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File 126057847052.jpg - (62.55KB , 640x447 , zendikar-spoiler-art.jpg )
7482 No. 7482 ID: 7e6c24

Um... this a good place to see if anyone is interested in a MtG fluff based quest with basically no drawin's?

I sucks at the art.
No. 7484 ID: 1831fc


Write something up here. I'll take a look at it.

I'm not terribly familiar with the lore, but perhaps we can help find a middle ground.
No. 7505 ID: 9ddea5

"MtG fluff" is horrendously nonspecific. There's many universes, and many time periods.

I might be interested, depending on how it played out.
No. 7514 ID: 896513


somehow I forgot to mention that it was based on Zendikar, and that I had tried to run in on 4chan but it tended toward people not postan in it by the end.
No. 7517 ID: 43d730

On the other hand, I like that it can apply to nearly everything.
All it needs is rough analogues for color, and away it goes.
Granted, this means a massive gap between fluff and crunch, but that frees up the fluff to go in nearly any direction.
No. 7518 ID: 9891a9

Sounds like a good idea, at worst you just have a repeat of the old, with no interest. Generally though, you'll get a much higher caliber of suggestion here.
No. 7668 ID: 59d25d


Alright then.

Probably will start on next weekend.
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