the spell does not counts to her limit of spells per day

grants self and every ally a morale on bonus, particularly against fear

-Divine favor
(only on self) grants a temporary luck bonus and a small boost in strenght for the rest of an encounter

Grasses, weeds, bushes and vines wrap and entwine critters, impairing their movement, the effect might vary depending on the nature of the entangling plants

-Magic Horn
grants a bonus enhancement to either hooves or horns (she has to pick during casting) plus it can be applied to another creature's natural attacks like bites or claws

as long as the target of this spell does not attack, a foe attacking must attempt a will save, if the foe succeeds the check, the attack succeeds, if the foe fails the check, the target can not be harmed by targeted spells, effects or even physical attacks, this effect lasts 1 round per level

domain spells:
these can be used one per day and are considered a blessing that comes from the bond with the element of earth
-Magic Stone
it imbues up to three small rocks or empty glass bottles with a small explosive force, causing them to deal extra damage when thrown, it is not enough to make objects catch on fire nor propel other objects
No. 79117 ID: d2995c

>I have never played/mastered Call of Cthulu or any other like tomb of horrors, in fact I dislike 'from the book' type of adventures
Call of Cthulu isn't a DnD adventure; it is an entirely different pen and paper RPG with a horror theme. For perspective, Call of Cthulu invented the sanity stat (which functions like hit points for mental stability), and it is often said that move speed is the most important attribute so that you are eaten last.
I was making a comparison that this quest seems headed that way, which isn't a bad thing. (Well, it is bad news for the protagonist, but not for the quest's quality.)

A few mechanics questions:

We have both Cure Minor Wounds and unlimited orison use? Most systems I've seen have one or the other to prevent the player from healing to full at every resting point, though that use might not be unbalanced in this quest since it is more focused on mystery/horror than combat, and also since our party size is currently one.

Is there a limited number of spell slots for Orisons (which your second post seems to say by listing them among the prepared spells)?

Do rituals need preparation, and is there a limit on how many we can use in a day?
No. 79120 ID: bca1e4

Dumb question:
How do faith points work, and how do they interact will spellcasting?
No. 79121 ID: cf49a1

hmm mmm, I have heard from tomb of horrors from fellow DM's, and it has been said it has a lot of parallels, and the D20srd provides plenty of info on sanity points (compatible with 3.5 system), how to heal them and most important, how to inflict them and the effect of sanity lost

I must say I am somewhat tempted to dabble on that mechanic, but since it is new to me and I fear I might mess up something, I might not apply it to it's full extent, better stick to what I am sure about, however, once again, this is an adventure of experimenting for me, so who knows!

the thing with Orisons being unlimited comes from D&DNext, and yes, the lv0 healing spell is called 'spare the dying' and it specifically states that it only works to bring a character from negative hp to 1.

however, yes, this is no party, it's a one character thing, also notice she has no 'big' healing spells

eh, besides, more than genere or dificulty, she seems like someone who'd rather aproach situations with brain rather than brute strenght so I am not very worried about this 'breaking' anything

those four orisons are preety much at-will and at her full disposal as long as she remains a priestess

no, there's no limit, but also, it's very little likely that this will break anything, magic stone/horn/fang sanctuary and what not tend to last very long, so it wont matter if those are cast repeatedly, it's little likely they will affect much, and one minute in-combat is, well, not something a single character can survive just kneeling prone

again, ritual casting is listed as a 10 minute thing in D&D next, but this is a single player thing and so forth (besides, not all spells can be cast this way, obviously the ones that last longer, and it is specified in the description)

usually for divine magic this requires a holy symbol, in her case, her stone hammer is the focus for channeling her divine magic, so she needs nothing else
No. 79122 ID: cf49a1

it's a homebrewn thing, I understand pathfinder has something with a similar name, but in my case, it's a mechanic I implemented to reward characters who obey a faith (not necesarly clerics/druids, but, say, you are a bard who worships olidamara and you dedicate every performance to him, throw parties in his name and blah blah blah, you earn faith points.

