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File 138467440519.png - (29.42KB , 1200x1200 , characterselect.png )
77708 No. 77708 ID: 6e85c8

Discussion/off-topic thread for Unraveled, will also double as a player's primer and manual and serve as a repository and reference for mechanics and rules. If you have questions about the mechanics, ask them here. It might not be obvious to me what all needs further explanations!
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No. 77709 ID: 6216b0
File 138468087589.png - (88.71KB , 500x748 , hinzespaperdoll.png )

Clothes for delicious flat chest
No. 77710 ID: 6216b0
File 138468321148.png - (89.24KB , 500x748 , hinzespaperdoll2.png )

waifu armor
No. 77711 ID: 731235
File 138469174175.png - (63.51KB , 500x748 , PKMN.png )

No. 77712 ID: 67bfa9
File 138470548247.png - (98.16KB , 500x748 , HinzesClothes.png )

some fashionable new attire for our lizard lady
No. 77714 ID: 6e85c8
File 138471009941.png - (100.87KB , 500x748 , M\'lady.png )

I tried to think of things she'd be likely to just find in the trash
No. 77715 ID: 13a36d
File 138471119778.png - (90.05KB , 500x748 , Hinzes engsami.png )

Engsami get engsami gear
No. 77716 ID: c5ee63
File 138471221439.jpg - (140.17KB , 531x779 , become unstoppable.jpg )

Fire the Bass Cannon
No. 77718 ID: f0418c
File 138471331571.png - (86.56KB , 500x748 , Hinza.png )

Look the part.
No. 77719 ID: e8a5f8

Hrrrm...It's something. Duty is clearly a tozol, and Pride is an astrinian, but Justice and Revenge weren't clear. Would it be possible to ask who or what was Justice?
No. 77720 ID: d315b1

Justice is a Mok from Deep.
Revenge is an Engsami from Journey Quest.
No. 77721 ID: 5bf190
File 138472074901.png - (106.75KB , 500x748 , hinzespaperdoll1.png )

For a lady on a mission of vengeance, eventual success is linked directly to how much skin she is showing.

If the vengeful female's elaborate mating display is successful, she may succeed in attracting a cynical private detective, soul-scarred grizzled warrior or criminal with a heart of gold, with whom she can have thrilling romantic tension, offering the chance of love and redemption for both, but which she will eventually tragically betray in order to fulfil her revenge.
No. 77722 ID: 13a36d
File 138472197410.png - (88.39KB , 500x748 , hinzes closet attire.png )

What the fuck were you expecting to find in the dark in a closet?
No. 77724 ID: 7bbaae
File 138473194108.png - (71.69KB , 500x748 , PompaHinzes.png )

Tunnel Engsami rule.

Head: Pompadour wig
Coat: Leather jacket
Pants: Faded blue jeans
Belt: BELT
No. 77725 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138473229742.png - (129.44KB , 800x700 , Hinzes2.png )

Clothes are found.

It takes some effort (and ripping) to make them fit, and even then it's a bit of a squeeze.

And then there are some oddly well fitting striped socks for some reason?

Who knows.
No. 77727 ID: 7fde7e
File 138473322491.png - (138.93KB , 500x748 , lizardgirlclothes.png )

I DID ONE BECAUSE IT LOOKED FUN. It's probably not very practical but idaf I just did it because it was fun~ I hope you like it though :(
No. 77728 ID: fc937d

Not nearly enough oversived flowing coats and huge hats. :V
No. 77730 ID: 7fde7e

well I think she's in like, a desert? so like, I figured she should wear more comfortable clothing in an arid place that was easily removable. So like, she could take off her leggings or socks at anytime and stick them in her pack or put her hoodie up, or whatever, but that's just the description for MY drawing anyway
No. 77731 ID: 57a559

She needs insulation to keep the cold in
as weird as that sounds
No. 77732 ID: 13a36d
File 138473929201.gif - (958.14KB , 250x250 , yes eaglebones.gif )

>Fingerless gloves
>Holes for claws

Somebody knows where it's at.
No. 77738 ID: 5acad3
File 138474379443.png - (117.70KB , 500x748 , hinzes1.png )

Arms/Torso: poncho
Waist: needlessly complicated belt
Legs: high water pants
Feet: Geta (because geta)
No. 77739 ID: 57a559

Oh my god yes the Blondie Poncho
love ittt
No. 77741 ID: 339e6a
File 138474486328.png - (100.26KB , 500x800 , bulgroz liah.png )

No. 77742 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138474681993.png - (93.90KB , 500x748 , Hinzes3.png )

