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File 137395577320.png - (29.13KB , 550x550 , 000_questdis.png )
73670 No. 73670 ID: 0006f5

Questions, comments, and suggestions for my present and future quests are welcome here.

Thanks to everyone for your unconditional support, in all forms.
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No. 73672 ID: 0006f5

Here is a treat to kick off this thread.

Cons are also called Blood Cons or Blood Foxes. They are one fox-like variant of many different Phenotypics, the sole humanoid species alongside another very similar to homo sapiens. Female Cons are larger and athletic compared to the typically stunted and slender males. Their young are born with an odd number of tails, nine being the most. However, their most outstanding and eponymous trait is each individual possessing blood with unusual capabilities from one of seven types.

This is an invitation to invent and decide two blood types I will incorporate into my setting.

One will most certainly be introduced in my existing or future works. The other may be produced by chance encounter or popular pursuit such as character generation. The following descriptions of the five existing types may inspire some ideas for powers.
No. 73673 ID: 0006f5
File 137395610024.png - (16.58KB , 550x550 , 001_1.png )

Ilugio Ilugio are known for their vivid eye colors like gems and chunk of ear which does not develop. They will sometimes have straight, tidy hair and featureless fur of a single color.

Power: Ilugio blood can rapidly crystallize. With skill, an Ilugio can command its growth into useful shapes and directional strength.
No. 73674 ID: 0006f5
File 137395630582.png - (18.31KB , 550x550 , 002_1a.png )

Letwar Letwar are known for their vibrant stripes, speckles, and other contrasting disruptions in their fur. They can have receded features such as short ears, short tails, and short, nappy hair. Letwar are known to develop heightened sexual appetite and frustrations.

Power: Letwar blood can be imbued with the properties of various drugs. With skill, the blood can have additional transmitting properties and can have debilitating physiological effects.
No. 73675 ID: 0006f5
File 137395642756.png - (15.80KB , 550x550 , 003_1b.png )

Vugast Vugast are known for their hard, orange ear and tail tips, as well as a gap in their teeth. They can be larger and more athletic than the other types, and have white belly fur.

Power: Vugast blood readily gums up into a very durable film. With skill, the gum can be made to generate many varieties of gasses, forming a bubble !
No. 73676 ID: 0006f5
File 137395653221.png - (23.18KB , 550x550 , 004_1c.png )

Xetend Blotches originating from the face, sometimes covering most or all of the body, bend light in seemingly impossible ways, being see-through, glowing, or silhouetted. Xetend can have difficulty understanding right and wrong.

Power: A sample of Xetend blood permanently assumes the power type it comes into contact with. With skill, Xetend can give their blood artificial appearance for deception and camouflage, as well as concentrate light for illumination.
No. 73677 ID: 0006f5
File 137395673562.png - (25.26KB , 550x550 , 005_1d.png )

Cerase The Cerase are only limited in form by their black and fur-receded limbs, with natural colors limited to grayscale or red-yellow-green earth tones. They can be smaller and less athletic than other types, and have thick head-hair or fur. Cerase can be a very proud and arrogant group; they often occupy positions of power.

Power: Cerase blood removes the power of any other type it contacts. With skill, Cerase blood can be applied to the eye to access special modes of vision and capture sights for later viewing.
No. 73678 ID: 0006f5
File 137395691498.png - (10.13KB , 550x550 , 006_2.png )

Submit your descriptions in this thread, or through this form


This invitation remains open for one month, or when I resume authoring.
Drawings are not required to participate. If your blood type is selected, make sure I have a way of contacting you to receive a drawn gift as my appreciation.
No. 73679 ID: cf49fc

Hallo cuoquet. I still love yer artstyle. Glad to hear you're returning.

I'll submit one using the form.
No. 73691 ID: 34cbef

rottel? whatya doing changing your name *shakes fist* now it's harder to find you *shakes fist harder*
And i'm lazy *falls onto couch, BUT STILL SHAKING FIST*
making me work harder then i want to, you're trouble I say
No. 73700 ID: 8b9215

Those be some rockan tits.
No. 73702 ID: 3c1769

You of all people don't have much of a right to complain about name changes, Mr. Bamump Indigo Chirps McGee.
No. 73705 ID: cf49fc

Wait, chirps is bamump AND Indigo? That slut, I'm only One and SCOM!
No. 73713 ID: 8022aa
File 137403858140.jpg - (56.69KB , 800x922 , BloodCOn.jpg )


All Gnaroc are born blind. As juveniles, they are highly vulnerable. When they mature into adults, they usually develop eyesight by themselves. Generally, though, vision is granted from a young age through surgery. Some unlucky Gnaroc are blind for their entire lives. However, with their blood power, they can obtain 'visual memories,' so they may be able to describe what something looks like, even though they have never seen it:


Gnaroc blood has the power to partially, or entirely possess an individual who ingests it. At a low level, this manifests itself as being able to vaguely sense thoughts, and intuitively suggest feelings (such as causing anger, or sexual arousal, for example). The body and mind of a possessed creature is an open book to a well-practiced Gnaroc. As a result, many Gnaroc are incredibly knowledgeable about many things. Understandably, there are restrictions about the use of Gnaroc blood, as it provides opportunities for serious crime and privacy invasion. As a result, Gnaroc are often social pariahs for fear of manipulation.


