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File 137675498486.png - (440.92KB , 1185x812 , FC.png )
75277 No. 75277 ID: 593f45

Fortune's Call General - Sense of scale edition
Alban is probably not a kobold.

Ship to your heart's delight.
Discuss the highly involved plot.
All right here!
Expand all images
No. 75283 ID: f922b6

Jahrel is OP. Nerf Jahrel.
No. 75286 ID: 593f45
File 137676400257.png - (240.43KB , 1024x768 , Cyclopsan2.png )

I'd heard Cyclops were hard to emote with, so I made sure I could before I started. So much emoting.
No. 75287 ID: 9ddf68

so why'd you switch characters? just out of curiosity.
No. 75288 ID: 41690e

>Ship to your heart's delight.
Dragonbold x cyclops OTP.
No. 75289 ID: bf54a8

one eye one horned walking blue penis eater.
No. 75292 ID: 34cbef
File 137676641798.png - (13.08KB , 485x400 , cyclopin.png )

you can emote anything, specially cyclopes
No. 75323 ID: 59a5f1

Tell the world of fuzzbolds, gnollbutt. They are a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Also the shipping is way too easy, but also way too difficult.
No. 75330 ID: 888df6

I notice the ladies both possess (comparatively) small brown guys. Is this a coincidence? I think not.
No. 75331 ID: 593f45

Actually it is. Sam and Al were generated by dice rolls.
No. 75350 ID: 888df6

Regardless! I'm now shipping them trading. Rhynn gets someone who's actually her damn size for once, and Jehral gets paired with someone even more comically larger than him. Everyone wins.
No. 75360 ID: 1454f2

Oddly enough I support this on all counts.
No. 75362 ID: 57a559

Rynh obviously must measure his black elven dick.
I actually think Al's a black albino elf rather than a drow.
No. 75363 ID: 593f45

Alban is a dark elf, which does not mean that he is a misunderstood outcast from a race of evil tyrants.
Light and Dark elves still don't like each other. Light elves see themselves as above all of creation and Dark elves see themselves as part of creation, but still better than everything else in it. It's an important distinction to the elves, everyone else just thinks they're all jerks.

Also, what the hell is a black albino?
No. 75364 ID: 57a559

Oh, wait, just looked up albinism, turns out if a person's an albino they lack pigmentation of hair, skin and eyes, so... I guess the only black albino anything is a fictional sheep mascot for an old flash site.

I have no idea why I assumed Al would simply be a light elf with higher melanin than other light elves and lacking pigmentation in only his eyes and hair. Maybe I just expected a joke on the stereotype that all light elves are pale and never would have white hair and red eyes. I have no idea where I got that from.

I guess it's because Alban almost sounds like albino.
Plus, I expect the unexpected and an albino light elf with high melanin pigmentation is unexpected. Which I realize is dumb reasoning.
No. 75365 ID: 0d8191

I suppose you could call a melanistic elf a "black albino", though melanism is the exact opposite of albinism.

If anyone actually cares, here it is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanism
No. 75375 ID: 0c4b60

Alban's skintone matters little. What matters more is his height. Ideal cleavage-scoping height for his lovely blue partner.
Could it be fate? Luck? Part of the reason why they work together in the first place?
No. 75378 ID: 57a559

Elves are also supposed to be tall
Clearly, Alban is a double albino, melanistic, drow with a growth development disorder.
That poor poor man.
At least he's in a perfect position for motorboats at all times, like 4c said.
No. 75379 ID: 593f45

Al is 6' tall. He's actually taller than Rynh.
No. 75434 ID: 593f45

I made my own IRC with blackjack and hookers. #gnollcamp on Rizon. Clearly superior.
No. 75438 ID: 6d5e30

Is fortunes call going to picking up at all? Ryhn has been one of my favorites on TGchan since the beginning and I'm always looking forward to some more of it.