No. 77743 ID: 5acad3
File 138474918572.png - (128.47KB , 500x748 , lifeld.png )

Hinzes X
Fueled by REVENGE and armored by POUCHES, WEIRD SHOULDER PADS, STUPID HEAD GEAR,some kind of SPACE PANTS, and an inexplicable foot obscuring cloud.
No. 77752 ID: 5ce288

I like these.
Can we combine them?
No. 77753 ID: 097017
File 138478185702.jpg - (68.73KB , 1024x768 , Difficult-Clients-The-Clint-Eastwood-Guide-to-Mana.jpg )



plus this

plus a permanent squint, snarl; plus a mouth full of cigar and a fistful of dynamite =

the Engsami with No Name.
No. 77754 ID: 097017

wait, that was done already. HMMMM.....
No. 77756 ID: 5fd94e


Combining these two is the best option.
No. 77761 ID: d4fce0

Yes definitely 110%. For a desert revenge tale starring a gun slinging badass of few words and undeniable murder-skill, there is no other option. Moody hat, poncho, trail-worn boots and battle-scarred vest and pants (maybe some space tech body armor thrown in since that seems to fit the setting). Something practical for travel and mobile for fights; something to tell the observant that you don't carry a gun for show - to maybe save you a few fights when intimidation can get you to your goal faster.
No. 77763 ID: 47d311
File 138480097666.png - (234.07KB , 800x800 , 138448179087.png )

So... basically you want her to find the outfit that she started her adventure in?
No. 77771 ID: 57a559

With more poncho and less trenchcoat yes
No. 77773 ID: bfbe79

Yeah, pretty much, cept like he said, with a poncho, cause PONCHO. The original outfit was already great for the character; a lot of the other suggestions are neat, but just really don't feel right to me for the character / setting. Might be fun for a temporary outfit scrounged in the dark, but if we're talking long term outfit, something akin to her original getup is ideal. But hey, just my 2 cents.
No. 77774 ID: fc937d

I would be inclined to agree with that sentiment. New clothes need not be identical to the old, but if the character has a certain ascetic or style, shouldn't we respect that?
No. 77775 ID: 5ce288

I think Hinzes has a western aesthetic. She is on a quest for vengeance centered around gangs and her brother after all. So I would like to keep that aesthetic. It doesn't mean the clothes shouldn't be different, just that they should fit the theme.
No. 77790 ID: 05b1f0

No. 78047 ID: 67bfa9
File 138553331145.png - (92.12KB , 436x661 , Hinzes.png )

Hinzes enjoys a some nice tobacco
No. 78555 ID: 67bfa9
File 138741592423.png - (655.76KB , 819x819 , HeatLamp.png )

Hinzes discoveres the glory of technology
No. 79156 ID: 67bfa9
File 139018979687.png - (135.31KB , 600x600 , Unravelled Unifrom.png )

Seal said it was okay to suggest clothing sets, so here's my first attempt
this one is for Astranian officer clothes

Grav-boots have their own special rule "Gravlock" that being pushed or pulled by 1 tile

Comfy grants +2 stamina on rest

Comfy special rule is earned from either the pants or jacket and 2 additional pieces of the stranner set
No. 79158 ID: 67bfa9

Grav-boots have their own special rule "Gravlock" that reduce being pushed or pulled by 1 tile
No. 79184 ID: 6216b0
File 139029598149.png - (98.17KB , 600x1024 , dsfgkjlhhbfztshsergf.png )

I have an idea for defeating a potential Tozol opponent. We all know that Tozols are tough and fast and strong and generally better at all things fight. Now instead of going the usual route of trying to fight an overweight, multi-tailed space weasel supersoldier.

I introduce you to the WhaatCo Strapon™(patent pending). Now you might be saying to yourself, "but Whaat how would the WhaatCo Strapon™ help against a Tozol?" well my extremely confused quester, I have done a lot of Tozols in the past and if there is one thing I know for sure, Tozols are bad at sex.

You might be thinking now, "How would I even use the WhaatCo Strapon™ on a Tozol?" Well my pondering acquaintance we both know that Tozols like to wear lots of armor, the WhaatCo Strapon™ is specifically designed to pierce up to and including energy shielded type IV bullet resistant armor allowing the user to insert the WhaatCo Strapon™ inside the Tozol.

A common question we get when people hear about the WhaatCo Strapon™ is, "But Whaat, ism't this totally overpowered?" You bet your fat ass it is, that's why we are giving this away this product for fifty seven easy payments of $9995.95, get yours today.

It started as joke picture but then suddenly words kept coming out and wouldn't stop, halp. :V
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