later on, the character may plead to Olidamara for fortune, depending on how convincing (and dramatic!) the player was, I could turn faith point(s) into temporary bonuses, micro-versions of the comunion spell (as in, granting 'inspiration' to the character as to wich route might be safest or 'hunches' of wich choice would probably be best) and at most, if the actions would be favorable for their deity or a matter of life or death, three faith points could be turned in for a re-roll

but again, it's subjective and very depending on how the player pulls it off

spoilers: you guys are doing great~ she has been sticking quite nicely to character so she's racking up a bunch of merits
No. 79148 ID: 2f4b71
File 139016619742.png - (63.67KB , 1280x800 , storeroom.png )

Clear image of the storeroom
No. 79149 ID: 3419eb
File 139016641568.png - (419.07KB , 1280x800 , darkroom5.png )

haha, was going to release this if asked here
No. 79153 ID: a87e3a

An unlimited 1hp healing spell means that given time we can recover from any wound, and that goes for our allies too. Personally I think that's fine for a low-mortality quest, and considering we're fighting a force of madness instead of a physical force we can't exactly cheat with it.
No. 79157 ID: 4a75fa

There could be additional restricts, like we can't multistack on one person. Or the period between castings could make sitting down and healing to full one by one a significant investment.
No. 79159 ID: 3419eb

okay, need three anons to give 1d8, I'll average the result to give an HP increase

Lina aquires one Orison and one Lv1 spell, any kind of utility you'd like added? support, exploration, defensive, offensive?
No. 79160 ID: 4a75fa

rolled 5 = 5

A more direct healing or support kind of thing? We didn't really have many options to help the afflicted soul before.

Maybe a utility spell that allows limited reshaping of stone (dependent on skill and/or power). Could be useful for all kinds of problem solving, or for creative tactical applications.
No. 79161 ID: a87e3a

rolled 5 = 5

I'm not sure what sort of spells to ask for, but it doesn't look like we have any real defensive buffs yet.
No. 79162 ID: 4a75fa

Hmm. And now that I actually read the update- it might be interesting to include her musical skill in later casting. Maybe as part of the longer ritual-style casting.
No. 79163 ID: 3419eb

treating mental afflictions is no easy task, it could be done but only by truly experienced clerics

posible sugestions for this level's orison:
-Light: causes a touched object to glow, can be dismissed at will
-Detect Magic: it has a certain delay, but it can identify magic auras

and sugestion for lv1 spells:
-SHield of Faith: aside from providing a boost to AC, it can provide a temporal boost of the Sanity score of +10

-Animate Rock
you can infuse a small amount of rock with life for 1round/level (so, currently two) and instruct it to attack, defend or carry simple tasks
No. 79164 ID: d2995c

I vote Detect Magic for orison, as it is hard to deal with magic you can't even see. Light is extremely useful, but it has a partial substitute (torches/lanterns), while Detect Magic has no substitute.

For the first level spell I vote Shield of Faith, though Animate Rock looks fairly desirable as well.
No. 79165 ID: d2995c

rolled 7 = 7

Trying the dice again
No. 79167 ID: 4a75fa

Uh, dang. Tough choices.

Animate isn't exactly what I wanted, but there are probably all kinds of creative ways we can apply being able to create our own drones from stone while underground. Problem is, something like shield of faith is essential for a cleric, especially since we're solo, and going up against a known mental hazard. So our choice is kind of made of us, there.

Detect magic identifies magical auras? As in- it tells you what they are? It doesn't give you the ability to sense them in the first place? Does being a caster give her ability to sense magic (but not identify it) already? (Not sure if that's a deliberate distinction you're making, or an accident of word choice).

I think I'd prefer light, really. We're going underground, and knowing we'll never be blind is a pretty valuable tool. (Plus, there's always the sneaky application of making things glow that shouldn't. That's a useful trick for catching an opponent off guard and causing painful blindness in a sticky close combat situation).