Also, I like the design on the new cyclops. Cyclops are suppose to be ugly but somehow you've made her quite cute.
No. 75442 ID: 593f45

I thought I had this sub-story thing all planned out, but in the words of Benjamin "Mother Fucking" King, it turns out it wasn't a plan, it was a goal.
No. 75465 ID: 2f4b71

The best laid plans of mice an man, are completely fucked if you decide to get the internet involved.
No. 76367 ID: 593f45
File 137998190258.png - (146.71KB , 800x600 , Info dump.png )

I'll just let you all ask general questions about the world and then I can make shit up post relevant information and trivia.

Anything that's not really story related but you want to know.
No. 76368 ID: 888df6

What's the average cyclopean bust size?
No. 76369 ID: 9dba7d

what kind of fuel do cars run off of?
No. 76370 ID: f92057

How often do Kobolds become upper-class citizens?
No. 76371 ID: 1f8505


What are all the known races in the Fortuneverse?
No. 76372 ID: 57a559

Got any super cool gods in the setting?
No. 76373 ID: d6eebb

What's your favourite type of pie?
No. 76378 ID: 593f45
File 137999373786.png - (65.46KB , 574x458 , Important info.png )

>What's the average cyclopean bust size?
Samira has some hefty funbags, but she's kind of petite at 7'4". Cyclops are large humanoids that can get to be nearly ten feet tall and are distantly related to ogres.
The chest size will vary about as much as humans do, proportionately.

>what kind of fuel do cars run off of?
The kind for cars.

>How often do Kobolds become upper-class citizens?
Whenever they live in cities and don't act like vicious little shits. Which at current is reasonably often. Most diverse, larger cities will have a decent kobold population. Countries that are still xenophobic will have less or none. It depends on the region.

>What are all the known races in the Fortuneverse?
Maybe some more I haven't thought of/remembered/felt like adding when it's convenient. We'll see. There's a buttload of random crap at varying levels of technological/magical/cultural advancement.

>Got any super cool gods in the setting?
I'm just going to stick Kurtlemak at the head of the kobold pantheon again. The gods probably won't be heavily involved in anything. Maybe a rogue deity as an enemy or something. I'll just make stuff up reveal things as necessary.>>76373

>What's your favourite type of pie?
Why would anyone have a favorite type and limit themselves? Crazy.
No. 76380 ID: 9ddf68

who are some famous/infamous people in the fortune's universe or at least well know like Rynh's mother?
No. 76381 ID: 1b3d54

What about trains? Are there daring train robberies? Are the trains powered by golems on treadmills? Is magic used to help farming and industry and so on? How does the economy manage dealing with a bunch of crazy gold-dumping adventurers? Are there special tax laws?
No. 76382 ID: a5478c

have we seen hobgoblins or bugbears before? Also lizardwomen, boobs or not?
No. 76389 ID: 07e3a8

What's the legal / governing system look like?

I can't help but ask because that rich dude's response to being robbed seems completely insane unless he's actually a ruthless unchecked despot, or the three-eyed bandit party stole something that could absolutely ruin him.
No. 76396 ID: 1f37b6

Gnoll chefs: High class or high risk?
No. 76397 ID: 7bbaae

So they have oil refineries then? Do they still use leaded fuel or do they have more advanced refineries that make higher-octane gasoline so as to make the lead-based additives unnecessary?
No. 76398 ID: da4ec6

I think Gnoll is starting to regret this decision.
No. 76399 ID: 8a31be

Do you regret this decision? Why? How much? Would you do it again knowing what you do now? If not, what else?
No. 76401 ID: 9ddf68

well he did open up Pandora's box when he gave us the green light to ask about everything in the fortune's world.
No. 76404 ID: 593f45

That would be too spoilery
No. 76405 ID: 7329f2

The rich guy is the local government system, isn't he? Or at least part of it?
No. 76406 ID: f45380

...so the characters don't even understand the basics of the legal and/or government system they live under?

