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File 138538164072.png - (95.71KB , 594x594 , pandis.png )
77975 No. 77975 ID: 2e624b

Discussion, criticism, etc.
No. 77994 ID: 7bbaae

Your characters are all really cute, and the quest is interesting so far.

How much is this going to involve HGttG stuff? So far it's only tangentially related. Or maybe we should be using the Guide more often?
No. 78000 ID: abffe3

A very balanced quest at the moment in all aspects. Currently one of my favorites.
I'm also liking how there is always something going on within the quest, a lot of them have dry spells waiting for suggestions to guide them in a direction; I like the fact that Panic Galaxy has a pre-determined destination for where you seemingly want to take it and we are actually serving the role as suggestions for once, rather than pulling you along on a lead.
If anything I'd prefer some more character development between characters through conversation rather than action, It's understandable that's not possible right now but that's my two cents.
No. 78050 ID: 2e624b

Okay so first up: quest's gonna be on hold for like 3 weeks while I don't have proper internet access. I might get one update out but either way this is a really awkward spot to leave things hanging. Whoops.

Thanks! Honestly I think the HGttG allusion came off a bit stronger than I meant it to. That being said, the guide should start getting a lot more use once things get off planet.

Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to improve the balance between conversation and 'doing stuff'. But yeah thanks!
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