If we're really clever with what we light up, it's also a fallback means of communication. (Long distance signals, or writing on rocks or dirt).
No. 79168 ID: a87e3a

I vote we take Detect Magic and Shield of Faith. Animate won't be terribly useful out of combat since we're so low level. 2 rounds is 12 seconds. Not much time to do anything!
No. 79171 ID: 3419eb

being a divine caster doesn't gives an innate ability to detect them, that'd be a spellcraft skill from an arcane caster

she does however, has a natural affinity to earth magic an can sense it by default

as for the spell:
Detect magic
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

For the duration, you sense the presence of magic within 25 feet of you. If you sense magic, you
can use your action to see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in the area that
bears magic, and you learn its school of magic, if any.
The spell can penetrate most barriers, but it is blocked by 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common
metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or
No. 79172 ID: 3419eb

hp total increases to 18, btw
No. 79422 ID: 1c2a0c

an apology to all, I had several things going on with life that kept me away but I'm back in full force, just need a little kickstarter for picking up the art and we'll be back on track, again, sorry for the inconveniences but things will go on~
No. 79427 ID: d2995c

It is good to hear that you are still around. It keep us from... abandoning hope. *rimshot*
No. 79643 ID: db9156

sanity loss from close exposure to mangled corpse, -3

total sanity up at 82, still rather healthy and way over the norm
No. 79695 ID: a87e3a

Is there a sanity recovery mechanic?
No. 79696 ID: db9156

rolled 2, 10, 4, 5, 8, 8, 3, 3, 7, 1, 8, 1, 10, 3 + 30 = 103

damn, natural 20 spellcraft check!

okay so your master preety much never shut up about the subject, he has a natural knack for making them and he tried to teach you once or twice how to make them, but of course the best you could was to make a little lump of mud to move a few inches

recalling things, you figure out the following:

-to create a golem, first you need a physical shape, he has the spell of stone shape, wich he used to create your hammer, with it, with his skill, he could reform simple clay into the complex shape you see in less than six seconds

-the animating process is very short, almost instantaneous but usually drains a lot of his energy for a while, however you know he has very expensive scrolls wich can animate the golem without draining his strenght, last you knew he had three on him, so, he must be down to two if he's been taking care of them

-if not given a direct order, the golem usually takes the shape of it's creator, regardless of the scale, you have seen him create tiny foot long golems and beasts twice your height, he left without giving you warning or saying anything to your relatives, so it's little likely he knew you'd be tagging along, I think I'll go with >>562318 c) also, the pieces of scarf are clean from blood but the stone underneath isn't, so that was probably added after the literal rumble

-a created golem will last until it is destroyed, it will ALWAYS follow it's creator's commands, it can be commanded to obey someone else, and that person can command it to obey yet someone else, but the original creator always has priority, in the absence of an 'owner' it will remain carrying the last given order, you assume that it was some kind of defensive order so it will probably not move until it senses danger, OR it feels threathened

-you know it is inmune to magic and it can unleash a tremor wave that slows down those nearby for a few seconds, but it can only do so once per day, it's not sure if it has done so recently or not

-you have such an understanding of the magic binding together AND the nature of the materials, that you know that it's HP is (wichever number the dice result is)

AC: 21
Hit: +18 (2d10+9)
Darkvision traits
moves about 20% slower than you
No. 79762 ID: db9156

as to avoid cluttering the main thread, I am placing the posible outcomes here

1-have a jealous fit, so your Master left you to 'comfort' some other ladies? react poorly and make sure they won't be a danger to themselver or to others

2-5Try to reason with them that they have to stay and ensure someone will come to help them

6-9"HEY LOOK WHAT IS THAT THING" and then run away, they where good without you, why not let it stay that way?

10-12provide for them, spend a little extra time fortifying the place and make sure they are well set and leave

13-15run off on your own all the way back town, get help and return as fast as you can, it doesnt takes that long with a horse, right?