No wonder they turned to a life of crime, and are so bad at it. They're clueless.
No. 76410 ID: 593f45

Yeah, well. I can just ignore anything I don't feel like answering.
No. 76414 ID: b3c2e5

So are the faeries the tiny person with butterfly wings type, or the, terrible douchebags that steal people's babies and otherwise ruin people's lives?
No. 76416 ID: d2995c

You say that like those types are mutually exclusive.
No. 76420 ID: c23ab0
File 138013662492.jpg - (22.72KB , 320x312 , preacher-angry-pic.jpg )


No. 76526 ID: 593f45
File 138048418681.png - (121.91KB , 721x539 , Faeries.png )

It doesn't matter what the local government is like if you frame someone. That's why you frame someone.

Faeries are the smallest race with virtually no technological advancement. They have crazy magic though, so it's more that if they want to steal babies and be dicks, it's hard for the average person to stop them.

Gnoll cooking is mostly just roasting whatever they catch over an open pit woodfire, which is usually pretty good. It's just that you might not know what or who you're eating.
It might also be undercooked or raw depending on how hungry the gnolls are.

DEATH FORCE as seen on the t-shirt here >>/quest/542546 is a reasonably well known "power metal" band of the orcish persuasion. So metal.
No. 76552 ID: c23ab0


So what they play on acoustic lutes? Poofy sleeves and tights? Is there an oboeist among the troupe? Oh oh and a chalumeau! And a tamborine wow
No. 76555 ID: 2f4b71

I think they mostly hit bits of metal with other, smaller, bits of metal. Possibly Bronze.
No. 76556 ID: 7f0da5

What is the most technologically advanced thing in the FC-verse?
No. 76558 ID: 16c47c

They are all sonic elemental wizards. Metal is their call.
No. 79505 ID: 7e0def
File 139162947957.png - (216.06KB , 895x718 , Electricity through irresponsible magical experime.png )

Just because there is technology doesn't mean you can't mash magic in there to make it work better.

The Dalmeran capital of Belja gets it's electricity from a power station running steam turbines... by heating water with a semi-permanent portal to the elemental fire plane. Some people don't want to live near power plants like this, for fear of ifrits bursting out and killing everyone or the portal ripping open out of control and causing everything around it to "melt down".

Magical scientists agree that the chances of any of this happening is almost nil, as long as proper maintenance and warding circle procedures are observed.
No. 79508 ID: 66a186

is bard magic a thing? because death metal bards are something that should be a thing.
No. 79528 ID: 7e0def

Considering there was a whole section where a busty catgirl used a flute to music a bunch of people into berserker rages... No, there is no Bard magic.
No. 79531 ID: 88960e

Just busty catgirl magic. Obviously.
No. 79539 ID: 505e40

...yeah, I seriously need to reread this quest.
No. 83440 ID: 10e1d3

I hope we'll see the latest developments as another Blanket Fundraising in FurAffinity?
No. 83442 ID: 7e0def

All these people making rash assumptions about what's going on. So naughty.
No. 83443 ID: 10e1d3

Hey, it could be they were doing something perfectly innocent all the time! I want to see either way.
No. 83452 ID: a2f9bc

It's funnier if we don't.
No. 83491 ID: 2a577e

Is it wrong that I want to fuck both of them?

I'm so glad they found a way to boil water with that spare portal to the endless inferno.

Everybody knows catgirl tits are magical, how do you think they stay so perky.
No. 83550 ID: 7e0def

No matter where you go, people find absurdly convoluted, potentially dangerous methods of boiling water.
No. 83551 ID: 7e0def


Just leaving this here.
No. 83552 ID: 638a22

>can't vote for more than one option
But what if I wanted characters fucking while doing something else?
No. 83556 ID: 0d8ff4

Exactly this.

I for one would love to see some Brutal Combat, possibly as a result of Exploring Ancient Ruins and still see All the Characters Fucking in their downtime while they brag about narrow escapes and exciting treasure hunts.

Asking for the world, kinda. :)

I like the Jehral/Sitka redesign btw.
No. 83557 ID: 10e1d3

I'd vote for Characters Fucking in Dungeons.
No. 83561 ID: dc4b80

If you could lure over Deem from Dungeoneer we could be fucking dungeons as well!
No. 83665 ID: a7868d

You put all the characters fucking as an option, what do you think they are gonna take.

