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File 137600417498.png - (31.81KB , 1059x726 , dis.png )
74872 No. 74872 ID: 34cbef

that's right, i'm starting this- probably gonna use it to keep track of the different worlds
Expand all images
No. 74873 ID: 735f4f

I like the logo.
No. 74895 ID: 91c1b3

Really cool logo and pretty cool idea for a quest. I look forward to seeing what's done with it later.
No. 74897 ID: e3aff6

Will we be seeing the previous setting of the same name as one of the worls? (The one with all the elves and the catastrophically stupid psion?)
No. 74900 ID: 34cbef

No. 74962 ID: 34cbef

on the first day of the first world this quest has brought to me, many many many sex things
No. 74992 ID: 939000
File 137613388707.png - (1.25KB , 64x64 , dimension dude.png )

So I randomly decided that protag dude is black while I was drawing this so here it is
No. 74993 ID: 9f1f63
File 137614583709.gif - (3.21KB , 64x64 , dimension dude.gif )

it was brought to my attention that he was purple, so here's a fixed version with my opinions on my colorblindness included.
No. 75002 ID: 9f1f63
File 137615594343.png - (1.77KB , 72x176 , dimension dude1.png )

This came out a lot better than I expected it would
No. 75003 ID: 9f1f63
File 137615609555.png - (1.77KB , 72x176 , dimension dude1.png )

whoops forgot the 'brows
No. 75007 ID: 34cbef

welp, then it's now canon- steel is now black
No. 75022 ID: 7f2d33


Black Steel: The Afro-American Superhuman. Now in glorious full colour.

Oh my god I'm sorry that was just awful.
No. 75107 ID: 34cbef

an update will happen soon, i can feel it... or maybe that's gas...
No. 75174 ID: 34cbef
File 137652969122.png - (6.44KB , 639x384 , alternate1.png )

alternate tattoo design
No. 75185 ID: a5d4fb

Maybe it changes to this before he teleports.
Or the design changes every time he comes to a new place!
No. 75189 ID: 34cbef

it's actually meant for a different character
No. 75406 ID: 34cbef

there might be an update soon, maybe
No. 75441 ID: 34cbef

so i've generally figured out this universe formula- the first day in we find out setting fluff, then local conflict fluff, then personal conflict stuff and throughout all this shenanigans and cute times

though there will be more serious themes in certain places (the problem being that i have to take a while to know how to put it in a not confusing light)
No. 75444 ID: 84d182
File 137713916169.png - (65.94KB , 2000x2000 , Steel.png )

"Come onn Drink it"
No. 75446 ID: e1609c
File 137714280873.png - (1.82KB , 72x176 , dimension dude1.png )

Updated to include A: a good left foot, and B: steel's weird scene kid hair
No. 75459 ID: e1609c
File 137715029941.png - (80.29KB , 800x800 , whoopds.png )

Also, I have artblock. Enjoy this...
No. 75461 ID: e1609c
File 137715092258.png - (35.41KB , 800x800 , eyebrows.png )

No. 75462 ID: e1609c
File 137715156987.png - (100.19KB , 8000x800 , whut.png )

No. 75463 ID: e1609c
File 137715209295.png - (59.50KB , 250x250 , seinfeld.png )

Whats UP with all this EYEBROW? You might even call it HIGHBROW HUMOR! eh? eh?
No. 75469 ID: 68d1df

I certainly would not.
No. 75474 ID: 34cbef
File 137719900060.png - (33.03KB , 633x604 , angeredsteel.png )

Are you makin fun of my brows, punk?
No. 75476 ID: 6ac5ec

No. 75478 ID: e1609c

Yep. next I'll be making fun of your purple hair.
No. 75482 ID: 34cbef
File 137720725969.png - (10.78KB , 694x427 , angeredsteel2.png )

You are already dead
No. 75483 ID: 6ac5ec

Quiet, Barney-hair.
No. 75484 ID: 34cbef
File 137720984133.png - (17.37KB , 690x418 , browman.png )

alright, me fooling around.

you know you want it
No. 75549 ID: 761017

The eyebrows+hair look like a badass crown!


No. 75552 ID: 869ce3

No. 75563 ID: e1609c

that sucker punch with the broom man, I was laughing at that for five minutes at least
For that one man, you earned the right to your ridiculous eyebrows.
The anime hair is still fair game, though, once I get over my lazy ass to get drawing shit again
No. 75564 ID: bf54a8

why does everyone seem to think she is as bad as everyone else? she kept him ALIVE, which is WAY more then any other mistress would do for a disabled slave. she is bad, but is trying to do goo, but doesn't know HOW. in a world of evil being good is confusing. she has slaves but that is probably because she is supposed to. its hard to go against what you grew up hearing.
No. 75565 ID: 7f2d33


Did you forget that she left him up there and forgot about him? She's still abusing the kid, she still has slaves and she still follows an insane society where she herself is high class.

That's why people are turning on her.

It's obvious that she's like a rich spoiled kid running around trying to be Batman, and someone else needs to knock some reality into her that isn't from her world. If she wants to do real good then we obviously need to show her how.

tl;dr: opinions.
No. 75566 ID: bf54a8

yes, but everyone is voting to kill her or run away instead of reform.
No. 75584 ID: e1609c

Only a couple hotheads are actually voting that, hombre
cool yo jets.
Hell, last dude who wanted to kill her changed his answer to your thing immediately after.
No. 75623 ID: 34cbef

so the heat picked up this week, my system cannot take 90 or hundred degree heat so i'll be putting everything on hiatus while i'm busy melting to death
No. 75625 ID: 761017
File 137759074430.png - (2.54MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )

I've lived in a Texan swampland and a Coloradian desert, let me tell you how to deal with heat!