16-19can't just leave them on their own, Master can take care on his own, right? and he went out of his way to help them, better honor his deeds like a good disciple

20- magnets, magic and miracles
No. 79763 ID: a87e3a

What? Shouldn't suggestions be deciding that, rather than dice?
No. 79765 ID: 3419eb

yes, but the problem is, there where a lot of GOOD sugestions but each pointing in rather diferent ways, and with no sugestion lacking good logic, it seemed like the way to go, unless I'm overseeing something and then I'm willing to correct myself

I just see it as when we have many ideas at once but we just go with the one the whim hits closer to
No. 79766 ID: 4a75fa

Yeah but... like half the things rolled for there weren't suggested. No one was jealous at them, or pointing at a three headed monkey and ducking out, or suggested fortifying, or running back to town alone. There was a 2-1 disagreement if moving them right now was a good idea, without any further specifics.

I mean, the one thing we agreed on was to break the news of their brother's / husband's passing to them.

14's far from the worst option on the list, but that does mean we're double-timing it back to town, and then escorting transport to and from the house after dark, possibly with monsters on the road. Not sure how to limit the risks on that.
No. 79776 ID: b04316

all valid points, the jealousy option was provided as a massively bad scenario on a negative roll, it was not sugested by anyone but it IS relevant to the character's provided backstory, however I'll give you that, I'll go back on that and work with what sugestions I have in a les random manner, thanks for the feedback
No. 79777 ID: 4a75fa

Well, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with rolling for outcomes. Especially if there's no other way to resolve a deadlock. It's just, rolling for our character's decisions or emotions feels a lot weirder than rolling for the outcome of an attempted action. It feels like things that should be up to us, or determined by who the character is, are being left up to chance.

There's also nothing wrong with the character having a bad or unexpected reaction, contrary to what the suggesters might have wanted. Or having the character to use their own judgement to interpret unclear instructions, or to get by when there's no consensus. Or even to hesitate or lock up, if we're divided badly enough. That's part of the medium, unless the player-character gap is nonexistent.
No. 89942 ID: ec1947
File 142775017587.jpg - (44.74KB , 600x597 , hammertime.jpg )

I think I'll go with that, thanks Anon
No. 89989 ID: 296917

Are you just taking the first suggestion you get every update? That isn't cool.
No. 89992 ID: ec1947

I try to take all in account, was there something I overlooked or should I try to pace down slower?
No. 89993 ID: bd8b82

okay what is a good roll and what is a bad one? we are getting contradictory information. an 18 should have been a good roll and made the spell work. unless this thing has a stupid amount of spell resistance. what the hell is being rolled for?
No. 89994 ID: 82c018

Maybe it was his saving throw rather than our spell roll?
No. 89996 ID: ec1947

I deliberately had her perform a new spell (Calm Emotions) wich not only would have the benefit of him not attacking, but rather inmediately make him friendly, and yes, that was his saving throw (the DC for Calm Emotions and Sanctuary is 12, he just had a very high roll)

I do have her updated sheet of stats/spells, but I was waiting until this is over to send it out

after that, he rolled an attack on disadvantage because he was freaking out due to the emotional turmoil (roll two d20's, take the smallest result... thankfully ignoring the natural 20 but 16 is enough to hit unarmored)
No. 89997 ID: ec1947

part of Lina's emotional turmoil and 'change of heart' was actually to acomodate the D&D 5edition spells/rules on her, and by that I mean, less charts, less fluff, more narrative

(by the way, the d100 rolls I asked was to determine gender of the coyote)

but yeah, since she still is in a daze, she tried to wing it as best as she could, I did not ignored the suggestion for sanctuary, it was a viable option but seeing as she did not had her focus on hand, did the next best thing, but even if she had used sanctuary, his save was too high and would have been overcome anyways

regarding replies, I try to keep the thread flowing and often I'll go with the first reply to move it fast, if multiple responses are given, I'll try to conform to her mindset

is there a norm? should I wait for 2-3 replies? right now the 'knock him out' reply seems fair, but up to you guys how this will be handled
No. 89998 ID: 82c018