Gnaroc are normally white, or grey in colour. They develop black markings over their body, which commonly resembles their bones. It is most obvious on the face, where the patches of black fur can potentially outline the Con's skull vividly, though it is usually much more vague, or stylised-lookinig. The markings are not always symmetrical, and there may be blotches, spots, and nondescript stripes on the Con's body. Their hair is usually very fair - either matching the general tone of the Con's fur, or lighter.

Natural Gnaroc eyes are glassy, and completely black. Surgically repaired eyes are usually more 'normal-looking,' with iris colours typically revolving about pale blue or grey.


Gnaroc usually have dour personalities, but can become aloof and self-assured (know-it-alls). Despite the mistrust people feel of them, Gnaroc are generally responsible and law-abiding.

Due to the knowledge it can bring, many, more religious Gnaroc believe that their blood has spiritual qualities. Some will gather to drink it ritualistically, in the hopes of discovering memories of their ancient past. Like with similar beings, many do not subscribe to any such religion, and do not care about it.

With age, they are prone to depressive illness, memory loss and hallucinations.
No. 73719 ID: dd8c3e

Er I’m a little confused

Are we supposed to be suggesting just the bloods’ properties, or fully designing a type of Con…?
No. 73720 ID: 0006f5

You may suggest any fraction towards developing the two new types.

For example, if there is an appearance you fancy for a new Con type but have no ideas for powers or capabilities, your suggestion for appearance alone is no less accepted.

I hope this clears things up !
No. 73728 ID: dd8c3e

Ok updated version of what I submitted on the Google doc thing. Now with some appearance descriptions, as I cannot into art.

Also gave up trying to think of names.

Multi Medical
- Blood has a strong sterile smell, and quickly forms into a thick vapour. Highly irritable and slightly corrosive to most organic life, but has a smoothing pain relief effect on other Cons at the cost of temporarily neutralizing their own blood power. With skill can be used accelerate the healing factor of Cons, and when collected and refined can be made into various useful medical compounds.

- Long soft fur, particularly voluminous and fluffy on females. Female colouring tends be solid brilliant white, while males are typical a pale grey. Eye colours are either vivid red or blue.

- Their young are born very frail and would be considered premature by the standards of other races, and require constant medical care. Infant mortality rate is high.
Very calm and collected in manner often to the point of being considered distant and uncaring.

Love Candy
- Blood is rather viscous and sticky/syrup-like, and has sickly sweet smell and taste. The smell alone is very disorientating leaving most people confused and nauseous. When ingested the blood causes a mild euphoria but, also leaves the person in a highly suggestible state of mind, and can be easily manipulated by the Con that produced the blood.
Cons with this power often bite their own cheeks and tongues, allowing them to use their blood by spitting/sneezing/licking/kissing a potential victim.

- Sleek silky fur, with long head hair and slim bodies and short ears. Females sometimes have a thick mane of fur around the neck and shoulders. Colouring is a variety of very dark hues in red, blue and purple. Colour tends to be noticeable on the body and forelimbs, with the limbs and face being much darker. The eyes, teeth and mouth tend to be similarly coloured, females sometimes have protruding fangs. Males tend be of one solid dark colour, often jet black. Males are also short compared to other Cons and rarely have more than three tails.

EM Empathy
- Blood is very salty and produces a very low voltage electric charge. Their blood allows this type of Con to sense nearby by electromagnetic fields and disturbances. The effect is greatly multiplied when the blood is exposed to air, and the Con will often paint their blood onto exposed areas of their body usually, the neck, cheeks or back of the ears. With skill, the effect can persist over some distance and can used as means of remote detection, by leaving a blood samples at other locations. These Cons blood allows for great compatibility with cybernetic implants, but they are significantly more vulnerable to hijack attempts by hostile AIs.

- Bristling and short, shiny white, grey or brass coloured fur with colourful forelimbs, usually in red or blue tones. Sometimes have a patch and coloured fur that extends along the belly, inner thigh, rump and underside of the tail. Head hair tends to be short and messy and eyes are very bright and sometimes glow slightly.

