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File 136632794085.png - (209.74KB , 700x600 , Creator discussion.png )
70066 No. 70066 ID: d6ae01

subtitle: "Slinkoboy runs a Cirr quest"

This quest hopes to update every 1-2 days. I will lean towards daily, but I will skip a day if the quality of the quest would drop otherwise. The weekend will usually not have updates.

A medium but constant speed is the basic idea.

I hope you enjoy it!
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No. 70071 ID: 9ddf68

so when you say "slinkoboy runs a Cirr quest" do you mean that the idea was originally from Cirr and you just took it for yourself or that it is just similar to one of Cirr's quest or what?
No. 70074 ID: d6ae01

It's just me being silly, mostly pointing out that there's some pretentiousness and the general look and feel are kind of Cirr-y. The Creator's design had some Toastline inspirational though!
No. 70075 ID: 9ddf68

truth be told I did think it was a Cirr quest at first until I saw the name so I can see where the subtitle comes from.
No. 70221 ID: d6ae01

Also sometimes Fish will update instead! Typo writes Fish and is a kind of editor-kinda-guy for this quest so you can consider it the Slinko-Typo Power Hour. Day.
No. 70441 ID: d6ae01

No. 70487 ID: c4e057
File 136814470280.png - (6.48MB , 680x580 , P36.png )


Man what is with chrome needing an extension for APNG support get with the times.
No. 70798 ID: 09bd00

No. 70989 ID: d6ae01

Sorry for delays. My back has been in pain, and I've had to spend a lot of time not at my computer. I'm hoping the doctor can help me (I'm seeing them on june 4th), but until then I'm just going to do what I can.

Also typo is leaving for 2 weeks so that might be a thing oh gosh
No. 73089 ID: f29090

Updating was paused for a little mini-break and for Seamergency. Will resume in a couple days, and I'm going to try super hard to actually update at least every two days.
No. 73786 ID: f29090
File 137425020133.png - (622.48KB , 700x600 , P90_silly.png )

I decided this might have been too silly for the quest, but it's kind of cute so i put it here.
No. 73789 ID: cf49fc

No. 73992 ID: f29090
File 137476746569.png - (10.73KB , 597x508 , Nokizanya ono.png )

Updating is starting to feel like a chore, so I'm going to take a week off to recharge and get some other things done.

Sadly the current update is not much of a cliffhanger to pause on. WILL NOKIZANYA TRY TO HUG THE CREATOR OUT OF FEAR???? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT!
No. 73993 ID: c95833

Poor Zanya. You can't hug air. Light. Energy. Whatever. Point is, no hugs for you.
No. 73996 ID: 2baea8

It's the thought that counts.
No. 74818 ID: f29090
File 137582394281.png - (12.45KB , 597x508 , Nokizanya ouo.png )

And we're back!
No. 76055 ID: f29090
File 137873530036.png - (15.32KB , 579x508 , Nishalm ono.png )

I've recently gotten on medication that has really done a number on my ability to do anything (I wanted to do an update 3 days ago, but...).

I'm going to pause Creator for a week while my body adjusts to this medication. On next MONDAY I will either work to update, or I'll post again with a status report on the ongoing war between my body and these pills.
No. 76056 ID: bd48c5

Amphetamines? I used to be on amphetamines. They helped a lot.

Then I found out they caused massive internal bleeding because of an obscure mutation in my colon. Now I can't.
No. 76068 ID: 9aa6d4

my new meds make me shake like a vibrator so i know what you're going through. feel better soon!
No. 76241 ID: f29090

And now for that update I promised.

I'm recovering, but I'm far from 100%. I'm going to try and focus on the update, but it's going to take me a bit, with the handicap still in place, to see it through till completion. I'd rather make a good update than rush one out like this, after all!

No. 76402 ID: f29090
File 138006374712.png - (14.64KB , 579x508 , Nishalm ouo.png )

It took longer than I anticipated to get used to this stuff, but I think I've gotten a handle on it now.

