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File 136714872687.png - (230.67KB , 800x600 , d0000-title.png )
70290 No. 70290 ID: 30c4c8

All right, new quest! This is actually the first quest I've ever done; I've hung around for rather a while, but recently I've been getting the urge to try to contribute. I'm really kinda nervous, and I know if I try to actually do a lot of planning beforehand the quest will simply never happen - so, it may be kinda play-it-by-ear for a bit. I think that once the character and a semblance of a setting start to take shape that I'll probably start having ideas which I'll mold into a plot.

Hopefully I don't have to abandon this a few posts in; part of my brain is telling me that I'm nuts for adding another thing to my schedule. Fie upon thee, I say! Anyway, we'll see how it works out, and if things go poorly, maybe we'll just pray that the merciful graveyard will swiftly spirit the abomination away into obscurity.

Also, how do you post links? Are they just auto formatted, like http://www.tgchan.org? I'll have to wait to see how that comes out when I post it.
No. 70291 ID: 30c4c8

All right; apparently links are auto-formatted, but you've gotta watch the ends so they don't get bits of punctuation on them.
No. 70292 ID: 30c4c8

Also, more mumbling whilst looking at my feet: my art may or may not turn out very good and/or consistent, though I hope that that will improve over time. It's actually one of the reasons I wanted to run a quest: to maybe get good at drawing. Or at least better. :)

Oh, also, here's the main thread:

No. 70411 ID: cd236c

Managed to write like 8 pages of background stuff this week. We have a plot now!
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