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File 138951338889.png - (25.43KB , 800x600 , questdis.png )
79035 No. 79035 ID: 988e10

Do you like robots I like robots let's talk about robots

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No. 79036 ID: 256d52

How do robots grow beards?
No. 79038 ID: d9d1e5

o man that's an idea.

rust stubble
No. 79039 ID: 2f4b71

>How do robots grow beards?
Thin Whiskers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisker_%28metallurgy%29
No. 79041 ID: 379075

How about them cruise missiles, eh?
No. 79306 ID: a8b169
File 139090264263.png - (10.65KB , 800x600 , answer2.png )

That's as good an explanation as any.

It's worth noting that Mechanicus takes place in the same continuity as The Tyrant Star, although the Kingdom of Mechanicus is several continents away from the skies of Daranarache. The machine-men of Mechanicus and the fleshy Corsairs of the Razor Wastes have had little interaction with one another.

Tyrant Star was a one-shot I recently wrapped up. You can read it here:
No. 79307 ID: 53ba34

that makes me really wonder what those little interactions were like.
No. 79314 ID: 008180

Do any of the citizens of Mechanicus engage in (lack of) navel gazing and contemplating life and how they came about? Do they have any ideas on how they came to be?
No. 79332 ID: 5c9e53
File 139098277202.png - (15.20KB , 800x900 , answer3.png )

This is what most think:

The warrior Mu-Cruthadair fought for hundreds of thousands of years against the oppressive primordial Nothingness, before the birth of the world. As He carved through the dark, creation sprung up along his warpath (some say quite by accident).

But the final dying un-places banded together as Mu-Cruthadair slew His way toward them, and fired an arrow into His breast, blackened and envenomed with a poison so potent it could kill a god.

Which it did.

Mu-Cruthadair's fall took millennia, and as He fell His corpse was infused with the gory creation He had rent open in his wake. His arms and armor became the Machine-Men, who are today the most powerful and influential race.

His flesh became the myriad soft, organic species that dot the planet.

His bones became the massive, long-lived Fesh, which are few in number but terrifying in power.

His heart became the world. That's what its denizens call it: Heart.
No. 79333 ID: 5c9e53
File 139098277975.png - (10.81KB , 800x600 , answer4.png )

There are those who say that the corsairs of Daranarache, who fly in massive half-machine leviathans, searching for conquest and plunder, are simply organics like any other.

But the tale mothers whisper to their children to scare them in the night, the one the corsairs themselves are delighted to propagate, is that their dark, spiny number formed and rose from the venomous, barbed arrow that killed Mu-Cruthadair.
No. 79334 ID: a87e3a

That is a fucking METAL origin story.
No. 79347 ID: 008180

I must concur. Most impressive origin of our protagonists.
No. 79349 ID: 008180

Do the robots have lost technology beyond their understanding, are they in medieval stasis, or are they slowly advancing?
No. 79354 ID: 2af121
File 139107417934.png - (10.75KB , 800x600 , answer5.png )

The world in general is around renaissance levels of technology.

The difference is that leviathans like the Tyrant Star exist, and the vast reservoirs of bilious goop inside them that keeps them airborne has been reverse-engineered by Machine-man chemists into an unguent that can apply to things to make them lighter-than-air.

So there's flight. Pretty fast flight, too.

That means the buildings are taller, the transportation, shipping, and communications significantly quicker, and some things are therefore more advanced on Heart than they would be on Earth.

The machine-men have also begun to dissect their cadavers, and have found out many interesting things about automation and engineering.

The Corsairs have known more slapdash animatronics for years now, since they've had a good deal of dead machine-men to tear apart and fewer qualms about doing so. Many pirate leviathans have a compliment of ramshackle, automaton Killbots on board converted from scrap and machine-men who died to their spears.
No. 79403 ID: 761017

The Corsairs are very "Dark Eldar" in theme, appearance, name, and combat tactics, but without the whole "consume the pain of victims" and "most technologically advanced faction in the galaxy" aspect.

The Tyrant Star is also reminiscent of WH40K, by name http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Tyrant_Star[/spoiler] and "Tyranid" appearance.

Were these things inspirations at all for that oneshot quest?
No. 79408 ID: 2af121

yea ya betcha
There was no real tyranid influence, though, and the corsairs are only loosely based. The dark eldar are far too grimdark to exist in Heart.
No. 79410 ID: 379075

"Pretty fast flight," is something that I would expect to become part of ranged (projectile) weaponry; what is the state of ranged-weapon technology in this world?
No. 79459 ID: 5a87a3

so if people can't build robots, how are machine men are born? robot sex?

please say yes.
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