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File 136866119463.png - (294.48KB , 960x640 , deckblatt.png )
70672 No. 70672 ID: 4d45a6

Discussion thread for 'Power'.
No. 70673 ID: 47a120

I seriously love your art style :)
No. 70676 ID: bf54a8

that chick so totally owes us. she better be willing to deal.

anyway, think range is important. having to touch someone isn't too good if they have super strength and want to punch us. getting in melee range of puncher guy is bad idea.
No. 70677 ID: 7baaea

yeah, the range thing would be a good first step.
No. 70678 ID: 2baea8

Unless we work on power suppression too.
No. 70686 ID: d6ef5d

Okay. Grand list of all the ways I think we might be able to apply our power manipulation power:

*Simple enhancing or suppressing the effect of the power (the volume, as it were).
*Possibly (eventually) complete suppression of a power- rending the target functionally normal for a period of time.
*Messing with the scope or complexity of a power (ie, sliding up and down the scale from manipulation of a single grand of sand up to elemental power over all aspects of sand).
*Increasing or decreasing the difficultly of use of a power.
*Interfering with the degree of control a user has over their power (for example, taming a "wild magic" unpredictable ability, or turning a precision power into a unpredictable hair trigger shotgun).
*Enhancing or altering a specific aspect of a power. This could be as simple as cranking the 'volume' on that aspect up and down, or as complex as changing how the aspect functions / is interpreted (ie, granting or denying access to an aspect, reducing or removing costs/consequences/drawbacks, adding in extra costs/consequences/drawbacks, working in added effects, etc).
*Detection at greater and greater range, not blocked by LOS.
*A sense of the general strength of a given power.
*Up to a full scanner readout of how all aspects of a power function- possibly including aspects the owner of the power has not discovered, thought of, or mastered yet (especially useful in exploiting weakness people may not know they have, or helping allies master their abilities).
*Up to a full scanner readout of what a user is currently capable of and/or has mastered, of their available power.
*Scanner readout on a target's current available energy (assuming people's powers have some kind of MP pool they can burn though).
*If there is some kind of 'power pool' we draw on- the ability to steal or transfer energy / MP from one target to another.
*Manipulation of the actual use of a power. Ie, remote puppet control of the power, or usurping or stealing it for our own use, for a time (obviously, we wouldn't have time to master a power gained this way, but though direct manipulation and whatever we scan from the target, we should get some degree of useful control).
*'Lending' power. Usurping control, and passing the reins to another.
*Scanning for / predicting the arrival of more power granting cubes. For making allies.
*Or possibly manipulating our own cube- rending it active again to grant someone else a power.
*Inverting a power? (The get high power causing mental clarity, pyromancy becomes aquamancy, etc).
No. 70715 ID: 4d45a6


Thanks a lot.


Some interesting ideas, some I haven't even thought of yet. The last two will definitively not work though (manipulating the cube to granting a new power wouldn't really be that much different from creating a new power and inverting a power would mean turning an existing power into a completely new power).
No. 70716 ID: d6ef5d

>inverting a power would mean turning an existing power into a completely new power
Yeah, Is suppose it would be problematic like that. If it could work, I suppose it would have to be limited to the subset of powers where 'inversion' is a simple as sticking a negative sign in front, instead of having to write the equivalent of the arcsine function (so instead of turning fire-making into water-making, it turns it into fire-putting-out). Or where the power has more than one and/or opposite applications/functions that would logically make sense if switched.

Mechanically, I suppose it more falls under the idea of expanding the scope of a power (fire-making to fire-making-and-unmaking) and then suppressing the original aspect? ...and redirecting the control/mastery/practice of the original aspect to trigger the new aspect instead. Actually, that's a rather roundabout and complicated application of our power for not a whole lot.

>no, you can't recharge your Andalite cube
Figured that one was a long shot.
No. 70721 ID: 47a120

>no, you can't recharge your Andalite cube
What happens if we find a second one?
No. 70722 ID: 4d45a6

If it's not an aspect of the original power, you won't be able to grant the aspect, since then you could just gradually morph a power into a completely different power.

For example: If the power to create fire could be turned into the power to extinguish fire, you could then use that partially new power to alter it further. Fire extinguishing could be turned into general energy suppression since fire is in the end just energy. Energy suppression could be altered to energy absorbtion, since absorbing the energy isn't that different from just suppressing it and so on. Granting you in the end completely different powers than the ones you started with.

If it is something that is in the origina scope of the power you could change the power to that aspect though. The power of pyrokinesis for example could be turned into the power to extinguish fires, since it doesn't just encompasses the ability to start fires, but also to control them (thus also being able to end the fire).

That's something you'd have to find out.
No. 70723 ID: d6ef5d

I've been assuming the natural balance for that kind of power creep is that our manipulations are temporary, or have to be consciously maintained. Because yeah, if we continue to tweak a power better and better over time, it gets silly.
No. 70724 ID: 4d45a6


Ultimatively your manipulations could be made permanent. Just as you can spend time to increase the range of your different talents, you could train to increase their duration, until you reach a state, where the alterations you make are permanent. That will take long though and I don't know whether we'll reach that point within the time the quest takes place.
No. 70726 ID: 47a120

This is also balanced by the fact a permanent alteration to someone's power benefits them. Yea, they are (presumably) allies or friends but are they going to be such forever?

How does boosting someone's training rate work with our power's duration?
I am thinking that as long as we maintain it they learn faster, if it expires they don't "forget" part of what they learned. And if we increase duration we could give them an ongoing buff that doesn't need maintaining. (eg: "cast" a 1 day long +training-speed buff on someone, they can go off and do so on their own without you needing to be there to maintain it, recast it daily)
No. 70748 ID: 3147bf

Boosting the training speed would work in the way you described. You'd need to raise your ability to analyse the power a bit first though, since that kind of manipulatio would require more precision than simply pumping more energy into the power and thus boosting its strength for a while.
No. 70754 ID: 7ee51d

maybe we can practice the power analyzing thing on ourselves?
No. 70755 ID: e3aff6

Would it be possible to extend power lending to storing some amount of power? Such as draining the powers of an invisible guy for a few minutes to be able to turn invisible ourself for a few minutes at some later point?
No. 70756 ID: 47a120

our power is explicitly limited to other people's power to prevent it from becoming omnipotence.

Isn't that just power stealing?
No. 70757 ID: d6ef5d

>Isn't that just power stealing?
I think the distinction in what he proposed is that one would normally expect power theft to either be permanent, or to persist for some interval before wearing off. And in either case, for the original wielder to be depowered for the duration.

'Bottling' a sample of power to use for later presumably wouldn't be subject to the same time restrictions (since we can delay using it, we don't have to start the clock on when it wears off. Although I suppose the sample could spoil if we waited long enough...). And if we wait to use it until after the original donor has recovered what we took, it might allow for the same power to be in use at two different locations at the same time.
No. 70761 ID: e3aff6

Basically this. Storing power would allow you to drain the power of an allied fireball-lobber while resting to briefly become a second fireball lobber during a fight. It would be used a bit like power copying, but significantly less overpowered (mechanically because of the the time limit and likely limited amount stored, and conceptually because you are transferring power rather than actually creating a duplicate of it).
No. 70762 ID: 2fbf20

I believe a better term for it is power channeling.
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