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File 136842619808.png - (39.44KB , 800x800 , intro.png )
70561 No. 70561 ID: 7562ac

I know this probably won't get used very much since my quest is simply in its infancy, so I'll mainly just use this as a kind of springboard/notepad of sorts.
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No. 70562 ID: 7562ac
File 136842661987.png - (18.88KB , 640x480 , scrap.png )

Fun Fact: A Game of Gods is roughly based on a quest I tried to run a very long time ago, but have since scrapped everything but the name and the logo, which I've repurposed. It only made it through one thread before becoming lost to the wastes.

Another Fun Fact: I originally planned for the quest to be entirely in pixel art. However, I wasn't quite pleased with how it was turning out.

Yet Another Fun Fact: The noir themes came from a currently-on-hiatus-but-maybe-not-in-the-future RPG Maker game I was working on based around using hands of playing cards to power special attacks.

And thus ends my egotistical musings for the night.
No. 70563 ID: d6ef5d

Just wanted to drop some encouragement and say I'm enjoying this so far! But then again I have a soft spot for noir. And cyberpunk. And pixels. So I may be biased.

>I assume threads around here don't 404 very often so I should be good, right?
We have quests that update only once a day. Or once a week. Or heck, once a month, or less, that are still considered active. Multiple updates in a single night over the span of several hours is pretty unusual, actually.

And for the most part, a thread actually disappearing only happens through deliberate deletion or some kind of catastrophe.

>tumblr archive
The main silliness I see with putting sequential stories there is extra effort one has to exert to actually get events displayed in chronological order.
No. 70564 ID: 7562ac

Thank you, I expected to get way in over my head but I feel like I'm managing decently well thus far.

And yes, Tumblr is a bit of a pain as far as not having everything display backwards, since it puts most recent items first. I wonder if there is some sort of HTML or CSS that corrects that, but going to those sorts of lengths seems to defeat the purpose of convenience it was initially supposed to provide. Ah well, I'm sure I'll sort something out soon enough.
No. 70565 ID: 7562ac

Handy little trick I just learned via google:


It displays in the proper order for archive reading if you use the URL properly.

A neat feature that I will have to remember in the future.
No. 70670 ID: 7562ac

Note: Deleting my posts in the thread that aren't directly quest related

Excuse: Haven't been much of a QM lately due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness
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