And, we're back!
No. 76403 ID: 9ddf68

welcome back, glad to hear that you're better
No. 77444 ID: f29090
File 138376235379.png - (12.27KB , 700x600 , speep.png )

As you probably noticed, Creator is going painfully slow. We're near some kind of climax, and I'd really like to get them out faster than once a week, but I'm pretty worn out on the quest.

I'm going to take a bit of a break so I can come back strong and get this quest done with effort, and not me forcing myself to draw just enough to call an update "done".

Typo has offered to let me take over This Is A Story, which was typo-written and me-drawn. I'm going to think about running it for a week or so, just so I'm doing something else for a little bit. I don't expect to take more than 2 weeks off Creator.

I'll keep you posted!
No. 79106 ID: 61da19

Sorry for the delay.
No. 79540 ID: 61da19

It sure took 5 hours to get that update posted.

Despite being plagued by depression, I managed to bring The Creator to its conclusion. Instead of making a postmortem, I'll let the quest speak for itself.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and participating.

The next major quest will be in a couple months.
No. 79541 ID: 4a75fa

Hmm. Part of me feels a little guilty we got those two marooned for the rest of their lives, even if it was in a magical nature paradise. Zanya at least had people who thought she was coming back.

...although I'm pretty sure now that the jerks running that ship we never really going to help her people, anyways. The offer was just an easy way to sucker someone who should have been unaffected to tend to the scary monster for them.
No. 79550 ID: a87e3a

Is it just me or did The Creator not manage to accomplish Zanya's request? I mean, it didn't Create a non-sapient organism that could be harvested to power Creators. All it did was make a bunch of wildlife that would evolve over time into a civilization. So basically it followed its original idea and that's it.
No. 79554 ID: 61da19

Maybe. But the main ideal behind Nokizanya's world was a paradise where created life and natural life could live together in harmony.

Also plants are hard to animate. But there's a lot of stuff that will be visited in another story, at another time.
No. 79559 ID: 825f1a

I really enjoyed that quest^^
Like every other quest you participated in in various degrees.

I also wondered why you would start a new quest (creator) when you already talked about a long-planned other one (slissa), but this got cleared up with the last update^^ slissa ch 0

How did you insert the image? super secret admin powers?^^ If this is a new or hidden (from me) feature, I would really like to add it to the tgchan_BLICK reply-form...
No. 79570 ID: 61da19

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I originally tried to set up the fanciness using :icons:, but it was so tedious I ended up using admin powers to just shove HTML in there.

Fun story, for some reason the .swf file was "too big" for tgchan, despite being well within the max file size limit. I ended up having to FTP the file up, making a post with an image, then editing the post to point to the flash file

so very, very cheaty. But I justify it to myself with the fact that if anyone else wanted to set something like this up, I would totally help them out with it.

as long as it wasn't like all the time. It took, no joke, 5 hours to get the last update up
No. 79656 ID: 61da19
File 139219602298.png - (135.52KB , 700x600 , new life 6.png )

Before I put this thing to bed, here's a zip file containing all the music used in this quest.

'slissenergy5' and 'slissmeteor' were written by Typo, and the rest was done by me.

No. 79722 ID: f44fa8

Ah, ok^^ I thought I missed something in the FaQ^^
and since I'm planning some updates for tgchan_BLICK anyway, this was a good point in time to ask^^

I'm also always amazed by your music, since Tezakia-quest!

Part of the reason I didn't put background-music to the divequest flashes was, that I fail at taste...
I have some skills to make music (keyboard and celtic harp in rl and how to synthesize on pc... also lots of theory from school), but just like everything I design, the result doesn't seem very appealing for everyone but me^^
Maybe my ignorance will overcome my self-awareness next update and I put some background-music into it...

By the way, do you know madefire motion books?
Deviantart has joined their beta-period and is offering editor-software for some group of deviants. Appearantly it can generate also nice flash-files for quest-reviews^^
No. 96486 ID: c9f250
File Creator_music.zip - (8.23MB , Creator music.zip )

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