I think most of us prefer waiting for 2-3 replies, since some of us... tend to disagree with some other posters a lot.
Do we have a new character sheet / spell list with the 5ed transition?
No. 89999 ID: ec1947
File 142795506271.png - (938.35KB , 1920x1200 , Neo Lina.png )

very well, I'll try to pace down, right now I will hold off for 20 minutes if not, I'll crash on bed and reply tomorrow

the character sheet is here, also, instead of spell slots and levels, figured I'd go for a more flexible manapool system
No. 90003 ID: 88960e

I'd agree it did feel a little fast the last few updates. I appreciate the safety net that other suggestors can idiot check you, or think of something better.

For instance, my sanctuary idea was pure 'check stat sheet- is any of this applicable' since it seemed like talking him down didn't work. I actually thought the subsequent realizing who he was and appealing to that was more clever, since it picked up on the hint you gave us in the text I'd missed.

>new state sheet
I think the only new spell I'm not sure I can guess the effect from the name is spare the dying. Is that literally for stabilizing?

We lost purify, and we used that a few times. Does that effect get lumped under mend now or something?
No. 90005 ID: 225ed3


I guess I got on a roll while doing the dream sequence haha, sorry :Bc

only reason I took the control was because it ideally seemed like there was not much differnce and it'd show that she has a new skillset, but worry not, full usage of spells/skills/attacks go back to readers now

yes, spare the dying is an automatically "heal to 1hp" spell, it doesn't stacks up, to prevent abuse

my mistake, she does retains Purify Food and water, adding it to the 1mana spell pools
No. 90028 ID: 9c7387
File 142810161275.png - (966.78KB , 1920x1200 , Neo Lina.png )


channel divinity
-you can either drive away the undead or control low level earth elementals

your bond with earth allows you to speak with animals at will

Barkskin, once a day, for one hour, you turn your skin to a tougher texture, granting a total of 16 ac regardless of wich armour you are wearing

cantrips (unlimited):
.shillelagh - you turn a wooden club or stick into a magical weapon dealing 1d8+2 damage, able to affect incorporeal targets, the handle of your hammer counts for this, it loses it's magical quality if you let go of it

.thorn burst, you bash your hammer to the ground and cause a spike of stone to emerge from the ground (100ft reach) and fly upwards at the target, (1d20+4 to hit) if the opponent is a living being, they are allowed a reflex save (12) if failed, they bleed from the deep wound losing 1hp for 1d6 turns)

.guidance, grant a 1d4 to any skill check, yours or your partner's

.mending, fix simple objects

.spare the dying, bring a dying subject back to 1hp
1 mana
.purify food and water, up to 3 sq.ft. of material

.bless, confer a moral boost, up to three targets can get 1d4 to any roll during this encounter

.sanctuary, enemies attacking you must overcome a wisdom save (12), if it fails, they can not attack you for the duration of the encounter, spell fails if you attack them

.detect magic, allows you to figure out if there is a magic precense, it's type and location, it is blocked by sheets of metal, or thick stone walls, depending on the magic's strenght, your information might take a small while to be clarified

.cure wounds, you recover 1d8+4 HP, for each mana point you spend, you can recover additional d8's

2 mana
.calm emotions, up to 6 subjects around you perform charisma saves, (12) on a failed save they are calmed down and relieved from any mental effect, aggresive opponents lose will to fight unless provoqued, however they may retain hostility, targets may willingly fail the save

.spike growth, you set a trap to a 20square foot area, it takes a 12 spot check to notice it, you may center the trap anywhere in a 60ft radius, for every 5ft anyone walks in it, they take 2d4 damage from erupting stone spikes, plus they must succeed on a 12dc constitution check or have their speed halved until their wounds are treated