Really though, having stuff like Jehral and Ryhn get it on is appropriate (and overdue by an entire reboot), but at the same time lets not go nuts at the first whip of sex and be back to the "Show us your tits" bull again.

I'm not entirely sure but based on the original Fortune's Call I don't think Gnoll is too much into drawing lots of porn, and a little sex can make characters deeper while constant fucking quashes the possibility of anything interesting happening.
No. 83680 ID: 7fd5be

The best kind of porn is the kind where porn has build-up and you care about the characters. Such as this Rynh/Jehral thing: it's been -years- (and is not confirmed to have really happened even now) and they're both pretty likeable and nice. If everyone just fucks all the damn time it loses its impact.

Dungeon crawls, character development, and general sorts of cuddly romance is what this quest needs. Sex is fine but should not be the focus, lest it becomes bland and boring.
No. 84060 ID: cff877
File 140613701722.png - (129.03KB , 1250x1150 , sexface.png )

So now that they finally did the thing it's of course just par of the course to record their faces down.

Quite routine.
No. 84646 ID: 265534
File 140797312914.png - (1.70MB , 1024x1393 , ANYWAY.png )

Lizards don't have boobs. They're draconic and somehow vaguely related to kobolds, dragons, drakes, wyverns and all that crap.
No. 84649 ID: fa3d04

Someone will put boobs on it anyway.
No. 84655 ID: 220139

Yes, and all half-races should be infertile because mules.

Fantasy and science don't mix. I say do stuff however you like, but there's really no need to justify your decisions with real-world biology. If you want to put boobs on your lizards, then you put boobs on 'em: if you don't want to, then just say they don't have any and that'll be the end of that.

I say kobolds should be closer to platypi or something, nursing egg-layers, but I ain't in charge of this Quest and you don't gotta listen to my shit.
No. 84658 ID: 2f0a83

You're damn skippy I don't have to listen to you.
Lizards don't have boobs because there needs to be some DFC races. There's enough giant tits elsewhere.

Kobolds are egg-laying, warm-blooded, fuzzy lizards because I say so. There is no logic here.
I guess you missed the time a bunch of people were pissed off the biology wasn't sciency enough. I can't please any of you.

I'm posting from work, so I'm angrier than usual.
No. 84659 ID: 9dd1ee

>There's enough giant tits elsewhere.
>main cast entirely tit-less

I have to disagree

also I notice you didn't deny halfbreeds being mules.

Can Rynh have as much sex as she likes without consequence?
No. 84660 ID: 4747a1

Plz Thorden has stonkin huge tits
No. 84661 ID: bb78f2

Wait, just a minute, if kobold's are furry lizards, does that mean they have a cloaca instead of the regular genitals and butthole pair deal?
No. 84662 ID: 2fd516

I think there's been more than enough porn to answer that question.
No. 84663 ID: 220139

They have a hemipenis.
No. 84665 ID: 265534

Half-Dragons are always fertile, because dragon.
Also, none of you get to argue any of these points, because I don't care and I can do what I want.

If you don't like how something doesn't match up with real world anatomy or your fetishes, fuck you!
No. 84666 ID: 0cc49e

I dislike how much things do match up with real-world anatomy. Please fix this.
No. 84667 ID: bb78f2

Hey guys, you guys aren't really focusing on what really matters.
The buttocks.
And they're all nice AND consistent and realistic consider all of these are humanoids, so yeah!
Good job Gnoll, you are a butt master.
Lord of Butts. The Ass King. Bottom Emperor. Tail Master. Posterior Superior. Fanny Manny fo Shanny. The derrière detective. Rump Shump. Tush Mush.
No. 84668 ID: 9dd1ee

again I gotta disagree
all the characters (cept thodren) have big thick tail that greatly reduce quality butt-factor
No. 84674 ID: 53548a

Agreed, also, the tit factor is more important than the butt factor. I think we should go back to talking about Boobgate. I move that Gnoll resign in disgrace.
No. 84675 ID: 265534

I drew 6 chest day pictures, most of them depicting characters with bountiful, jiggling breasts. Whether they are implemented in the story properly has nothing to do with it.
No. 84676 ID: 220139

>Half-Dragons are always fertile, because dragon.

