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File 136599187217.png - (333.60KB , 792x612 , Title.png )
69969 No. 69969 ID: dec478

Ello everyone. I just wanted to post a quest I recently have been working on. I didn't know if it would catch any of your attention, but its essentially Warhammer 40k-esque. About the school lives of the Primarchs children. (A alternate universe of course.)

I hope this is the right place to post it up. I have some other images if you guys are interested that aren't on the quest just yet either.

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No. 69970 ID: dec478
File 136599221380.png - (226.34KB , 720x720 , TeachingRuss2.png )

No. 69973 ID: bf54a8

are you asking us because you want it to be more lewd? that's all we are good for.
No. 69974 ID: dec478
File 136599467031.gif - (136.41KB , 792x612 , Comic84.gif )

Haha, well standard /tg/ isn't very welcoming on the premise and I was informed perhaps you gents and ladies may be interested. *shrugs* figured I introduce the tale to you all. Certain characters are uh, more lewd than others. So I suppose those suggestions would be perfect then!
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