.suggestion, your words come out as extremely favorable, even to enemies, if they directly contradict their beliefs, they are allowed a dc12 charisma save, it fails if the suggestion puts them or their allies in direct danger
No. 90030 ID: 9c7387
File 142810206916.png - (390.54KB , 1280x800 , TanavarSheet.png )

aside from the +2 to dex or int, Tanavar gets his proficiency bonus duplicated for his class skills (effectively making Acrobatic, Investigation, Stealth and Athletics 1d20+6)

-sneak attack
he deals 1d6 extra damage with finese or ranged weapons to foes he has an advantage against, this includes (but not limited to) unaware, distracted, prone, blind, unstable etc etc

-thieve's cant
he is able to read hidden messages and signs not only from his mercenary guild but a good deal of other asociations, likewise, he is able to comunicate messages in regular conversations to guild member but it takes four times as long to convey such a hidden message

cunning action
as a bonus action, he can dash, hide or disengage during his turn without it costing movement
No. 90036 ID: 296917

Oh dear.
No. 90041 ID: 9c7387

so, hiking during the weekend, derping around, not sure if phone will catch signal up there nor do I particularly want to drain the battery/dataplan haha, but yeah, I'd kinda like to remain in the loop, even if the story doesn't advances, I'm likely going to take my sketchpad and charcoals, so, accepting sugestions of A.H. related sketches in the woods :B be it canon or non canon, background story or future speculations etc, give me something to do |3
No. 90043 ID: 82c018

Maybe sketch one of the bulldog monsters now that someone who has seen them is a perspective character?
No. 90045 ID: a1c061

that needs to be a thing, yes
No. 90105 ID: cf91e4

That sneak attack is OP as fuck in the 5th edition. In there the extra damage also applies when any allies are near(5 ft)the enemy(so long as your own char does not have disadvantage), the fact you can do the sneak attack with any ranged weapon, you get an extra d6 of damage every other level, the fact that any crits you do double all damage dice, and you can use it for opportunity attacks.

I picked the rogue mage archetype so I can use one or two spells too. (including a cantrip that gives me advantage on any creature the next turn, and a lvl 1 spell that adds +5 to my ac for a turn as a reaction) Rapier as the melee weapon because it's 1d8 finesse.

I assume you are going to use it as you listed though, because you are mixing some other mechanics.
No. 90106 ID: 225ed3

he's only lv2, but totally going assassin archetype, and while it is heavily leaning towards 5th ed, some variety might apply, Lina is primarly a Cleric of Nature domain but some of her spells are tweaked to go off from earth element, Tanavar is primarly a Rogue Assassin, but he will let go thieving skills in exchange for fighter-esque skills

however let's asume Lina was distracting or fighting a target, Tanavar would have advantage against such a target so sneak applies
No. 90183 ID: 225ed3
File 142868213937.png - (333.32KB , 1280x800 , bug2.png )

rolled 8 + 2 = 10

bam, right in the... well not quite face but he nailed the critter spot on!
No. 90184 ID: 225ed3

no.... NOooooooo wasted a perfectly full damage on the quesdis thread haha D:
No. 90262 ID: 225ed3
File 142897218347.png - (73.78KB , 269x176 , LinaWoodscorreccionprevhi.png )

Aaaanyways, pit stop for chapter 2 guys

I have learned plenty from this combat, I decided to take tanavar's bonus rolls as a fixed bonus in order to streamline the combat, also when Lina and Tanavar attack simultaneously I'll do the rolls in a single post, also I am implementing a new mechanic starting... NOW, Courage tokens, they are earned once per level or upon particularly heroic deeds, characters may expend a courage token in order to do a free attack at full damage without accuracy roll

in my head the dice mechanics where fun but I realize some might have been confused by them at first, so, I am trying to cut back on unnecesary rolls as much as possible but still keeping that random element, wich, truth be told, allows a lot of fun character growth

regarding the characters, both Lina and Tanavar level up to Lv4 and Lv3 respectively, Lina gets to have an ability score increment, wich area should she become better at?

regarding the author, I guess I had my flaws earlier, but I hope I am pacing myself properly now, comments or complains well recived
as for the art style, I've been trying mixing real media, art from the tablet etc, all for the sake of remaining active even when away from the computer, but, what do you guys think? you'd rather have me keep a more consistent style, or are you ok with the slightly variant styles? I -am- working on improving the quality from the tablet sketches, but it's cnsiderably more challenging

lastly, anything to point out, ask or sugest?