Pressure Cutter
- Blood is very thin and watery, and somewhat cool in temperature. The cons blood is circulated at very high pressures, injuries that cause blood loss tends to be rather spectacular but the wound will close very quickly. With skill it can be used as a vicious projectile attack, or versatile cutting tool.
This is usually facilitated with a knife or removable piercing, though more recently brace like devices worn on the wrist are used, that allow the user to open and close a wound with specific muscle and tendon movements (think Spiderman web shooter).

- Without regular bloodletting these Cons suffer painful muscle and stomach cramps and may begin vomiting blood, an uncomfortable but non-harmful experience. Their high pressure blood can lead to a variety of long term medical problems and their natural life expectancy is low.
As individuals they are considered very tense and on edge, and are often seen snarling or grimacing to themselves due to their internal pains.
No. 74790 ID: ee7589
File 137576749746.png - (87.67KB , 500x525 , tumblr_moq7chBDwA1su0cfvo1_500.png )


An anomaly, assumed to be the ghost or phantom of a Blood Con of high blood or power. Wrapped in legend and lore, they are thought to be a type of blood ascension achieved only through death or excessive bodily trauma, where the body dies, but the soul adheres itself to the blood.

With no mortal coil and memory loss, they are not at risk of bodily complications and can use their Con ability to the fullest extent. However, excessive use may result in them ceasing to exist altogether.

A rogue faction of Xetend once used them as an asset in a political power struggle, gathering them up and herding them into the city to decimate entire portions of it.

This was seen by taboo and the grossest misuse of power by most Cons, as they are regarded as saviors and usually left to wander the fields which they achieved ascension.

Some reports have been made stating that they sometimes gather in small groups and aimlessly move from battlefield to battlefield, or follow soldiers from the factions they may have belonged to.
No. 75742 ID: 0006f5
File 137789710915.png - (20.33KB , 550x550 , 007_2a.png )

Devlon The Devlon have lanky and sinuous bodies with dark speckles of fur that turn to spines, plates, and horns. They have long tongues and mobile gums to shift teeth around and are often seen salivating.

Power: Devlon blood can range from slightly to persistently corrosive, and exhibits extreme capillary properties. With skill, the surface tension of Devlon blood can be adjusted, allowing great control over its manner of flow. Devlon can produce a low voltage current, which has interesting applications.
No. 75743 ID: 0006f5
File 137789723099.png - (16.66KB , 550x550 , 008_2b.png )

Meiubi Meiubi possess a kind of featureless set of eyes and lack tails. Their bodies defy physical laws, exposing bone and flesh by carving themselves out of existence.

Power: With skill, carvings of their body emerge out from a sample of Meiubi blood, as well as solid, transient tendrils. Strangely, Cerase blood has no effect on Meiubi. In addition to being exceedingly rare, the Meiubi show up as bright tears to recording devices and are quickly forgotten by observers unless they have ingested or been transfused with their blood.
No. 75745 ID: 0006f5

This concludes the Blood Contest.

Next on the agenda is a quest starring a Blood Con as the protagonist, with new blood types possible. Its debut will be announced and linked here along with some other treats.

Thanks to everyone who participated.
No. 91797 ID: 2a7417

I'm guessing their blood turns to this on contact with air? Biologically, it may be useful for clotting, but what about the gas production? Couldn't this release gas bubbles into their bloodstream, causing an embolism?
No. 91811 ID: 50614c

the only way i could see it work is if the reaction requires it to be separated from the body.
No. 91815 ID: 0fc976

>it's blood magic, I ain't gotta explain shit
No. 104954 ID: 7131f2
File 147752519674.png - (7.64KB , 300x300 , 009_3.png )

It's been several years since I last touched this thread, and a similar amount of time since I've undertaken any sort of project on tgchan or contributed to the questing community.

While I don't think I've made it difficult to find my online spaces, I do think an epitaph for my tgchan authorship is in order here. I figure anyone interested in my work at all would have already gathered where to find me.

A relatively new place I am happy to announce is my newly launched Patreon. Do take a look at the pledge rewards, especially if you've been interested in requesting illustrations from me.

Said patreon and other places where you can find me still kicking:
http://cuoqet.tumblr.com/ (Main Blog / Illustration Gallery)
http://notcuoqet.tumblr.com/ (Doodle Blog)

Thank you for all your interest and participation.
No. 105297 ID: 820864

I didn't participate much if at all in your threads, but I just wanna say I always admired your style. The angularity, the way you colored to get that almost sepia-tone feel, it's all very cool. See ya.
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