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File 137246734686.png - (58.16KB , 712x512 , Dis.png )
72984 No. 72984 ID: 25312f

Pandora's Box discussion, because looking at state of the quest thread, we clearly need one.
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No. 72986 ID: c23ab0

You really opened a Pandora's Box with this quest.
No. 73009 ID: c23ab0

So, what are our chances of stripping Hope naked and locking her in the box?
No. 73031 ID: 25312f

Well, if you can convince Jack and Millie to do it, you can try. I won't disclose how that would go for you, though.
No. 73040 ID: c23ab0

Don't worry I wouldn't fuck with the story that much. Well, beyond sketching evil Jack and Millie locking Hope away as their guffaws fill the air. But don't worry I don't have a scanner.
No. 73058 ID: 25312f
File 137263382356.jpg - (16.01KB , 382x400 , 1994178.jpg )

Going on hiatus for two weeks. Can't work on this during our honeymoon, for obvious reasons.

Take a good guess where we're going.
No. 73060 ID: af88b0


No. 73069 ID: 9ddf68

well you have a blond guy and I'm sure under all of that dust he has wooden shoes sooooooooo Finland, Final answer.
No. 73078 ID: 5cdcb7

Judging by the tan i'd say Hawaii but yours looks like a more valid answer.
No. 73098 ID: 1d0dac

Totally Brazil.
There's no way it's not Brazil.
No. 73112 ID: cf49fc

You clods, they're obviously going to Disney World... Japan. Have fun with the fish-themed architecture and hypersexualized everything!
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