What about other half-races such as half-elves or -orcs? Not arguing, just curious.
No. 84678 ID: 256d52

>again I gotta disagree
>all the characters (cept thodren) have big thick tail that greatly reduce quality butt-factor
There's only one way to settle this.


Mark your calendars people.
No. 84679 ID: 53548a

Objection. You drew 7 pictures, and only 4 of them were of characters that had breasts, period. I move that Gnoll be barred from using the word "bountiful" to describe his characters' chests, and again insist that he resign in disgrace.
No. 84681 ID: c8a1e9

I drew 7 pictures and 5 of them had breasts. There are 14 breasts total which an average of 2 per picture. Get your facts straight before you bitch at me.
No. 84684 ID: d8a627

In pairs, that's seven pairs of breasts across seven images... I'd say that qualifies as 7/7.
No. 84686 ID: 995e4a

That is exactly what I just said.
No. 84687 ID: bb78f2

Gnoll I think is in second or at least third place for the amount of tits drawn in that thread.
No one can beat Lagotrope though, that world record titty monster.
No. 84689 ID: bb78f2

Nope wait, no shit, I can't figure this out.

It's between Radial, Toxoglassa, LonelyWorld, and Gnoll for most tits drawn and I can't figure it out.
Lagotrope is thrown out of considerations above for being the obvious first place and for being lost in the second base dimension. Somewhere out there, there is a bunny motorboating and an entire universe of boobs.
No. 84690 ID: d8a627

There's also another bunny Inverse-motorboating the entire universe. What I mean is she's forcing everybody to motorboat her in case somebody doesn't understand the logic behind my wording.
No. 84691 ID: 0cc49e

No. 84696 ID: 53548a

You're a liar and God will punish you when you die.

Seriously? One of the pictures was of a praying mantis. Are you being serious right now?
No. 84698 ID: 0cc49e

So because I have too much time on my hands when I wait for flights, I decided to check the Chest Day thread.

Post 1- Catgirl tits. 2 breasts total.
Post 2- Rat tits. Has a second set below the first one that Dark Ruby Glory might have missed. 6 breasts total.
Post 3- Sika. 8 breasts total.
Post 4- Cyclops. 10 breasts total.
Post 5- Mantis. 10 breasts total.
Post 6- Yrra. 12 breasts total.
Post 7- Nako. 14 breasts total. Gnoll has been vindicated.
No. 84699 ID: 265534

Shera has 2.
Ikki has 6. (8)
Sika has none. (8)
Samira has 2. (10)
Mantis has none. (10)
Yrr'a has 2. (12)
Nako has 2. (14)

At least count things right. Damn.
No. 84712 ID: 53548a

Objection. You specified "bountiful bouncing breasts." Ikki has none. She's flat. That leaves 8 breasts, or 4 pairs, which is what I said. Nanna nanna boo boo, stick your head in doodoo.
No. 84713 ID: de7b87

This is really making me facepalm at Gnoll's fanbase, or rather the segment of it being particularly vocal right now.
No. 84714 ID: d8a627

...Her top pair definitely was not flat. That's why I counted five.
No. 84715 ID: 5053c5

May I join you? We can palm one another's faces.
No. 84716 ID: 53548a

It's pretty flat. I mistook them for pecs until you pointed it out and I took a closer look. They're itty bitty rat titties, not bountiful bouncing... yeah, that isn't going to rhyme. Either way, they don't qualify.
No. 84717 ID: 53548a

I hope nobody is taking this as seriously as I'm not.
No. 84731 ID: 36f29f

I just hope Gnoll isn't taking it too seriously. Nobody's twisting his arm to do any of this after all.

I think.
No. 84736 ID: 265534

Don't worry about me. I'm probably the least suggestible, least offendable person on the site.

