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File 138552258339.png - (12.29KB , 1046x601 , greymagesupportthreadimg.png )
78038 No. 78038 ID: 34cbef

If you have disconnected from an instance you may request to start a new instance or request access to an instance previously opened.

Currently our servers are down for maintenance, if you are having issues with an instance that has not terminated properly please make a post here and a Grey Mage technician will be with you.
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No. 78040 ID: f44ca3

I subscribed to your premium channel package and now all I am getting is commercials for hair products and hardcore pornography! This is a outrage I say!

I would ask for a refund but I am stealing cable from my neighbor. Please fix your network soon.
No. 78042 ID: fd6ae9

Phooey. I was enjoying those programs, too.

I knew I was a chump to sign up with grey mage. Shoulda just gone with the black mage pirating service.
No. 78051 ID: 5869f6

Er, hello? I subscribed to that 'Bouyant Reality' drama/adventure show, but I seem to have lost connection! What is the problem here? C-Can you fix it? Please? With sugar?
No. 78120 ID: 34cbef

due to the holiday season, we will be performing maintenance on our instance based servers to cater to the Christmas season. When we re-engage our instances, every user will find that we have given free holiday themed items! Look forward to that.
No. 78786 ID: 34cbef

so i haven't updated anything on account of my soul having been absorbed by starbound, once i get bored of the game i will get back to the updating of quests
No. 78992 ID: 34cbef

buoyant reality chapter guide (mostly for myself)

chapter 1: introduction- tattoo summary red, blue, kippy origin

chapter 2: cutebolds, tattoo tagalong summary blue, kid

chapter 3: robot heart kippy

chapter 4: diesel venture red, kid

chapter 5: the satellite kid (character growth)

chapter 6: Samurai blue (character growth), kippy

chapter 7: control red (character growth) ,old talon (death)

chapter 8: water planet- tattoo abolishment summary kid, talon, red

chapter 9: home blue, artist, red (separate), talon (separate)

chapter 10: rare matrim orphum- series end red, kippy, blue, talon (ghost), kid, artist

note to self
-might switch a few talon chapters
-could hold off blue character growth til chapter 9
-chapter 10 leave possibility for more chapters
No. 79008 ID: 34cbef

great news everyone, later this friday (today) and most of saturday i will dedicate to uupdating dat quest. You know what quest i'm talkin about.

look forward to them updates
No. 79017 ID: 34cbef
File 138937503572.png - (13.79KB , 551x472 , mornings.png )

did i say i was gonna spend time updating today?

the chances have now heavilly reduced since i never got any sleep...

hopefully i can get a nap in or something.
No. 79031 ID: 34cbef

awwww noo dawg, i have been called out. I will be spending the next day or two looking for a suitable program to make cleaner lines so i can imporve teh quality of my art in my updates
No. 79075 ID: 34cbef

i give up, everything i use asside from mspaint i've been having miner little miffs about.
nothing seems to appease me when it comes to these other programs, like oc or sai or anything

i'll just have to work a little harder on my stuff in mspaint to try to make it looke better
No. 79076 ID: 379075

I like Inkscape for a relatively simple tool, have you already tried and rejected that yet?
No. 79078 ID: 34cbef

yeah, it's kinda clunky but i definitely enjoyed using it for a few things. I wouldn't use it for visual narrative though...
No. 79182 ID: 34cbef

i've been out-of-it for a while, how long has it been... well anywho it's just drama and stuff irl

it's been rough so i had to take a hiatus for a bit to cheer up
No. 79362 ID: 34cbef

i've been busy lately and have lost motivation to work on the buoyant reality. It's goin on hiatus til i get motivation back. No other quests will replace it or be on my list until this chapter is over... so there won't be much activity from me asside from the usual camwhoring or occasional doodle i submit on the drawing board
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