>Step 1: Get a bunch of aluminum foil from a dollar store.
>Step 2: Tape aluminum foil over the inside or outside of all of your windows (godmode=both).
>Step 3: tape over all gaps between the layers of aluminum foil or around the window edges.
>Step 4: tear apart some large cardboard boxes and tape it onto the inside of your windows.
>Step 5: ???
>Step 6: Profit! You are now freezig your ass in summer off after spending 10-20 dollars!

Aluminum foil is a radiant-heat reflective-barrier! Much of the heat that gets in your home comes from thermal IR through your windows! The worst culprits are:
>windows exposed to asphalt or roof shingles.
>windows facing directly east or west.

Black-colored oil-based materials absorb loads of energy from the sun, only to re-emit that energy entirely as thermal IR in all directions!

Cardboard is a thermal insulator, which is needed to prevent the highly-conductive aluminum on your window from conducting heat to the air of your home!

Glass is about 50% IR-absorptive, allowing the other 50% of IR energy to pass right through, while the exposed window will steadily absorb energy until it's rate of IR emission matchs it's rate of IR-absorption, turning your home into an oven!

Do you live in your own house, or a rented house, or an apartment, or a shared flat, or a closet?
No. 75628 ID: 91c1b3

If by your system you mean your body, then try the wet cloth thing I said. (wet cloth on the back of your neck) If you mean your comp then I don't know enough to recommend anything other than that when you open a window, open a second one at the same time. Air goes in one window and out the other. (because it has trouble going both ways through one window) It should create a crossbreeze so long as the windows are half a dozen feet apart or on different corners.
No. 75760 ID: 34cbef
File 137794553635.png - (541.34KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mpjajuFKaX1qb5gkjo2_500.png )

No. 75761 ID: 34cbef
File 137794557322.gif - (65.58KB , 400x400 , tumblr_mpjajuFKaX1qb5gkjo1_400.gif )

No. 75768 ID: c23ab0


This is good and you should feel good.
No. 75796 ID: 34cbef

don't worry, i'll update eventually.... maybe... once i finish figuring out where to go to next
No. 75797 ID: 761017

Have you tried installing some radiant-heat barriers in your windows?
No. 75802 ID: 34cbef

what berries?
No. 75828 ID: 34cbef

so, uh, updates tomorrow
No. 76071 ID: 34cbef

updates... maybe sometime this week?
No. 76080 ID: 5869f6

We need more Littlebun art. He is just so goddamn adorable.
We should have a contest for most adorable /quest/ Character!
I nominate Littlebun.
No. 76081 ID: 0a0b4d

I nominate Sniper Clone.
No. 76084 ID: e0c719

--creepy. That's the word you were looking for. Creepy.
No. 76099 ID: 34cbef

what's so creepy bout a blind curebun
No. 76116 ID: 5869f6

You do not understand the words you speak, my son.
Repeat, fucking. adorable.
For some reason, I imagine him and steel playing on a grassy hill, with a tree on top, and a worn tire hanging from a rope. Laughing, having fun. Till the sun's rays turn golden, and they walk home with littlebun resting tiredly on sreel shoulder.
That sounds nice.
No. 76117 ID: 5502c4

Do the candidates have to be from active quests? If not, I nominate Zubat, the frog from Plessy quest.
No. 76263 ID: 34cbef

sometime this week i will update, there's been lots of releases coming out and i'm sorta tagging along with my roommates
No. 76385 ID: 34cbef

been trying to motivate myself to update, a friend had mentioned how i have a very little attention span on things I do- also mentioned that I might have ADD, and based on the source I assume he is right.... But i'll see if i can pump out an update this week
No. 76393 ID: e1609c

Godspeed, soldier
No. 76462 ID: 34cbef

it's a weekend again- so like usual i'll probably be too busy to update, but if i do that'd be something wouldn't it?
No. 79578 ID: 53ba34

i seriously think telling them to help repopulate the tribe is a dick move that is essentially telling them to have sex with a guy they don't really like for "the greater good".
No. 79599 ID: 34cbef

i'll hopefully get an update in soonish, but the chapter is almost over. A quick question to the audience that pays attention to the quest, do you want to stay with the current steel or move onto a new point of view for the story
No. 79615 ID: 53ba34

if you want to switch i'm fine with it, as long as no one dies before we get back.
No. 79621 ID: 4a75fa

I'd be fine going either way, really. I guess it depends on what the next world was going to be and how entertaining the bold's reaction to it would be.

What happened to the other one? Did she just get stuck with the bear again?
No. 79864 ID: 34cbef

yep, this thread is still taking general buoyant reality stuff, you know. questions, ideas, other stuff (maybe fanart... i guess i dont' get fanart anymore...)
No. 79865 ID: f93bc2
File 139322831651.png - (167.35KB , 800x600 , SteelFanart.png )

Wrong, fucker. Love Steel's design, love the comedy and plot, love the adventure.
No. 79867 ID: 34cbef

yes, i feel my life coming back to me now
(though i did wine a little this still rocks)
No. 79878 ID: e1609c

I should really do a few more sprites now that there are more steels floatin' about.
This could turn out to be one rad thing.
No. 79879 ID: e1609c

oh god I forgot I drew this
now I have to recreate it with other terrible photomanip'd comedians for all the new steels
who should boldverse steel be?
No. 79889 ID: 34cbef

it's all up to you buddypal
No. 80086 ID: e1609c
File 139423335954.png - (15.01KB , 402x301 , steell.png )

Instead I just drew a steel
No. 80107 ID: 34cbef

this is a silly looking steel, it reminds me of doug the cartoon
No. 80108 ID: 34cbef

also, i like it
No. 80130 ID: 34cbef

i've been very busy lately so updates are incredibly slow
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