The only person that can make me angry or upset is myself. WHY CAN'T I UPDATE OR WRITE ANYTHING!~
No. 84738 ID: 5053c5

We all suffer from writer's block. It's shit, but what can you do.

Draw the sex meme thing for Rynh and Jehral in the meantime! That's bound to be way easier.
No. 84739 ID: bb78f2

Because maybe it isn't fun enough for you?
No. 85258 ID: 768f5b

I think we need a Fortunepedia article on Magic. Or at least Sika's options.
No. 85263 ID: b3dd38

sex face meme thing for each? I second this idea.
No. 85271 ID: cee89f

I find that the best way to overcome writer's block is to throw quality and/or caution to the wind and write something silly and stupid.

I once wrote a page as a parody of the scene I wanted to write as explained by someone who actually hates the scene.

"And then a giant robot shows up but they can't teleport inside it again for some reason! Let's say its insides are electrified or something"
No. 85561 ID: a5bd6c

Fortune's call needs to be it's own comic book. People would eat this series up.

Gnoll, if I had to guess I'd say you've run into the same problem you did with the pre-reboot fortunes call, which is that you've lost track of the plot and aren't sure where to go. I think that's why we love Rhyn so much, she's spent so much time dicking around being our lovable acerbic half-dragon that we've thoroughly bonded with her, at the cost of her being tied to some overarching plot that'll drag her away from whatever fancy grabs our attention for the moment (like teaching her bold sidekick magic).

Thanks for writing such a great character and wasting so much time on it.
No. 98744 ID: 73e2ae

By the way: Why is http://tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/501580.html#520483 in the ghosthouse? TO me it seems to be finished with nice ending picture and sika's "magic is simple and nothing can go wrong" seems to pick up right after that...
Sure, Iron & Fire seems to end pretty abruptly but it's a different story line anyway, so it might be picked up again.
OK, there is a hard break at the end of "magic is simple and nothing can go wrong", but since sika split from the main group, I would still consider it an active, parallel plotline...
Currently have of the reboot ended in the graveyard despite having somewhat connected continuations... just feels strange ^^
No. 98753 ID: f7a64f

Yay, fortunes call is back.

I love Rhyn, one of my favourite characters from all quests.
No. 98775 ID: 1862a8

Rhyhnh is my favourite too.
No. 98787 ID: 64117c

Because quest threads get archived when they're reported as finished. If they're not reported they don't get moved to the archived and eventually fall into the goast haws.
No. 99294 ID: 68ae63

Wow, the last time I visited here was nearly 4 years ago with the end of Slinko's Hugs Quest... SO YAY WELCOME BACK ME!

Also Gnoll, after binge-reading Fortune's Call mostly with my dick out, because I'm complete and utter furry trash, it seems like you're kinda mud-splattering with them lately hoping that something might stick, but like, how come? Would some aspirin help maybe? xD

Just really love these characters, and hope that a story might *eventually* develop with them again in the future :P
No. 99297 ID: 3663d3

are the fairies fuckable?
No. 99303 ID: 6a78da

Why would anything not be fuckable?

Maybe I'll make a story go somewhere? I scribbled some heads with arrows pointing at each other. That's how plots work, right?
No. 99306 ID: bb78f2

Depending on its design specs, a golem or homunculus may not be fuckable.
No. 99309 ID: 8a156f

What kind of weirdo designs a non-fuckable golem / homunculous
No. 99601 ID: 9770a9


This is possibility important, or I might ignore it. Click things anyway.
No. 99603 ID: 265534

No, wait. This one.
No. 123358 ID: 2202fb

Is Gnoll still alive? All of their quests seem dead, and none of them seem finished...

There was a lot of potential...
No. 123360 ID: 7fad5d

Yeah that's just how Gnoll do
No. 123361 ID: 3abd97

Gnoll still hangs around in chat. So he's either alive or quietly died and none of us noticed the difference when a chatbot stole his identity.
No. 123364 ID: df66a2

Oh, he's not dead. Not yet.
No. 123366 ID: 52ab84

This is not the gnoll I'm looking for.
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