I'll likely take tomorrow to fish feedback here and prepare the character sheets and resume the adventure on wednesday from Tanavar's point of view for a while
No. 90263 ID: 296917

I liked that bit of combat. Seemed sufficiently balanced between risky and safe, and we won even though most of those crossbow attacks missed.

How about a bonus to CON?
No. 90264 ID: 5db52c

>combining dice, unnecessary rolls
You can pretty much handle dice any way you want to. You can use the on-board dice function, you can just give us the outcomes all at once, or hide the numbers completely behind the screen. There's no rules there- do what you think works.

Although since I didn't always know what we were rolling for, or what the check we had to clear was, that did leave them a little up in the air.

>Lina gets to have an ability score increment, wich area should she become better at?
Given our play-style, probably wis, so we're a better caster.

Although if Lina's the default tank, me might need to upgrade con later too.

The variable style doesn't bother me.
No. 90280 ID: ae8f33

Wisdom is probably best, since going crazy is a very real risk.

... tho perhaps more Constitution might keep her from losing her lunch?
No. 90292 ID: 225ed3

ok so, Courage tokens!

in cases where bravery, righteous causes or a desesperate need, the laws of destiny can be altered, a courage token may be spent on an attack roll, a save roll, a skill check or any other effect where dice might be involved and the result will be top notch, yielding either maximum damage, top performance or the like

courage tokens may be regained due to heroic actions or good deeds

in order to activate a courage token, three sugestions must clearly state that they want to invoque it and the action of all three posts must be roughly similar
No. 90293 ID: 225ed3
File 142905327750.png - (442.09KB , 1280x800 , TanavarSheet3.png )

level up!
Tanavar graduates to full fledged assassin, he learns the value of a well placed attack against a helpless target

Assassinate: whenever he attacks a target wich is not engaged in combat or hasn't had it's turn yet, his attack roll goes with advantage his sneak attack becomes +8 and he rolls twice the amount of dice for his regular attack (in the case of crossbow, 2d8+12 and in the case of daggers 2d6+8)
No. 90294 ID: 225ed3
File 142905352550.png - (0.97MB , 1920x1200 , Neo Lina4.png )

new spell awakened!

Shatter: singing the right key as she swings her hammer down causes a shockwave to burst anywhere up to 60 ft away from her, a 10ft sphere of destructive soundwaves form there, causing 3d8 sonic damage, living beings are granted a constitution saving throw, on a successful save they take half as much damage, creatures made of stone, crystal or metal roll the save with disadvantage, nonmagical unattended objects automatically take the damage if they are in the spell's area
No. 90295 ID: 296917

WOW that is a good spell. Can it be combined with a melee attack?
No. 90297 ID: 225ed3

no, it eats up the entire turn, she can still move and cast, but not do any other minor action, nor does the hammer movement counts as an attack, as it's more of a ritual than a full blown swing.

it came out of her realization that the mine itself can lend for that kind of situations, however at the risk of making the structures brittle and prone to rockslides if used wrong

as a rule of thumb, a bottle has an HP of 1d4
a cheap wooden barrel has an hp of 1d8
a common iron shield has an hp of 4d8
a perfect 5sqft of stone has an hp of 5d10

all within reason, lose rocks might dislodge with far less than that, and crumble a poorly made structure or natural wall, wine bottles might burst with little less than that due to pressure, and a good quality of wood on the barrel along with good craft as well as a properly made shield of good materials might greatly vary an object's durability, if Lina is set to destroy an object I'll secretly roll the object's HP (probably posting it here?)
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